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Hey guys!  I know I made a LoA post a while back and I was around a tad after that and then disappeared so : here's my life as of late!

1- Work. I started the job I was waiting on a little earlier than expected. I work nights 11p-7a and I'm on an expedited training process so I currently work 6 nights a week, my off night being Tuesday. Sleep schedule is still iffy.

2- College -  Decided to start wrapping up some degrees so I began with my Associates. Taking Chemistry  Tuesdays-Thursday 11a-2p. With an hour drive commute, I get home at 8, nap until 10, 30 minute drive to class, home then sleep before work. Will be done with this AS in Health Sciences in December and start on the last year of my Bachelor's in Finance in the Spring semester.

3- Gym- Every day that I don't have class I'm bulking up. Seeing some progress! (Pic below)

4- House searching - Ready to establish some roots in a community so I'm currently in the process of looking for and hopefully purchasing within the next few weeks / months. Hopefully something I can affordably customize.

5- Return - I plan on being off the training schedule within a month - month and a half where my schedule will transition to nights Friday-Monday. Should be around more as long as I'm not moving / remodeling / etc. Hopefully back to a sense of normalcy within 2-3 months.


Just letting you guys know! I will pop in from time to time and shoot the breeze but as you can clearly see, time is not a commodity that I have much of.

Updated picture as promised :


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Happy to hear from you again and I'm glad you're finding success in your endeavors. You look great and sound motivated, so keep up the good work and I'll look forward to your return to regular activities in MadCast.

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