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Located a bit to the south of Edo, this was once a bustling series of landing piers for victorious fishermen to unload their prize catch of the day, ready to be sent straight to the fish market within the quay. Children ran about learning how to gamble from the sailors, and specialty jewelers fashioned fish bones into charms meant to bless the wearer.

It has since become one of the darkest places anyone could be unfortunate enough to be in, even amid the permanent twilight suffocating the world. The stench of death permeates the air and vengeful spirits wait to eagerly pick off any lonely drunks stumbling through the night. There's an ephemeral discomfort in the air, a cold feeling that crawls along anyone's spine no matter how long they've worked among the docks. Only the crazy, fearless, and desperate are willing to embark on week-long sailing trips, hunting the spiritual leviathans that live beneath the black sea. Those who are lucky enough to return alive are undoubtedly changed for the worse, and have been known to stray more towards the senseless violence that drives Oni. Many believe that there is more out on the sea than seen by the naked eye, and that anyone foolish enough to set sail is submitting themselves to dark possession by Youkai.

[OPEN LOCATION - This thread is intended as an RP setting similar to the Inn, but samurai can challenge each other for a duel here. If you are challenged to a duel, you must accept. You can not challenge anyone whom you have already dueled this week.]

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After entering the docks Ryoshi has sensed something terrible. He was expecting something to be off but the evil presence was intense. While his intention was to perform the ritual of Harai, a greater urgency has been realized. He began to explore and survey the area, trying to deal with any immediate threats from the physical or spirit worlds. For the time being everything seemed to be safe, so he started to prepare for the ritual.


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