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This week we will be looking into Ganking as well as Collapsing and Rotating.  When you are looking to gank a lane (this is not specific to junglers) think about where wards might be, how long you have been out of lane or not seen and what approach gives you the best chance to get something out of the gank (force a summoner spell or get a kill).  Is it more stealthy to go through lane, wait in a side bush for a few seconds through the enemy jungle and behind their turret?  Where was the jungler last seen? What is his likely pathing (a bit easier to assume their pathing early on in the game)?  Where are the other lanes at? Could they close in on you?  And this brings us to our other topic "collapsing and rotating".  Usually collapsing after a fight is already under way is too late.  Not always though.  There are some signs that you can read that will give you clues to if the enemy is looking to gank a specific lane (is dragon/baron/rift up? Does the top lane have TP and playing back a bit while bot is pushing and trading heavily? Has mid lane or support been missing for 30+ seconds?).  This and many more hints will give you an idea to your enemies movements.  Use this information to setup counter ganks or to get an objective on the other side of the map.  I have a couple videos I'd like to share.  I know they are more or less jungle specific but there are tricks that can be used for any roaming players to take advantage of.





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