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TFT Community Challenges @1PM EST ~ 7/7/19

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After seeing how successful Teamfight Tactics has been so far in the community, I've come up with a few fun challenge modes and I'd like to have a community day to try them out! I'll be organizing this event starting at 1PM EST on Sunday, July 7th. So far the different challenges I've come up with are:

  • ORIGIN/CLASS CHALLENGE: All of the origins & classes that have at least 5 different champions are randomly rolled and assigned to everyone before the game starts. At least half of your team must be made up of this origin or class at any time. The ruling officially begins during the second carousel round so that you have time top save up money and prepare.
  • NO ITEM CHALLENGE: As the name suggests, no one can have any items equipped. Again, this will kick in at the second carousel, and you will be expected to sell anyone you get in the carousel during the game and not use their item.
  • RANGE vs MELEE: Your entire team can only be made up of one or the other from the very start, but the choice is up to you and you can change at any time.

I have made a cheat sheet for reference that I can sort according to which challenge we are doing. If you have any other ideas for challenges I'd love to hear them!

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