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PoE Build Theorycrafting

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Dev Openarl has update Path of Building with the new passive tree (has not done the new skills yet), so you can start working on builds, however gems may be a few more days.  In the mean time we can at least start theory crafting build trees for the builds we're looking at playing, so when I get home from closing tonight and tomorrow night, I'll be on in other games doing some build planning and theory crafting for anyone who needs some help.  Other veterans will most likely be around to help during that time and other times as well.

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I cannot believe the changes made to the channeling + blind nodes. What were they thinking? It's going to make a major impact on like 2-3+ builds.

Luckily, they ain't touching my totem spam.


This message brought to you by the "knows 3% of what Craiden says about POE alliance".

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