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Welcome to the information thread about the MadCast Mimic Multiplayer Server!

As an extension of the public modpack project, we are now hosting a Multiplayer server that uses the modpack! If you're interested, come play with us!

There are of course rules that come with this, and a few pieces of information.

Firstly, this server is currently being hosted a computer that is physically in my home. I have a gigabit internet connection, and the machine is pretty solid, but do keep in mind that it is running on a server that I run other things on, and while there may be lag, it can go both ways.

Now, for the rest of the rules:

Whitelist Eligibility: FM+. Associates and Candidates are usually handled on a case-by-case basis, and are generally accepted if they have the backing of an FM+
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This pack is still in BETA. That means there will be bugs, sometimes possibly gamebreaking. Please do not whine or complain about said bugs, that will not help them get fixed.
If you encounter a bug or another issue, please post it in this thread here.
Bannable Offenses:

Botting/Scripting, no automatic "I can AFK and farm all of this" type of things from bots/scripts outside of Minecraft. Blocks, items, and mechanics that automate from any of the mods are just fine (Unless otherwise noted)
-- For instance, an iron golem farm is fine, but a script that allows you to harvest plants among other things while you're afk is not.
-- Another note on this, things like Optifine or foamfix which can improve performance, or Resource/texture packs (so long as they don't include x-ray mechanics) are fine.
The use of any type of client-side mod that allows an unfair advantage, like seeing certain ores through the ground, is prohibited.
Cheating or exploiting items/blocks is prohibited. They're unusual but duplication bugs can happen, as well as other 'cheats'. Do not use them, plain and simple.
Anything that violates the MadCast CoC.
Destroying or damaging another's property in any way, or harassing/killing random players.
Stealing someone's stuff is bad. Don't do it.
World Border: Please be aware that there is a 16000 x 16000 block world border. That is roughly 8000 blocks in every direction from 0 , 0. If you pass this border, you will automatically be 'punished' (Which is a warning and being teleported somewhere random within the border.

Griefing and stealing: Treat others the way you want to be treated; this is part of the CoC. Don't damage people or things. Use your judgement and if you aren't sure, talk to an admin.

PvP: PvP is allowed to an extent. It is turned on by default, but you are not allowed to just randomly kill someone. If two/a few people want to PvP with one another, that's fine. Events are fine as well. Do not raid or destroy other people's homes (read above).

Mob Spawners: DO NOT AFK at a mob spawner, regardless of type (natural or spawner block). This results in the server lagging due to all of the entities (mobs in this case) on the server. You must have lights or other required items in place to prevent things from spawning when they are not being used. This also includes chunkloaded chunks. Do not leave a mobspawner chunkloaded, as it can easily break the server.

No Killer Bases: Please keep your base sane, meaning do not create excessively laggy things around the world, be careful with having tons of redstone constantly going off. Admins reserve the right to inspect bases and ask for changes to help the server TPS. Player's bases will be removed (or the cause of the lag within the base) if they are found to continue to cause such issues and do not repair them when asked, or if it is an emergency (owner of base rarely comes on, or isn't on at the time).
No World Destroyers in the Overworld: Items such as the Quarry, QuarryPlus or Ender Quarry with the World Hole upgrade are not allowed to be used on the overworld dimension, we will have other dimensions set up for big mining jobs such as this.

Admins will do their best to uphold the integrity of the game experience as designed. This means that items will not be freely given out to players. (except as event prizes) This means that any gains achieved without work won't be tolerated.

Now that you have read all of that, in order to get access to the server, you must first get added to the whitelist by posting in this thread, and adding the server information in to the minecraft client.


From the main menu, click 'Multiplayer'.


Go to 'add server'.


For the server name you can put in whatever you would like. For the server address, you will want to use:


After that click done and you should be able to connect to the server!


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Just now, MadCast: Kitty Stark said:


 interested owl GIF

Well, it is literally my 'Network Attached Storage', and knows at LEAST ten thousand things. So I figured the name was appropriate, then I just grabbed a cheap domain for $1 to use for outside connections, lol.

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1 hour ago, MadCast: Sotarkadin said:

Is there a way or a mod we have that allows me to change my display name so when I am online, or tlaking on server, people know it's me since my Minecraft name is different?

/nick Sotarkadin should have you covered. ops should be able to select you with your nick or your mc name but anyone else should just see your nick

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