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MadCast Appoints: New Rocket League Head Admin

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Staff is pleased to announce that @MadCast: Shattered has been appointed to the newly created position of Rocket League Head Admin. 

This is the first appointment of a Head Admin for Rocket League, marking an important transition in the game's tenure within MadCast. A Head Admin is responsible for architecting the vision for a game branch, for abstract decisions about a game branch's culture and purpose within MadCast, and for the long term health of a game over time. A Head Admin appointment is more than recognition of an individual's commitment; it is recognition of the community's commitment to making a game successful.

For those of you who are not familiar with Head Admin selection, the process is as follows:

  • Staff will identify the need for a Head Admin.
  • Staff will interview candidates in declining hierarchical order.  (Staff > ESFM > SFM > RFM)
  • FM Head Admins can be considered in extreme circumstance, to be determined by Staff.
  • After all Candidates are interviewed, Staff will appoint a Head Admin.

Since becoming an admin eighteen months ago, Shattered has been focused on Rocket League. He has outlined a compelling vision to Staff for growing Rocket League's competitive community within MadCast, building on past tournaments and competitive teams. His commitment to thoughtful recruiting has resulted in a positive and welcoming environment, despite the highly competitive level of play within the branch- a difficult balance to strike. Staff is excited to see Rocket League's continued growth under his leadership.

Please join Staff in offering Shattered your support and congratulations. 

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