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C9 Now Available on Steam!

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As a FYI and a Bump, C9 Is now available through Steam.

Of which, I think everyone wins.

Go check it out guys. :] Do note, however, that for some reason, when starting the game for the first time via Steam, text does not load for the first two screens. Press the right button on the first screen, then the second button from the right on the bottom to create a character. Other text in the game may disappear at times. Rather strange.

There is also a starter pack up for 30$ (50% off until Sept. 20th!) that gives the following:

  • Dainlard Gear Set & Soul: Prelude to the Storm
  • Earth Dragon Helm Box
  • Champion’s Valor
  • 6 Inventory Expansion Scrolls
  • 10 Resurrection Scrolls
  • 5 Training Experience Boosts (each boost last 2 hours)
  • 5 Stamina Boosters of 100 Points each

With the game being added to Steam, there is a definite increase in the population. Some of the channels are actually getting full now. :o

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I picked up the set for my future Bulletshooter. For those wondering what the set looks like (for Hunters anyway), it's this:



The chest fire thing burns, and the golden part of the set glows. It's great!

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