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This week I want to cover Sieging / breaking a siege as well as closing out a game.  I feel these go hand in hand as you are going to want to siege the enemy base until you catch someone or you can put enough pressure to take baron to force the push into their base.  This brings us to closing out a game.  Its not always needed that you take baron and push into the base.  It obviously helps but the ever terrifying baron throw is always in the back of ones mind and if you don't need to risk that and can siege effectively you will not have to risk it.  Knowing what to do and how to do it effectively are very important skills to have in League of Legends.  Sieging and breaking that siege if you are the opposing team to the siege is a major way to get to that end goal.  Victory!

I hope to see many of you at League of Learning.  Bring friends, bring family, bring that person selling puka shell necklaces on the corner for 3 bucks.  Just bring as many people as you can and lets have some fun.

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