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Discord Etiquette

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Let's talk about Discord etiquette!


With lots of people playing in a myriad of games and events there needs to be better organization over voice comms.

To start with everyone playing is expected to follow the  code of conduct. Not visiting the site or reading it is no excuse.

Event Leadership


  • Do not talk over your event leaders. It is extremely disrespectful and slows down the process of getting the events started. If you have an issue with how an event leader is running things, take it up with them in private. If there's still a problem, go to an admin.
  • Event leaders please remind everyone to organize themselves, so that you can better organize your event. Keeping everything kosher between the event attendees and the event leadership will only help us move things along and create a more positive environment for everyone involved.


Voice Comms


  • When asking for something, give out your name. Whether you need an invite, healing, etc. Talking in third person can really help.
  • When stating something, please utilize brevity in your statements. Know the audience, and make sure that you're not impeding the event from moving along. We all enjoy a joke, or recapping something fun that happened, but please no soliloquies.
  • Keep chatter to a minimum. With so many people in these events it deafens out others who may need to be heard. 
  • If voice comms are too crowded and you need to say something, type it out in in-game chat.


Please report anything that breaks the CoC, or any other issues that need resolved to an admin.



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Chatter during explanations is a major pet peeve of mine, and many others have voiced similar complaints. It slows everything down and causes people who are actually listening to miss important information.


When running an event, don't be afraid to tell people to clear comms. The group will be more upset about waiting for random commenter #7 to finish interrupting you than they will if someone gets cut off. Also, if it is your event, it is entirely on you to ensure it starts as smoothly as possible. Keeping comms clear when explaining/instructing the group is imperative.


When attending an event, especially during set-up, if the person in charge lights up in Discord (or whatever VOIP you happen to be using) stop talking, full stop. It is exceedingly rare for your question/comment/joke/whatever being voiced during an explanation is more important than the entirety of the group trying to play in a reasonable amount of time. If it is something that you feel is important, it will still be important when they are done. Many questions are answered just by waiting and listening. Typing it out is also another solid option.


There are times to joke around, during set-up is not, nor is it ever likely to be, one of those times.

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