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We are excited to have you considering applying for Full Membership. MadCast is different in many ways from the run-of-the-mill gaming community that you will discover the longer you are with us. One issue is of particular importance to you now as you consider applying to become a Full Member: forum activity.

Many clans, communities, and guilds do not stress forum activity for many reasons. We do. We have always been a place where the lifeblood of the community lies in our forums. We have a very active TS3 and encourage everyone to hang out there on a nightly basis, but you get the most interaction bang for your investment buck on the forums. Also, remember that during your candidacy Full Members are reviewing you in a very disciplined manner that includes voting and commenting in a thread for you in our private forums. If you only interact with 4 people on TS3 every night, you are not exposing yourself to sufficient people to make it through. By posting on the forums, you ensure that a lot of people get to know you. You get a better feel of the community while at the same time we get a better feel for you.

Thank you,

edit1: Being active does not mean being a post whore or posting every 10 seconds. It means having a recognizable presence on our forums.

edit2: Note the "probably" in my post. Circumstances have arisen where someone was a bit shy on the forums but was otherwise heavily engaged in MadCast. Either making videos, helping code the site, running events on TS3, etc. It is possible to gain membership without the above, but the candidate that satisfies our voting group is extremely rare in the absence of forum activity.

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