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We now have a Guildhouse!

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We recently had the GP to reach Guild Level 3. Upon reaching said level, the Guildhouse became available to buy for 1 million gold. With a goodly contribution from Feisort, I purchased it.

What this gives us:

1. We can place our decorations (made via crafting) inside the Guildhouse. Each decoration has a specific buff associated with it. For example, the Simple Shiny Curtain gives 1.2% casting speed increase. By placing this decoration inside the Guildhouse, anyone of sufficient rank (Newcomer+) can pay a small fee to unlock said buff and use it permanently. There are several slots available for such buffs, and they are viewable by opening the Guild window in-game (hotkey "U") and looking at the Guild Buffs tab. You can purchase and apply said buffs inside the Guildhouse.

2. We can apply Guild Skills. Before, we could buy Guild Skills with GP (10k apiece for a level 1 skill) but had no way of applying them. Now we can. Similar to Guild Buffs, there are only so many you can apply at once to any given character, viewable in the Guild Skills tab of the Guild window. These slots are separate from Guild Buffs. Also, just like Guild Buffs, you must pay a small fee to use an unlocked skill. You can purchase and apply said skills inside the Guildhouse.

3. We have access to the Guild warehouse. Like the warehouse shared across all characters of an account, the Guild warehouse can store items for anyone in the guild. When placing an item inside the Guild warehouse, it asks you for a minimum guild rank. This rank is the minimum rank needed for someone to use an item. For example, if I played some Inferior Wood Logs into the Guild warehouse and put the minimum rank for them at Faithful, than only Faithful+ can take it out. Also, said logs will only stack with other logs placed at the same rank. Two Inferior Wood Logs at Faithful rank with NOT stack with two Inferior Wood Logs at General rank. For this reason, place all items in the Guild warehouse with a minimum rank of Faithful. Please do not place items with a higher required rank, unless putting it in there for a specific person.

Guildhouse Level 1 looks like a barn. Get us GP so we can upgrade it and make it not look like crap. :] Also, GH level 1 only has one warehouse tab, which while larger than the account warehouse (42 slots vs 35) still isn't THAT much room. Higher levels of the GH gives more warehouse tabs. GH level 2 will cost 5 million gold, so please donate to the Guild warehouse when you have extra money. Everything helps. :]

How to access the Guildhouse:

Open your map. Look for "Guild House" and head there. Once there, enter the portal thingy to be transported inside. You cannot be in a group while zoning in, even if the group is only guild members. Do note though that guild members can see each other inside the Guildhouse. You can use the warehouse as well as buy/apply Guild Buffs and Skills using the buttons on the right side of the screen while inside the Guildhouse. Only one member may be using the warehouse at any one time.

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Anybody going to be on tonight so I can get an invite to the guild?

I'll be home at about 8:30 - 9 PM EST, and I can invite you then. However, I have LoL team practice starting at 9, so you might need to wait for me to finish a match to invite you.

Alternatively, Cinchil and Feisort will likely be on and both can invite you.

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