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My latest woodworking project

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Just thought I'd share a creation born of one of my hobbies.  I still  have a lot to learn and refine but this was a huge help in that it gave me practice and showed me what not to do next time.  I made a closed box with a foam insert that has fiber optic poking through it to produce a couple star constellations.  It has a motor inside with a clear textured plate that rotates to create a shimmering effect for the stars.  There are 2 color lights (blue and white) to highlight the constellations and set them apart from the regular stars.

Here are a few pictures of the final product.



this one is a bit crappy because its in the dark and my phone doesn't like the dark but you get the idea.


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Looks good man!

I enjoy looking at work by fellow craftsmen/women and may try to toss up some of my work from time to time.

The only thing I would have done differently (me being critical, not an indictment of the work, which looks very well done) is to have recessed the trim pieces on the top slightly. Something as shallow as an 1/8 inch groove under the top and sides so it set in a little deeper would fix the small gaps in the corners.

That said, that is a very well put together light box.

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lol.  I wish I had pictures of the build step by step because you could see the horror that those things are hiding right now.  I put them on to hide the bad corners because I didn't have a dado blade for my table saw yet.  I'll be fixing that for future builds.  My workshop is still pretty damn limited so far.  It will get there little by little though.

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