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MadCast Appoints: New LoL Head Admin

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My Fellow Members,

As of this posting, the position of League of Legends Head Admin will be passed from MadCast: Epic to MadCast: Mike.  

Per our internal policies, Staff reached out to current LoL administration, and volunteers were brought into an interview with Staff.  Mike stepped forward and outlined a vision for the branch that Staff agrees with, and we wish him well in his endeavors.

The position of Head Admin is singular in MadCast.  A head admin can be of any rank, from RFM to Staff.  Head Admins take upon themselves the responsibility for the sustainability of the branch, and they are answerable to both the community and administration.  Head admins have a responsibility to both the work that has come before and the needs of the future.

Please wish MadCast: Mike the best in his undertakings.

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