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I go by Titus, Accio, or Zerfiez on the different games I play. I'm a 24 yr old computer software developer who loves video games on the side, I mean who doesn't! I found you over the League of Legends Recruitment server, looking for an active clan.

I've been an avid gamer for the last 15+ years and have spent long periods of time playing games such as World of Warcraft, Runescape (Oldschool now), League of Legends, Eve Online, DDO, Diablo, and Overwatch.

Multiplayer games have been my go to as they're very competitive and I love pushing my limits to the max. Given I'm quiet bad at certain games, I try my best and keep a pretty positive attitude on it all. 

I'm wanting to be part of an active community and to relearn League of Legends and enjoy it as I used too.

Thanks for the opportunity to apart of a fun clan and I hope to be a positive addition to your group.


In game name for league:   zerfiez

Oldschool runescape:          titus accio

Discord:                                  titus quinec

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Greetings!  Always glad to see new people especially with a wide variety of games they play.  I head up our League of Learning event every week on Thursday night 9pm EST, so if you are looking to get back into League I'd like to suggest you stop by and join us.  Its a good way to ease back into League without too much pressure and its fun!  I'll shoot you an add in League.

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Welcome to our community! If you're diablo fan, I lead our Path of Exile community and would strongly suggest you check out us sometime if you ever have the need to scratch that ARPG itch. Otherwise, I also play LoL at times when I'm not on Path of Exile, so you may see me around there, and hopefully we can get some games in soon!

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