MadCast: Kitty Stark

Duel: Restless Ronin vs Sleepless Samurai

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Kagono leaned against the damp wood of an abandoned building along the marina while he waited. He pulled the scarf around his neck up to protect his nose and eyes from the dust as it drifted on the light wind. His left hand, hidden within the long sleeve of his hakama, toyed with the base weight of his kusarigama in an unconscious display of impatience. 

Kagono had been itching to spill blood ever since he was not permitted to help his master in the duel against that rich pig, Daimyo. Since when did the Touten give a damn about the frivolous rules of those so-called honorable samurai? His fury had burned beneath his skin and kept him awake all night, until he finally gave in and went out to expell some energy. He now lay in wait for any passerby foolish enough to carry a weapon. Kagono didn't need the satisfaction of culling the Nanten so much as he needed to quell his desire to watch blood slowly stain the fabric of human skin, flayed in a way that could not be sewn back together. It was only a matter of time, and in his crazed mindset he began cackling within the darkness, already imagining a victim begging for mercy at his feet.


CLOSED for @MadCast: The Prince (Yasuke)

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Yasuke was waiting for someone with a weapon an a look of a fool to wander into his sightline. He knew he wouldn't have to wait long before he'd come across some Touten savage holding a blade and a deathwish. He'd be all too happy to oblige.

"You there. You look like you know how to fight and little else. Do you wish to see you ancestors today? I can guide you along that path should you chose to die at my hand. Do you find these terms... amenable?"

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All Along the Path Roll: 5

You choose one element. Your opponent chooses 2 elements. The third is chosen at random by rolling a 1d3.


Conditions: Obscured, (wind), (tension), (location)

A pale tongue swept along the edge of a pointed tooth as Kagono grinned widely at the stranger. The jab at his character did nothing more but assure him that, yes, this man's death would quell his desires for the evening. The tinkling of small chain links as they slipped between his fingers echoed between them and he stood up straight from the wall.

"If you can find an ancestor that wishes to admit to any relation to me, I'd happily meet them. I will be more than happy to show you just how much i know of fighting, you dismissive cretin."

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