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MadCast: Julian5

Berserker First Impressions and Information

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As soon as the servers came up yesterday, I immediately turned my level 20 Elite Fighter into a Berserker to try out the new class, and I must say, it's pretty damn fun.

As expected, the Berserker was really slow (his greatsword comes with -5% movement speed on it) and his abilities had a lot of downtime (as in, a .5-1 sec pause after finishing before being able to do anything), but he was big. Very big. Most of his moves hit in a really large AoE and had gorgeous effects on them. He hit hard too. =P

I'll go into some specifics of the Berserker's abilities:

The Berserker can switch between two stances: Hack and Slash. Hack is the standard stance in which most abilities are used, and uses (relatively) fast attacks. Grounded enemies are hit by Hack basic attacks. Slash is a stance where the Berserker holds his sword to the side and uses wide, sweeping attacks for massive damage. Attacks in this stance are slower, but hit twice and for 50% increased damage over Hack attacks (as in, one swing of Slash hits enemies twice for 150% of one swing in Hack). Your movement speed is also massively decreased in Slash stance, and using most abilities will revert you to Hack stance. Switching stances has virtually no cooldown.

The Berserker comes with his own resource management (aside from mana, he still has that): Blood Points (BP). Most of his abilities generate BP (1 or 2), which can be then either spent on those same abilities for addition effects, or one of two powerups. To explain the first use, I'll give an example: Say I use Giant Bash I. After hitting with it, I can right click to do an additional attack for massive damage. This consumes 20 BP. The usable of BP to enhance abilities like this is called Blood Impact. Many abilities have a Blood Impact option.

The first powerup is called Immortal Breaker. This costs 70 BP as well as 6 skill stones, but is very potent. While in this mode, your attacks are lightning fast and cleave your enemies many times a second. Your abilities are locked, but your left click attacks are more than strong enough. Also, while doing your left click combo, you can right click for a big explosion. This lasts 20 seconds.

The second powerup is called Blood Lust. At 100 BP (the maximum), you can shift + right click to activate. This gives you massively increased physical damage and some life-on-hit, but you lose a large amount of defenses. You also take a lot of damage over time. It lasts for one minute, but you can cancel it early using shift + right click. Also note that you can use Blood Impact without spending BP while Blood Lust is active.

Some of the tooltips are inaccurate, I will correct what I saw so far:

Kaiser Sword: The downward blow only hits x1 instead of x6 as it claims. I'm still leveling this ability though, perhaps it will eventually go up to x6 as I level it, similar to Diamond Palm for Taoists.

Giant Upper I: The first slash hits twice instead of once.

Ground Swing: Both spins hit twice instead of once. Excellent ability.

Backend Breaker: Hits twice in melee range, I'm not sure about at the max range of the ability.

Giant Swing: The second spin hits twice.

Pummel: Not a tooltip issue, but I couldn't get this move to work. I tried multiple times to grab someone in melee range, and it wouldn't work.

Mighty Stroke: Hits twice.

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