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Path of Exile Blight Launches Soon!!

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Blight League is launching on Friday Sept 6th at 4pm est, and I just wanted to give everyone interested a breakdown of things going on this week.

First and foremost, thanks to @MadCast: Support Welfare for giving us our own subforum!

With that out of the way, I'd like to let everyone who didn't see it on discord, or did and forgot, know that I *will* be off work friday and saturday.  This means I will be playing at launch at 4pm est, and will be pushing to be in maps by the end of the night, so roughly within 6-8 hours after launch.

With that, I am fully open to bringing anyone and everyone regardless of experience level to play with me.  I will attempt to keep a moderate pace as to make my time crunch, but I will not use it as an excuse to leave someone struggling behind.

If I don't make it to maps the first night, then so be it.  I will not make anyone feel unwelcome simply because I can't meet a goal or make it to maps by a certain time frame.

I fully encourage my fellow MadCast community members who are veterans at the game to adopt the same principle and bring in other less experienced players and help them level straight away from launch.  However, I do understand not everyone will feel the same way as I do, nor should they.  I can't, and won't, ask anyone to play at someone else's pace, simply for interaction.  Anything and everything you can do in the game, can be done solo.  If that's your wheel house, then go for it, more power to you.  However, I feel that to help our core playerbase in Path of Exile, and our MadCast community as a whole grow, then we need to take it upon ourselves to help out our newer players (in our community and from outside of it) learn the game by grouping up with them and sharing in their experiences.  Whether it's their first death or their first triumphant Exalted Orb drop, I feel it'll be a lot more impactful for them when they experience it with friends.

A side note: PoE is an intensive game graphics wise on your PC, so if you have a potato, or an older PC and you're worried about how it'll run, download it ahead of time and test out the settings and lower them as much as you need to, so that we're not dealing with technical issues on launch day.  That is the one and only reason that I will leave you out of our group, so please do be prepared so as not to bother other people with PC issues like dc'ing/crashing.

With all that being said, I encourage anyone and everyone reading this to come out and check out the game at launch, and see just how a company like GGG handles high demand traffic and day 1 queue's compared to a AAA developer like Blizzard (Had to poke some fun at @MadCast: Dez, @MadCast: Wazap, and @MadCast: Hitori).

There will be more things revealed and released this week as stated by GGG and referenced in the Blight League Compiled Information Thread on Reddit.  I've pinned a lot of the important things in our discord channel, but all of them are in that reddit thread and easily accessed.

Here's their plan for the rest of the week:

  • Teasers every NZ weekday from now until launch (and weekends too if we're lucky)
  • Sunday, September 1: Blight League challenge rewards revealed
  • Monday, September 2: Legion League ends, 3.8 Balance Manifesto
  • Tuesday, September 3: 3.8.0 Patch Notes, Passive Tree and Item Filter Information
  • Wednesday, September 4: Complete new/updated skill gem numbers
  • Thursday, September 5: Patching timeline and (maybe) torrent
  • Friday, September 6: 3.8 & Blight League PC launch. Please refer to the countdown on Path of Exile's Website to determine the launch time for your timezone.
  • Monday, September 9: 3.8 & Blight League console launch. Exact time TBA.

If there are any questions, comments, concerns, please leave them here or in the path of exile text channel in discord.  Myself and the other veteran PoE players in the community will be able to address them for you.

PS: If you took the time to read this whole thing and know the secret word, post it here for a free portal scroll from me on day 1!

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I downloaded the game and messed around on my own a bit to get a feel for things and ensure everything runs smoothly. Given I was just messing around I took whatever skills seemed interesting and did not optimize at all. Can you link to any good leveling/build guides that I can take a look at ahead of time, so I can plot out whatever the hell I'm going to do?

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@MadCast: RedJustice is a good place to get some ideas on what to prioritize.

As I have said to anyone starting out, you will probably scrap/respec your first character.

There are a lot of us who are very familiar with the game around who can help avoid some of the less obvious pitfalls, some can help with more traditional builds, others with some of the goofy ones that PoE lets you try

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