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Hello everyone.  League of Learning is upon us again and this weeks topic we will be covering the importance of trading around cooldowns.  This isn't just doing damage to your lane opponent while they are down summoner spells or an ult.  This is knowing your opportunities to take objectives while spells are unavailable for the enemy.  This could mean something like mid has no flash and no ult because they just tried to kill your mid but failed and dragon is about to spawn in 1 minute.  Knowing your enemy has no flash or ult when a big objective is coming up can be a huge advantage going into a situation that is likely to result in a teamfight.  The same thing can be said for your team.  If you just used flash and ignite on Darius top lane trying to get a kill but failed when rift scuttle / baron vision is being fought over then you might want to make sure your team is aware and then you can decide if its still a fight your team can take around scuttle / baron.  Remember than trinket vision is also a huge factor in deciding when to fight/poke/play safe.  You don't want to be pushed past river and hitting top tower when you don't have vision in the river and all of a sudden you see scuttle has just been taken and you are overwhelmed with the dread that comes from knowing that you actually have 3+ people about to jump on you and there is nothing you can really do about it.  Here are a couple videos on the topic and a couple tangent videos that have been linked in the past that are relivent to the subject at hand.  Enjoy everyone and see you at the event!





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