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What is C9? (General Information and Gameplay)

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C9 is an Action MMORPG (also known as a hack-and-slash MMO). This means that combat is face-paced in real-time. You are actively dodging enemy attacks while making sure your attacks hit (all attack in this game have a "hitbox", as in anything is dodge-able by moving out of the way or out of the AOE).

Free to Play:

You do not need to spend a dime on this game. Download and play! There is a cash shop in-game, while allows you to buy things like more inventory space, skill reset scrolls (although I'm 95% sure these are also available without paying), and vanity clothing which overwrites the look of whatever you are wearing.

Dungeon Style PvE:

Like other games of this type, there are several "towns" where players can interact with each other and form parties. Outside of these towns are instanced dungeons, meaning only you and your party can interact while inside them. There is no open world like in WoW, all combat is dungeon based. There is currently a stamina system in place: Anytime you enter a dungeon, some stamina is taken away. Run out, and you can't do dungeons anymore. Your generic stamina resets every day and your booster stamina resets every Saturday. Don't worry, you have plenty. Plus there is a daily quest in the first town for 50 free booster stamina.


Unlike other games in this genre that I've seen so far, C9 has very little grinding. Vindictus, for example, will make you do one dungeon 20-30 times to level up. And that's just the upper 40s. C9, on the other hand, seems to make you want to do every dungeon once on every difficulty (sometimes twice on Master). There are four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master.

End Game PvE:

There is potential in this game for good end game "raiding." I quote because 1. There isn't much C9 information out there, and 2. I've only seen a party limit of 4. However, I say there is potential because myself and Anillo entered a Hell Mode dungeon a week or so ago. The achievements in there implied multiple boss fights, and the mobs we encountered were completely different from mobs in Master mode. We also got our asses handed to us on a silver platter from the first pack of mobs. I know there is also a Hell mode dungeon in the third continent (the latest one to be released out of nine), and doing these dungeons reward you with currency that you can use at a vendor to buy Unique level set gear (the highest I believe). I will update this as I gain more information.


This game has a lot of PvP in it. Arenas, team deathmatches (and other game modes I didn't look into), intrusion, you can find PvP in a lot of places in C9. You can 1v1 opponents in a Best of Five match in the arena (and there are tournaments held by Webzen that involve such PvP). You can hop into a lobby where various PvP matches are held from any town in C9. You can even turn on Intrustion (level 25+) when entering a dungeon, which allows other players to hop into your dungeon and try to hijack it by killing you. All of these options reward you with different forms of currency that can be spent in-game for various rewards. Also, PvP of the first two options increase your PvP rank.

Gameplay Videos:

To be added later.

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There are PvP is arena based 1v1 with battlegrounds to come. Additionally, there is optional pvp while grinding. When you enter an instance you can opt to "allow intrusion". This allows another player to queue to enter your instance as a foe. If you kill the intruder, or if you kill a player as an intruder, you earn pvp currency. Its VERY fun to ruin someones day :)

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