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This weeks topic is?  We surveyed 100 MadCast members and this was the top answer "teamwork"!  That's right folks, we are focusing on what I feel is the core of this entire event, teamwork.  This doesn't just mean helping each other out, this means working together to play the best you can and accomplish the most in your games.  No one role wins games.  Its a group effort and that's what we are going to hunker down and look at this week.  This means we need to have 1 shot caller per team (not one person calling out whats going on but 1 person who has the final say in decisions. i.e. do we baron or do we take a base turret).  We all help with vision.  This does NOT mean that you place 1 ward in the river bush and call it a day.  You need to use wards effectively so your team knows if there is a jungler top side or taking scuttle crab.  Just because you have a strong hunch that the jungler is around doesn't mean he actually is.  Vision will guarantee that you know so utilize it.  We are all in voice comms to make sure your voice is heard.  This does NOT mean that you ignore the use of pings.  Pings are crucial for timing things out.  In voice you can say that the jungler was just bot side and forced your flash but you also got ignite from the enemy support.  This does give information but who is going to remember the time when this happened?  PING IT.  Its not hard and it helps a great deal when planning ganks and if its worth staying an extra 15 seconds in lane until you get a more favorable in on the enemy team.

All in all people I think the event has been going great and I want to make sure we are all getting something out of it so make sure if you have any suggestions for topics that you leave a comment in the Feedback thread HERE.

I do have a couple short (and yes, older) videos that are relevant to the subject at hand.


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