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Sunday Afternoon One Shot 3/17/2019

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So, we have a LOT of interest in Tabletop RPGs.  I am running a one-shot session that will be hosted March 17th @ 3PM EST.  A one-shot is a single session game that helps introduce players (veteran and new) to specific games, variants, and dice systems.  The first to 4 who can commit to a 4 hour window on that day are in. I'll keep a couple of extras just in case somebody can't make it.

I will provide all of the materials for the game, and will be available through the forums and Discord to help with rules, character creation, or any other questions that folks may have.

The most important rule is that if you sign up for a one-shot, make sure you can make it.

We will be running D&D 5th Edition (the current edition).

Sign ups:

  • majorhoward
  • Kitty Stark
  • doublestufforeo
  • StargazerLili

When you sign up, I'll get with you on the forums or Discord, and we'll go over your character options. We'll be starting at level 3.

I'll see you folks then!

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I will eagerly attend and have no issue making that window. It would be better for you to contact me on Discord regarding character creation etc.

Thanks so much for helping run another one of these events! To anyone considering: it is an absolute must in my opinion to experience.

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The Midnight Rendezvous:

You are part of a small, elite group of thieves. Your little crew owes nobody, but plenty of people owe you. To pay back a debt, one of your sources gave you a tip. An ancient, arcane orb known as the "Eye of Karamba" is in the possession of a local wizard by the name of Glandel Rancer. He's a reclusive individual who keeps to his odd tower. The tower is near by, but few venture out to it, and even then, there has been no word of anybody having seen ol' Glandel...though, you aren't sure if that's a good thing or not. You gather your gear, check your tools and weapons, and plan to rob a wizard. Surely, the "Eye of Karamba" will be worth all you could want, and more to the right person.

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This was a lot of fun and the group worked really well together in my opinion. A few small issues came up during the campaign, but Stan took everything in stride and kept the game and story going very smoothly. 11/10 would LARP again.

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