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MadCast: CoachRivers

Rocket League Mafia| Sunday 3/17/19 | 4:00 PM Central

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Rocket League Mafia| Sunday 3/17/19 | 4:00 PM Central


Bot SHOULD be fully functioning by then, still awaiting on whether we will use in MadCast Discord or not by Sunday. 


Current Rules:

1 Mafia, 5 Villagers.


At the end of each game, we vote for who the Mafia Member is. If you vote correctly, you get 1 point. If More than 3 people vote for the mafia member, he receives no points, if less than 3 people vote for the Mafia Member, he receives 3 points.

If the Mafia Member is on the WINNING team of the Rocket League Match, there is no vote, and the 2 teammates of the Mafia member each receive 2 points.

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