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    I would like to nominate: @MadCast: MaroModo for the Fellowship Bronze (Silver if you think it is big enough) Oakleaf, for stepping up and saving a MadCast League game. He was willing to play on Racer's team of 4 to balance it and prevent a forfeit. He helped make the game fun and competitive for the people involved and for that I would like to give him a small token of thanks.
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    MadCast: Karaoke Theme: Disney Sunday 10th of June @ 8PM EST Hosted By: MadCast: Baal & MadCast: Kelica Rules 1. Either turn on push to talk or mute your mic while people are singing. 2. Use continuous transmission while singing. 3. Do not record anyone singing (other than yourself). 4. You do -not- have to sing to hang out! 5. Have fun!
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    I am going to try and keep these Links updated to the most recent article every week. Hopefully this thread can spur some conversation in the community about Sea of Thieves and create a little more excitement as they add content. HighLights: This week's patch introduces the first version of a much requested feature, "Open and Closed Crews"! This feature provides players with greater control over how they assemble their crew with reserved slots that friends can join in whenever they’re ready. This is a big step for Sea of Thieves. They will be adjusting some other small settings with this as well. This is NOT a major update though. The first expansion "Hungering Deep" is still slated to come out this month, and will hopefully add a lot of nice juicy content! Remember to join us on Wednesday Nights at 7:30PM Est and 6:30Pm Central for the weekly "Report for Booty" event where we will introduce new people to the game, and just enjoy all kinds of pirate shenanigans. Tales From the Tavern Content Plans Inn-Side Story Patch Notes 1.0.7 Developer Update May 10th: THE OFFICIAL FIRST EXPANSION TRAILER!
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    MadCast: MaroModo


    I blame icarus and goku i tend to feel better after that
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    I've played the whole series. Absolutely ready for another.
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    MadCast: Mike

    Congrats is in order

    Congrats Kyroo! Can't wait for you to join me in Challenger soon!
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    What a truly amazing love story, never seen a better happy ending :,)
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    How did I only just now discover this piece of artwork and how have I lived without it prior to now? I don't know.
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    good fucking christ alive and dancing on all fourteen stations of the cross.
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    MadCast: narucabra


    I call it and come back another day. sometimes its better to take a break instead of spinning my wheels and reving myself up further. plus I find it a lot harder to objectively look at my own faults when i'm already in a sour mood. That being the case its that much harder to correct my own errors under those conditions. chill games like stardew valley help a lot too as far as distracting me from continuing to think about those disappointing showings. hope this helps
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    MadCast Town Halls are meetings where representatives from current games branches and general administration will be present to give reports and answer questions from the community. Our next Townhall will be in our Discord June 11, 2017 @ 9PM EST. In addition, senior admins will be available and opportunities will be given for FMs and candidates to ask questions or express input about MadCast's game offerings, administrative policy, and other matters of concern.
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    been watching a twitch streamer who has this sound bit and then seeing this title, i had to post it.
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    Not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed.
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    Usefully Useless

    Opinions on Pyke?

    After playing ADC for a few games with Pyke supports here are my thoughts: Early game is ok as long as they dont have a ton of engage / poke. If it's an even lane I honestly don't even realize I have a support. Positioning is key as an ADC and it couldn't be emphasized any harder if you have a Pyke support. You really have to pick your battles wisely mid to late game with a Pyke. Also, even on slightly fed Pykes, they seem to be overconfident in themselves and making throw plays. Just my 2 cents! p.s. Not a huge fan of having one as my support
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    @MadCast: Gokudera @MadCast: rife170 @MadCast: Mike @MadCast: RacerDelux @MadCast: majorhoward @MadCast: Pushover @MadCast: VoShay Thank you all who signed up this should be a fun tournament. I randomly shuffled the groups because I did not know skill level and prior chess experience. The link for the tournament is, https://challonge.com/4vo8u11r click this to find out which group you are in and check standings. The first stage is a Double Round Robin from now until July 1st. Please have all matches reported to me by that time. If all the matches conclude before the deadline we'll move on to the next stage. 1) Participants will earn 1.0 points from a match win and 0.5 points from a stalemate. 2) The move timer will be set to 10 minutes. 3) In challonge, the participant listed top in the matches will be on the white side. (Bad wording, message me if you are confused.) Please report all scores to me, @MadCast: Icarususing Discord or the Forum messenger. The final stage will be Single Elimination which will start July 2nd or after the Group Stage is concluded. 1) No ties. Play until there is a winner. 2) Move timer will be set to 15|10. 3) In challonge, the participant listed top in the matches will be on the white side. Please message me if there are any questions. Good luck!
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    oh god.... its happening. EVERYBODY RUN!!! lol. glad to see you placed an into Kitty. Welcome to the community.
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    League of Losers holding true to their name PLAYOFFS BABY! TFA - TDS/TBD
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    Glad to see ya posting and welcome to our little den of miscreants!
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    MadCast: CoachRivers

    Conan Exiles

    PVP Yes X1 I think Inventory Drops on Death No 40 Its an official server. There are 3 of us right now, Shattered, Lurama, and myself. We know people in the "Alpha". They aren't defending us, but they shouldn't be wiping us for fun, so we can compete for a while and have fun.
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    MadCast: RopesAreRad

    Patch 8.11 Notes

    Patch notes for 8.11 are out. Definitely some interesting AD and marksman changes! https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-811-notes
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    The DragonBall Abridged version of Ginyu force was somehow almost less ridiculous than the actual thing.
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    get back soon, running a sloop solo sucks lol
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    MadCast: Icarus

    Chess Tournament!

    Mike I would be happy to play some games with you and discuss some strategies.
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    For your miseducation:
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    They were so wrapped up in whether they could make a Dr. Pepper commercial starring "Team Soda Mid" could happen, they didn't stop to think whether it should happen.
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    MadCast: Baal

    MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Kelica and I had a fairly lengthy discussion about scheduling so as many people could make it as possible
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    MadCast: Epic

    MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Oh yikes. This is on a Sunday. No time restraints for me.
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    Please for the love of all that is Holy, let that song go.
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    MadCast: HyndeSyte2020

    Discord Suggestion

    I don't mind memes in the chats, as long as they are on-topic and don't get too spammy. Re: recent changes- I think the specific tags are huge. I was always offput by Slack/discord channels that spam @everyone and @here. Especially if it is content I'm not opted in to be interested in. The reduction in channels I like, mostly because TS liked being in a slim portrait shape on the far left of my screens and Disc just doesn't look great to me in anything but a more landscape aspect ratio. All that to say, I was not enjoying scrolling through all of the previous channels. Now it's clean and I can expand the channel trees I want on one screen. Having to clean up channels is something to get used to, but nothing more. Overall, Disc is pretty useful and the in-game control is very nice too.
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    MadCast: Epic

    MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    I will make a Herculean appearance before League of Learning.
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    I'm happy for Uzi, I've felt that he has been the best ADC in the world, or at least in the top 3, since Season 3, glad to see him finally add something to the trophy case.
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    To all people who say that its impossible to pick a favourite i entirely agree, having devoured several thousand books, and always looking for more, i quite appreciate all of the suggestions, and have added the ones i haven't read to my list to do so, Cheers all.
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    Currently devouring Stormlight Archives and really enjoying them. Very hard to pick a favorite of all time though. Also, my kids are finally taking an interest in Harry Potter so I tend to drop everything and read to them when they ask.
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    A few of my favorites: -The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Unfortunately, he may be the only author slower than George R. R. Martin at writing, but someday we will get the 3rd book in the series (The Wise Man's Fear being an excellent sequel) -Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. All of Sanderson's work is worth checking out, but I think this remains my favorite. -The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. -The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.