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MadCast: Julian5

For Those Looking for a Guild Invite

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Several people have asked me when I will be on to invite them to the guild, so I decided to make a thread about it for the convenience of all.

I personally will be on TS pretty much every night starting at about 8:30 PM EST and lasting until at least 3 AM, probably quite a bit longer. I'll generally be in either a LoL channel or one of the C9 rooms. Come talk to me and I'll get you an invite.

If I'm not on or otherwise preoccupied, here is a list of everyone who can invite to the guild:

  • Myself (Braig, Arkerus, Valithra, Paraclete, Xericha, Halvar)
  • MadCast: Orgazmo (Orgazmo)
  • MadCast: Cakeisalie2k (Cakelin)
  • MadCast: Cinchil (Cinchil)
  • MadCast: Maday (MadCasterMaday)
  • MadCast: Feisort (Slinga, Pachew, Chillycrit, Vodkatonic, Rampu)
  • MadCast: Trevman (trevman)

Come to me first though, do not ask the above unless necessary. Also, do note that in this game everything is case sensitive. So Braig and braig are two different things.

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