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Sidegrade Review Thread

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You saved up some Auraxium (or soon to be cert points) and just bought a new weapon off of the store. Maybe it's a new assault rifle, or maybe it's that mortar cannon you can fit onto the side of a galaxy. Either way these weapons are a significant investment of time and possibly money if you plan on dropping any on this game. So this thread is for us to post what weapons we've bought, what we think of them and whether they're worth the Auraxium/Certs over the standard equipment.

This way we can help people figure out what to spend their points on.

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Class: Medic

Weapon: SABR-13 Assault Rifle

Description: The SABR-13's burst fire mode allows it to be effective at ranges past typical assault rifles.

Cost: 5000 Auraxium

Picked up this gun last night and I have to say I'm very happy with it. It's a bit more accurate than the standard Cycler and is better for picking off enemies at range. If you're a good shot you can take people out quickly at short-medium range. Really good for open engagements. It's got a shorter clip than the Cycler with only 30 rounds as opposed to 40 and it has no automatic fire. Haven't gotten enough certs yet to buy the foregrip attachment but even without it, it's still fairly accurate. In the long run I'd like to get soft point ammo as well as the under-barrel shotgun unlocked for it for more versatility.

All in all, solid weapon for medium-long range. If you like burst fire rifles with more damage and higher accuracy then this is the gun for you. Probably not the best for CQC though.

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Class: Infiltrator

Weapon: M77 Bolt action sniper rifle

Description: The M77 is very much like the NC default sniper rifle. It is slower than the default TR rifle, and has to be "cocked" at each shot, but it is more accurate and easier to one-shot kill the enemy.

Cost: 7500 Auraxium (Not sure how that has been converted yet to certs)

I think it depends on your play-style really. If you prefer to shoot 10 shots without "cocking" your rifle then the default rifle is better, but it is less accurate and in practice does less damage. If you are good at aiming and hitting the enemy in the head, then I believe it would be more effective to get the side-grade M77.

EDIT: I added the front grip and 10x scope and this thing is a beast. Both this rifle and the practice have resulted in a MUCH better experience and have made me more effective.

Wishlist: Bring back the infrared scope.

FYI: There are a few other sniper rifles, one of them in particular looks VERY good, but they is not unlocked yet.


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Added more info.

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Class: Engineer

Weapon: TRAC-5

Description: The TRAC-5 is the highest damage machine gun that the Engineer can get. It comes with clips of 20 rounds and holds 150 bullets. I did not notice the gun did not have a reflex sight until after I bought it.

Cost: 6000 Auraxium

Class: Heavy Assult

Weapon: Ground Rocket

Description:This is the rockets that lock onto ground vehicles. The lockon time is fast and it takes 4 shots to blow up the bigger tanks. The biggest issue is the lockon at a distance. The rockets will shot straight at the object so if it is at a distance it will shoot and miss. If you shoot without the lock you can aim above the tank and hit them further away.

Cost: 8500 Auraxium

Vehicle: Lightning

Weapon: Skyguard

Description: The Skyguard is the best anti air gun in the game from what I was told. When the ammo collides with the air craft it explodes. It has 900 bullets with 50 rounds per clip. The gun has the biggest kick I have seen so far.

Cost: 10000 Auraxium

Vehicle: Mosquito

Weapon: Hellfire Rocket Pods

Description: The Hellfire Rocket Pods are the mossies air to ground weapon. When I tried them they could not lock on to any air or any vehicle on the ground. You have 16 missile per clip with 64 overall. It takes at least 3 clips to shoot down a galaxy.

Cost: 12500 Auraxium (now 240 certs)

Vehicle: Mosquito

Weapon: Tomcat A2AM Pods

Description: The TomCat A2AM Pods are the mossies air to air missile. These will only lock onto air crafts. You can get flares which make the missiles miss. The First time I bought this, it took 2 missiles to shoot down a scythe or a reaver. The second time I bought it the damage was reduced and it took 3 missiles. One of the things I really like about them was you could shoot them without a lock and the flares would not make them miss. I have shot down 2 reavers by shooting without locks. The third time I bought them they would not fire without a lock. This means you cannot use them on ground vehicles or tower defense guns. I have not had a chance to check on damage yet. Besides flares, you can get the missiles to run into things to keep it from hitting you.

Cost: 12500 Auraxium (now 240 certs)

If anyone wants to try out the Tomcat A2AM Pods lets me know. I can spawn a mossie with them equipped that you can fly. This is the only weapon I can do this with as it is the only one I have. Lost all the others from server wipes.

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