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Division (2) Agents - D.C. Needs you!

When would you be available/like to see a Division 2 event? (Choose as many as would work for you!)  

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  1. 1. When would you be available/like to see a Division 2 event? (Choose as many as would work for you!)

    • Tuesday Nights 8PM EST
    • Friday Nights 8PM EST
    • Saturday Nights 7PM
    • Saturday Nights 8PM
    • Sunday Nights 7PM

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Agents, D.C. Needs your help!


Alright, all jokes aside, I'm putting out a call to the Division 2 players here! I'm looking to start a weekly event soon, and need some input from those of you currently playing! I know we have a LOT of scheduled events going on all the time, so I'm trying to see if there's a good time (or times) that we can all get together to do stuff! For now it would only be group missions, or PVP, which are 4-man groups. Soon(tm) however there will be the new 8-man raids! This is an exciting concept and I want to start getting a regular routine going so when this content comes out we can smash the crap out of it as a group and not have to rely on a bunch of randos to go through some of the most difficult content in the game.


We have a load of different days and times to choose from!


So give the Poll a vote, and please choose however many of the options would work for you!


Thanks, and good hunting Agents!



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