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League of Learning (4-25-19) 9pm EST

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This is the first week that the changes to League of Learning will be taking affect.  This will is an opportunity for veterans of the event to take the knowledge they have gained from all the previous weeks into games against the wide world of random players around your rank.  That in mind I wanted to start with something that I constantly hear people complain about in games not only with MadCast members but with random people in solo queue as well.  We are going to take a look at Map Awareness and with that comes Warding.  You can't utilize your minimap without having wards, all there is to it.  The goal to keep in mind with this topic is to help you avoid ganks, control objectives and react to lane roams faster.  How many times have you been in a game where your mid laner is fighting for CS and then the enemy mid goes missing for a bit before reappearing in bot lane to get a double kill.  Communication helps this a ton obviously but so does map awareness and warding.  If you improve at these skills you will be able to rely less on your other lanes when in solo queue.  This is not to say it won't help you in team play as well.  What if that same situation happens but you are on the side of the mid laner that disappears first?  You will still want to know if the enemy mid laner leaves lane.  They might realize they can't do anything if they follow your mid laner so they might go top and try to get a kill or maybe they team up with the jungler to take dragon or invade for buffs.  This is still information that is vital to have and will help you decide where to go and how to react.  Paying attention to your minimap is where all of this starts and wards facilitate that by giving you the information to work with.

Here are a few videos that will help you out with what you want to look for when you are checking your minimap as well as how often you want to check it and warding locations to help spot any potential roams or ganks.






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I like that tip in the first video about seeing how close the circles are to each other  showing that combat action is currently taking place.  

The second video reminded me to use my F-keys to check out other teammates.  I often fall into clicking on that portion of the map to see what’s going on.  Doing the F-keys is more efficient.  

Third video is nice with mapping but he talks fast so I will have to rewatch it again, a few times, to actually let what he is suggesting sink in.  In general I use a lot of the same areas planning on where my initial wards will be placed during loading screen.  Factoring how we most likely will/should be playing. There jungles capabilities and power spikes etc.

Another thing I noticed too is ward positions in the bushes.  Not just randomly tossing them in, but positioning them so they can give the most vision around corners etc.

its also nice to hear a reminder that ADC should be helping ward as well.

one thing I didn’t  hear in the videos that I think should be part of map awareness is knowing when you don’t have vision.  Realizing you don’t know where the enemy jungle or another champ is.  Acknowledging your lack of current map awareness can help prevent you from over extending or being ready for a gank while purposely (baiting) over extending.

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