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MadCast: Julian5

Guild Crest

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The Guild is now level 5. This means that we can choose our Guild Crest.

Cost: 500 GP

Can be changed after picking one, but at that cost.

Image Size: 32 x 32 pixels

File Type: 24bit BMP, TGA, or DDS

Green (R: 0, G: 255, B: 0) is transparent. Let's avoid pure green.

Alpha Channel for TGA and DDS

I'm currently taking suggestions for a Guild Crest. I'm thinking about the MadCast logo, but all suggestions will be considered. If you make a suggestion, please post the image for it following the above guidelines. :]

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I made a few simple things.

This is the MadCast logo shrunk down to 32x32:


Since our guild is named Darker Than Black, I also made a icon featuring the iconic mask from the series. Apparently. I wouldn't know, I've never watched it, but GIS has thing pop up non-stop:


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