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Hello All!

For the past several weeks, myself and @MadCast: Chibiushi have been working diligently to create a re-imagining of the old Mimic modpack from ages past. After a lot of testing and help from @MadCast Maday and @MadCast: Soupcup It has finally been approved by curseforge! So we bring to you the very very beta version of what we have been working on.

We are hoping that this very public facing modpack can help bring more attention to our community as a whole, and bring a ton of fun to our community in general.

The modpack can be found on curseforge at: We recommend at least 8 GB of ram assigned to this. (Instructions on how to set this all up and get the best performance out of it will be coming soon!)

With this release, we have some requests of the community. Please help! There is a ton of stuff we can do to help promote this pack and make it better, but me and Chibi can't do it all ourselves.

We have a few things that could use some custom graphics, such as a main menu! ( and perhaps a slightly different icon for the pack itself! (I have ideas, I'm just terrible at art stuff).

We could also use some content creators. If anyone wants to do some let's play style videos, or want to help write up some guides to mods or come up with some cool interactions between different mods. There's tons of ways to help grow the pack, so if you want to help, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Mimic Modpack Installation instructions:

Mimic Modpack Issue Tracker:

Server information/Rules:

Server Whitelist Thread:


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