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Hi guys, i'm Konnex. I'm newish to League of Legends working my way up to a normal level. I am active Sun-Thur 5-8 hours (School permitted), Fri-Sat 6-12 hours. I am active over Skype and Teamspeak. I am currently a 17 year old Junior in Highschool. Im not looking towards playing in big leagues yet, looking more towards learning champions and getting great builds for them. If anyone wants to add me ingame its Konnex, same thing with Teamspeak. Right now I'm more of a Melee based Summoner.

Skype: JollyRedRancher (Sky)

Most used Champions: Master Yi, Kennen(New), and Nasus

Most Used Lane: Top

Wins Currently(PVP Non-Ranked): 10

Thanks all who welcome and look at this!


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If you wanna be a full member you have to state it explicitly. :D

So I suppose I'm asking if you want to join me in candidacy.

That aside, I'm looking forward to playing more games with you, you were fun to play against, but we gotta learn you some new heroes man. Don't be like me and only play Tryndamere to level 30.


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Are you looking for Full Membership at this time?

Yeah i'd like to join Candicy with Spaghadeity! I'm also working on getting more haha!

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You are now a candidate for full membership. When in a game please wear the [C] tag as in [C] Konnex. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership bid. Should you pass, you will become a full member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast: Konnex tag. Should you fail you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again.

You have been assigned the following FM+ to mentor you through the candidacy process: MadCast: mrfireball. Please attempt to contact your mentor in the next few days. They will be looking for you as well. They will be your primary resource for community related questions and will have a mid-candidacy check in about two weeks into the candidacy period.

A few tips for a successful candidacy:

* Be active on the forums! Check it regularly and participate when possible. If you find something interesting then share it! Chances are someone else will find it interesting as well.

* Join us on TeamSpeak 3! Even if you don't have a mic you're welcome to listen in.

Teamspeak 3 Server: VOICE-IL1.BRANZONE.COM:10028

* Use the same name on both the forums, TS3, and in-game when possible. If not possible make sure people know who you are! We rely on feedback from our members when evaluating full membership and they can't give positive reviews for you if they don't know who you are.

* Join the MadCast public group to make it easy for us to contact you:

If you are having a problem please attempt to contact your mentor first if they are available, if not please contact an RFM or SFM. If a staff member is needed the admins will consult them. A list of admins can be found here:

Please also note the MadCast Code of Conduct that all must abide by:

Last but not least the requirement for you to even be eligible to be voted on can be found here:

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