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This week we will be taking a break from focusing on mechanics and revisiting the very important topic of mentality during the game.  This effects the game in lots of indirect ways as well as some very direct ones.  Say your team has one specific person calling out plays, when to rotate, where you need vision, when objectives are spawning, when people were just seen walking over a ward.  If that person constantly has people challenging them during the call or constantly after it that person is likely to stop calling things out all together.  Maybe you have a team member constantly being dove under tower because the enemy jungler has shown up 2 or 3 times for ganks and got the lane ahead.  They are less likely to be vocal about their lane leaving or even putting vision around the jungle to see a potential flank.  My point is I want people to understand that this happens to everyone.  Instead of beating yourself up or your team up over it try to isolate what you could have done different to prevent the situation.  Ask your team what they suggest in a particular situation.  Before you get mad at a team member for feeding as yourself would you want to be on the receiving end of that?  We have all been there.  Don't be a part of the problem and instead look at things from a different perspective.  Keep an open mind about receiving advice as well as being tactful when giving advice.

Here are a couple videos on the subject at hand (the second one is really long).  Enjoy.





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