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Path of Exile Blight: Launch Day Event! Friday 3pm - 5pm EST Sept 6th

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Path of Exile: Blight launches Friday Sept 6th at 4pm EST and in light of that, there are a LOT of Full Members, and Full Member-Inactive's, who are not meeting the criteria for this SFM cycle and could stand to attend an event.  And let's be honest, who doesn't like killing shit?!

So come out Friday and join us for the PoE Blight Launch Event which will officially start at 3pm EST. It's an hour before launch time so that people can get all their set up's ready, dl the game, patch up, and figure out a build before things kick off at 4pm EST.  This event will go from 3pm EST til 5pm EST, in terms of an official MadCast event. Disclaimer: I do NOT expect people to stay on beyond the scheduled 2 hours, however, I will NOT count you for the attendance if you don't at least attend the full 2 hours.  Most of our core players like myself, @MadCast: Lunalesk, @MadCast: A1C_Ju, @MadCast: FancyPants, @MadCast: Baal, @MadCast: uT Nitrogen and others will most likely be on all evening working our way through the story to maps.  If you stay beyond the 2 hours required for the event, that's your choice (and the right one I might add!).  There won't be extra credit for staying on longer either (because I know someone will ask!) but you will get to hear some great banter if you can manage to stay on past 10pm EST when some of us start getting weary and tired. :D

The game is free to play by the way and can either be downloaded via the official website at PoE's Website or via steam as well.

Again, if anyone has questions, comments, concerns, post them here or reach out to me personally via DM in discord or in the path of exile text channel.

For reference, linking an older post with resources: Resources

Hope to see you all Friday at Launch!

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