MadCast: Kitty Stark

Outstanding Full Member for Cycle XXXII

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MadCast as a community relies on the voluntary contributions of all of our members in order to keep functioning, whether that be by making monetary donations, taking on leadership roles, or simply embodying our core values while playing your favorite games. Traditionally, we have thanked one RFM each cycle with the Outstanding Ranking Full Member award, recognizing their commitment and ingenuity for the betterment of MadCast. However there are many Full Members who also embody MadCast’s values, take on smaller responsibilities, and are an exemplary part of the community. We would like to recognize these individuals who continue to be strong members of MadCast. Therefore, we are starting a new sister tradition that will be awarded at the end of each cycle to thank one Full Member whose efforts stood out.


Please join me in congratulating @MadCast: Pushover, who is the inaugural recipient of the Outstanding Full Member award. Pushover consistently makes contributions to policy discussion and feedback threads, as well as frequently connecting with candidates and leaving well thought-out comments. Outside of the website, Pushover is also a regular attendee of many MadCast events, and a spontaneous leader when additional help is asked of him. He is a wonderful member of this community and the perfect candidate for this award. Congratulations Push!

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