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A new month is upon us and with that we start back at our in-house 5v5s.  This week we will start a little bit more straight forward in focusing on Communication and Team Comps / Pick and Ban Phase.  Communication is key to doing anything in this game.  You can't do everything yourself so use those pings and speak up in Discord.  I also want to focus on team comps especially in pick and ban phase because you will want to pay close attention to what your team is picking and how it will effect your call outs.  By this I man if your team is primarily assassins then chances are you wont be looking to call out a team fight.  It will be more likely that you are calling for them to rotate to the skirmish to cleanup anyone at low health.  Maybe you have mostly ADCs (I'm thinking about Graves jungle and Corki/Ezreal mids).  Think about where the enemy is and how fast your team can either rotate to take an objective or push the lane they are in to take one there.  If anyone has questions or would like help setting up hotkeys for pings feel free to message me and I will do what I can to help get you situated.  See you guys Thursday night!

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