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MadCast: CoachRivers

RFM Applicaton: CoachRivers

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I am applying for RFM to take over Rocket League from MadCast: Shattered, so he can focus on more Other Games and aiding me with Rocket League and other Discord Bot requests we are looking at.


We are spending a lot of time on our Rocket League Mafia weekly event right now, and our Weekly tournaments are going to be making a comeback, and this will eat up a ton of time and man power.

See THIS for Mafia information


Our Rocket League Mafia event as been  successful to this point, and I/We now have a Discord Bot "Finished" that we will use to play the games. This is a bot I have overseen the development of, and am hoping to bring it to the MadCast Discord in the future. We are hoping with this Unique bot, that I don't think anyone else currently has, we can grow our Rocket League Community in a healthy way. As we move forward with Rocket League, it is going to be kind of split where I run Mafia and Shattered runs normal team tournaments, keeping us both very busy. Mafia will also be able to played all nights, and the bot will need to be hosted/maintained, and I will be handling all of this. 


On top of leading this growing event in our Rocket League community, I will provide support to Shattered (And others) in the other games section, not just Rocket League. We are constantly testing new games, and introducing them to the community, kind of leading that charge. I also would like to be the point of contact for introducing new discord bots. Not the be all end all decision maker, just the initial point of contact.


Hitting my summer months, so I will be around even more the next 3 months, I feel I am round a lot as is, but summers are always good for me.


Thank you for any consideration,

MadCast: CoachRivers

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