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MadCast C9 Leveling Event!

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Heya folks,

We wanted to take an opportunity to introduce the community to a Free-To-Play Action MORPG, that a lot of use have been having fun with lately: Continent of the Ninth Seal (also known as "C9"). We figured a great way to introduce more of the community was to have a Leveling Event! Here are the details:

Gameplay/Review of C9:

When: Saturday, September 8, 3pm EST to 8pm EST. Check-In/Team assignments will start at 2:45. All participants must have the game fully downloaded and be ready to play at 3pm. Please reference the links below download/install information. It is recommended that you play the opening tutorial on whatever character you create BEFORE the leveling event starts. One you complete it, please wait "in town" for an admin.

Format: Each participant will be making a new level one character (Please consult the class reference section in the forum). We will optimally be leveling in teams of 4, shooting for as much class balance as possible. Participants should plan on attending the entire event, as we estimate that a 5 hour event will get us close to or even beyond level 20.

Instructions: If you are interested in attending, please post a reply to this thread. If you know which basic class you are going to play (not required upon posting), go ahead and throw that in there. Your post should look like this:

"Hi, I'm attending! I plan on rolling a Witchblade."

Simple, right? Hope to see you all there! Please direct any questions to either myself or Julian5.

Here are the important info and instruction links:

Download and Install:

Playable Classes and Summary:

General Game Info:

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