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This week we are going to be covering a few topics at once.  We are going to cover pick and ban phase/team comp, Itemization and attitude as these topics all build on each other.  Your pick and ban phase determines your teams strengths and weaknesses.  Do you want a strong team fight so you can control fights over objectives?  Maybe you'd rather have a pick comp so you can have the numbers advantage when you go for the objective (assassin/CC oriented comp)?  Maybe your more interested in taking towers with your team around you (siege comp)?  Perhaps you don't need your team to be around while you take the tower (split push comp)?  All of this is decided in champ select and is something you need to keep in mind when playing the game.  This also means that you should be paying attention to what the enemy team is picking.  It helps greatly to know what their team is looking to accomplish as well.  Then you have Itemization.  You will gain nothing by going into the game on Malphite and build Randuin's, Deadman's, Thornmail and Gauntlet when their team is Swain, Zac, Syndra, Corki and Janna.  Your armor is no use against all that AP.  Look at what your enemy laner builds, hit tab frequently in game to check what the enemy team has built (your lane and other lanes too).  Then build on that idea.  Does your team need a massive tank that can go in and soak a couple ultimate's while your damage dealers go to town?  Maybe you are the main source of peel for your team.  It might help to build items that facilitate that (Randuin's for the aoe slow, banshee's for the anti-lockdown).  Or you just run at them to disrupt the team.  In that case Righteous Glory might be in order.  All these things come together with your team when you decide on what you want to accomplish in the match.  Before you start the match just take a minute to decide what your team is wanting to go with as a team comp.  And last but not least, attitude.  You will get nowhere if you don't have the right attitude.  If you get behind in lane then ask your team what you should be doing to stay/get back into the game.  If this means picking up cs in a side wave as it crashes into your tower instead of dying under tower in mid then swap around.  If you need to ask your jungler if you can take a couple camps to get the last bit of gold you need for your item.  Communicate that you are not able to fight or if you are sitting there in lane strong make sure your team is aware of that.

All that being said here are this weeks videos on the topic.  See you on the rift.

I really love Locodoco.  The dude is funny as hell.


I really like the explanations given in this video.


Here are a couple other videos that I found helpful as well.  They go over some good and bad habits players have or need to break.




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