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    @MadCast: Epic is now 74 years old, happy birthday, nerd! Epic in no way coerced me into making this post, this is totally of my own will and please help me it's my pleasure to do so.
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    MadCast Friday Night League TARGET START DATE: JULY 28th MadCast Full Members, Friday Night League as we had it is no more. As ten man customs for the rotating game modes are no longer support in client, we needed an alternative event that provided for our member base. After due consideration and reaching out to Full Members; there were many that miss the tournaments of old and the testing of mettle against fellow members. The new Friday Night League will offer those of you that desire a a more competitive field a place to hone that edge. The League will run each season with a length depending on how many teams register. This initial season will be shorter, as it takes time to form teams and commit to playing a match every week. As we continue this trial for the event, we want to see members taking full advantage of this privilege and hope to build a new strong tradition here with LoL. Please take some time to read through the rules and means of registration. Team Rules/Registration: Registration deadline: July 27th at 11:59 P.M. EST Allowed 6 members on a team, but may have 5 (5 starters 1 alternate) Must have a captain and an assistant designated Must be a Full Member or current Candidate (as of the posting of this thread) to register. In-Game Rules: All members must observe and abide by the MadCast Code of Conduct at all times Starting players must be declared 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of the match Substitutions are allowed in between games Matches are a series of best of 3 games All matches are played on Summoner’s Rift with 10-ban Tournament Draft Teams must have at least 4 members of the team present to participate Teams get one non-technical related “time-out” pause, and one pause for game and technical issues per match in the regular season. The non-technical “time-out” is not to exceed 60 seconds. Technical issue time-outs are indefinite to a reasonable extent. If after 10 minutes the member cannot rejoin the game and a substitute is present: If the game is under the 10 minute mark, the game shall be remade with the substitute after all courses of action are taken to reconnect, with the original player eligible to start the next game if the issue has been resolved. If the game is past the 10 minute mark, the captain of the affected team may request a remake of the game from the other team’s captain. This would be a “friendly quit”, where the match is restarted with a substitute. BOTH captains must agree to this. In the event of any in-game dispute, the admins reserve the right to take action they deem necessary. Scheduling: All regular season games will be scheduled as follows: Each team is expected to complete one match per week against another team Each match will be scheduled for Fridays at 9 P.M. EST by default If a team cannot participate at the assigned time: The captain must reach out to the opposing captain as soon as possible Matches are allowed to be started from the Friday at the original match time to the next Thursday at 11:59 P.M. EST. This means if you start a match before the deadline, even if it extends past the deadline, it is legal and the result shall stand as played. Admins are authorized to allow regular season match extensions in the case of extenuating circumstances, as deemed necessary by the admin. Score Reporting: The team captain of the team that won the match is expected to take screenshots of the post-game scoreboard of ALL games played in the series (Not just the games that team won) and PM them to Mike or myself. In the event of a dispute, the admins reserve full right to declare a forfeit, declare an outcome null, or any other action deemed necessary. Season: The league season will consist of a set number of games (once the amount of teams is decided), with a tournament culminating at the end. The seeds will be based off of regular season records. In the event of a tie of regular season records, the first tiebreaker is head-to-head record between the teams, if the head-to-head record is the same, then: There will be a one-GAME playoff between the tied teams for seeding purposes Tournament date and format will be posted mid Season. Registration Options : Members may create their own teams and sign up in this thread Members may sign up as a free agent to be assigned to a team Teams shall register in this thread as follows: TEAM NAME Team Captain: XXXXX Team Member 2: XXXXX Team Member 3: XXXXX Team Member 4: XXXXX Team Member 5: XXXXX Team Alternate (optional): Free agents shall register in this thread as follows: Player Name: XXXXX Level: XXXXX Preferred Roles: I am signing up as a free agent. I am/am not willing to captain. Of the teams that will be playing their matches at designated default time, they have the opportunity to have their games casted and recorded. Those games will be posted on the website. There will be end of Season rewards for winning teams that will be announced at the time of the FNL Tournament. Questions may be posted in this thread, or PM’d to myself and Mike. We are looking forward to providing and supporting this League through its Seasons at MadCast, and I hope to see you all taking part. Good Luck! edit: clarity
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    So coming from a safety background in social media (not amazon though) and a hobby-scam-baiter a little bit of input and I hope it will help you determine the validity of the emails etc. First of all, Amazon is apparently aware of scam and phishing attempts and they have a page with some information on it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=15362281&linkId=22103498 Two important points they list, and so I would like to repeat them here is, check the sent from, reply to and so on informations in the emails and see if they are all *@amazon.com AND look for weird phrasing and typos in the emails. Also if you ever click a link in one of these emails, I recommend to open the link in an incognito window. Incognito windows don't hide your activity or anything BUT they get you to pages without you being signed in to anything. So some malware wouldn't be able to read your contacts or things like that to spread the malware if that makes sense. Also when you open the link in the incognito window, look in the bottom left where it shows you the URL while you are loading, or pay close attention to the address line while the page is loading. Make sure there are not weird redirections and make sure the URL is still valid from amazon. A lot of scammers and phishers mask in valid looking URLs. So while amazon.com would be valid. amazaon.com or amzon.com (they like to put common typos as url) or something weird like amaz.on.com.ie.uk be on the lookout for that kind of weird stuff. Generally with your specific problem. I can only recommend you uninstall the app. Use a malware scanner on your phone to make sure you are fine on that front just in case. Then also let your virus scanner run on your computer for a full system scan (not a quick scan) just to make sure you didn't catch anything there either. IF you have a very good virus program, there may be extra tools that you can enable. For example I am using Norton and there are some useful browser tools that warn you about dangerous websites and so on. For offers on Amazon, I would check directly on Amazon and avail of them that way. And of course change passwords as they already recommended to you but don't do it through the link they sent you. Just go through the normal password recovery instead to make sure. Good luck and feel free to message me with any follow up questions. I'd be happy to help as much as I can if there is more.
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    Wherever I go, I leave a trail of blood in my wake. At first it was merely for survival. Not just because the Outer Planes are a dangerous place, but because the archfiend Rayse demanded tribute. One life every three days, or I would suffer his wrath. Pain beyond pain, along with a glimpse of what the world could've been like. Once, everything was wreathed with twisting flames, all life lost in an angry orange haze. Another time, the walls screamed sweet nothings into my ears as the floor begged me not to listen. I've seen all the beauty and form in this world melt away, shattering on the broken ground until it made a sea of jagged glass to drown in. I've had all the victims and failures of the past drag me under the dark waters beyond reality's veil to tear me to shreds. Perhaps if I were a stronger willed man, I could've resisted, or just let the fiend take my life. Instead, I found purpose. The effects of just a single life taken or saved is as exhilarating as it is terrifying. One dead creditor led to a roof to sleep under and someone that saw potential in my curse. She encouraged me to follow in the footsteps of heroes. Seek out and smite evil. Save the innocent. Just like the legends and tales. It shouldn't have worked even once, confronting what evaded the gaze of the Harmonium. But our strikes were quick, lethal, and completely unexpected. We should've stopped, but the curse was ever present, and Lynne and I aimed higher and higher as greater threats were made manifest in the Hive. It was terribly naive, but the thrill of successful assaults was intoxicating, and nothing had stopped us yet. So hand in hand we fell into it, this making of our own myth. Like a dream. Or a fever. And when the Tramontane struck back, it was like a powder keg went off. No one came out unscathed. By the end, everyone involved was dead, broken, or imprisoned. I don't know what the Harmonium saw in me. Something to be pitied. A useful tool with which to peer into the underworld. Or perhaps a wake up call concerning their role in Sigil society. Either way, their mandate of being a hidden eye into criminal activity set me on my current path. Tearing apart gangs. Uncovering dark plots. Sundering a god. Joining the Acquisitor's Guild. Killing the past. Being thrust into the public eye, falling even more out of depth than I had ever been. I tried to play the part of paragon, either out of guilt or because of old habits. Seeking out the weak and pursued and shielding them from harm, goading their tormentors into trying to stop me. It made for easy fodder for the curse. But the past wasn't done with us yet, and in trying to subvert the plans of our rivals we unleashed chaos upon Sigil, drawing the ire of nearly every other faction. Faced with such a dire situation, we made a deal with the devil and fled the city, leaving our personal projects to the wolves. If that weren't noble and heroic enough, now we might stoop to inciting planewide civil war just to keep our heads above water. I've seen what Rayse wishes to make of all creation. An endless wasteland of blood, ash, and ruin, where people kill and be killed, only to rise again. Conflict for conflict's sake. At this rate he won't need to even lift a finger to see that rat's nest arise. My name is, presumably, Nathan Renardine. The Young Crow. The Dark Saint. The Blazing Blade of the Hive. Child of Discord. I've tried to be a good person, or at least appear as such. Hide the trail of blood and ruin. Mask the past with saintly deeds. So far, it hasn't really stuck. And seeing it all so easily undone is... exhausting and painful. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep doing this.
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    For those that have the Twitch desktop app. I have created a home for MadCast within their system. CLICK THIS LINK This is simply an optional community gathering point within this specific program/application. Teamspeak 3 and our website are of course still our default means of full community communication. Also will serve as a nice redundancy in the event Teamspeak happens to be down. Membership permissions and abilities are the same as with web and ts style permissions.
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    It isn't every day I post to promote something or give recommendations, but if any of you haven't already heard or seen this, you should stop living under a rock and check out Games Done Quick (GDQ) on Twitch! This is a week-long, nonstop marathon of speedruns raising money for charity (Doctor's Without Borders). There are some spectacular runs being done this year, as well as the return of some crowd favorites like Super Metroid, Banjo Kazooie, and Chrono Trigger. It's these events that make me want to continue to learn speedrunning (here's hoping I can solidify the tricks for Paper Mario TTYD sometime soon), and even you may want to pick up a speedrun yourself. Regardless, it's fun to watch no matter what time of the day or timezone you're in, so check it out over here! I'm bringing special attention to this event here for one specific reason: you guys are my family, regardless of how well I may know you or how well you know me. Late last year, my uncle was found to have a tumor in his liver that was too large to operate on. I'll save you all the depth of the story, but unfortunately he passed away a few months ago in April. This year, I will be making a healthy contribution during GDQ in honor of my uncle and the legacy he leaves. While Doctor's Without Borders doesn't primarily focus on cancer research, as a Sinatra fan my uncle would always "do it [his] way," so I will be following the same semantics and giving to where I feel it can be used the most. I will also be looking to join the ranks of those who participate in Extra Life: a 24-hour streaming event to raise money for children's hospitals. Even if you are not able to donate, please take some time to check out GDQ and support the community. Check out the line-up / schedule here! Schedule highlights chosen by personal interest/nostalgia/popularity (all times EDT): Sunday (7/2) Diddy Kong Racing (6:53 PM) Monday (7/3) Okami HD (1:11 AM) Crash Bandicoot (10:03 AM) Mirror's Edge (7:34 PM) Donkey Kong 64 (9:44 PM) Tuesday (7/4) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (11:34 AM) Banjo Kazooie (1:04 PM) Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver (4:19 PM) [intrigue just due to the level of precision and planning] Wednesday (7/5) Super Meat Boy (10:35 AM) / VVVVVV (11:05 AM) [BOTH ARE RACES] Mega Man X2 (5:17 PM) [RACE] Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (6:58 PM) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (10:53 PM) Thursday (7/6) Ratchet & Clank (6:48 AM) Jak II (8:13 AM) Portal (1:50 PM) Chrono Trigger (4:15 PM) Tetris: The Grand Master (9:27 PM / 10:07 PM) [8-WAY RACE / 2 PLAYERS - 1 CONTROLLER RACE] Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (11:00PM) Friday (7/7) Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (12:09 PM) Super Mario Series Warpless Relay Race (4:49 PM) Metroid Fusion / Super Metroid (7:54 PM / 9:54 PM) Final Fantasy VII (11:04 PM) Saturday (7/8) Diablo 2 (10:26 AM) Dark Souls 3 (12:21 PM) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (6:04 PM) Earthbound (10:04 PM)
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    Yan-C-Bin and the Elemental Court of Air Yan-C-Bin is an archomental, one of the 4 spawn of the Elder Elemental Eye, and he sits atop a complex feudal empire of kingdoms that comprise the Elemental Kingdom of Air. The seat of Elemental Air, the true essence of the archomental, is eternal. There always is a Yan-C-Bin, sitting undisputed at the center of the volatile kingdom. However, the chaotic nature of air demands change and a mortal (even if it stretches the term by a few millennia or so) anchor is necessary. Yan-C-Bin consorts with many varied creatures, siring a number of offspring, from which he will choose the next anchor. To avoid competition among his spawn, all but his chosen are systematically hunted down and killed once a successor presents itself. The largest chunk of solid matter in the infinite plane is the city of Borealis, from which Yan-C-Bin rules. The city contains a massive central palace, with 4 shrines to each of the cardinal directions. Special emphasis is placed on the Shrine of the North Wind, with a grand processional extending from the palace to the northern shrine. The architecture bears striking similarity to Elvish architecture, though it would be more chronologically appropriate to say that Elvish architects were influenced by it. Borealis boasts the Grand Bazaar, a vast marketplace that rivals those of Sigil itself. The market is unevenly regulated, with governmental officials existing in a chaotic sea of bribes, assassinations, and taxation. Imports are subject to heavy tariffs, while the singularly unique craftsmen of Borealis send their wares to Sigil and beyond. Swords, in particular, from the Air Smiths are particularly prized. Collecting the solid detritus that spills over from the Elemental Plane of Earth, Air Smiths control winds of incredible force, molding and shaping the metal into peerless blades. The greatest of Air Smiths train for centuries, only to retire (or commit suicide, among the fanatical) after creating their masterwork. Currently in favor in the Court of Yan-C-Bin are two primary groups: The Avariel and The Cloud Giants. The Avariel are an old subspecies of elves, the first to splinter from the original Eladrin. Most notable for their feathered wings, The Avariel are militaristic and cruel. Seeing themselves as rightful successors to the fallen empires of the Eladrin, they control most of the solid chunks of land that float in the infinite plane, and hold the majority of the Air Genasi population in servitude. The Avariel are a matriarchal society, with power and position passing from mother to daughter. Each "roost" as it is colloquially known is ruled by a female general, and all swear fealty to the Royal Line, a series of matriarchs that trace their lineage to true Fey. The Cloud Giants are smaller in number than the Avariel and their Genasi slaves, but their line of cloud fortresses form the front lines of the eternal war with the elemental plane of Earth. Each fortress regards itself as its own tribe, led by an appointed Chieftain and hereditary Shaman. The High King of the Cloud Giants resides in Borealis, serving as both the undisputed military leader of all the tribes, as well as the High Priest of the North Wind. The Giants are the primary raiders and conquerors of the Empire of Air, especially when sent against the Dwarves, Gnomes, and other hated foes that make up the armies of the Earth plane. The current Yan-C-Bin encourages infighting and a constant shifting of power between the other denizens of his realm, including Air Elementals proper, flying demons from the Abyss, Angels from the upper planes, mortal races apart from the Genasi, and others. Of special note are the Efreeti, representatives from the "allied" plane of Fire. While they hold no offices or authority above a certain level, they are considered under diplomatic protection and abuse it. Disfavor in the Court is temporary, except for one particular group: The Djinn. Djinn embrace their chaotic nature, but bear a true desire to do good and preserve life (with an acceptable amount of well-intentioned trickery). Thus, while still citizens of the Empire, they are severely discriminated against. Nonetheless, Djinn do possess some positions of authority within the Empire, as the chaotic Court suits the innate guile of the genies.
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    I don't know if any of you noticed today's Google Doodle. But you can create your own short musical composition in it. It kinda awakened my inner music nerd after many years of sleep. This was just too fun. Here is mine: http://g.co/doodle/thw39k Who wants to give it a try and show off theirs?
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    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killing-floor Killing floor is free on humble bundle, but only for a limited time! Grab your copy!
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    If your HotS play is anything like your raid leading, then I think we are all safe and nobody is worried.
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    lol. Looking for ELO daddy, need carry to Diamond. Contact @MadCast: Soupcup for more info.
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    From his hearthstone abilities I would expect him to have some form of increased speed or mobility as well as an increase to damage when wounded, perhaps not quite as all in as Zul'Jin though.
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    Congrats and well deserved! Wait.. That's my saying. You quit that you nerd.
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    Crozz the Mad, signing up as a free agent! Jungle/top/support Rank: Silver V I am willing to captain.
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    I haven't played PUBG, but I figured those of you who do might find this useful.
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    I'm banning him just for you bb.
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    So lame. I can't even express how angry I was. Thankfully, Steelseries has decided to accept my RMA, but it's gonna be a while before my communications are reliable again.
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    I'm posting raw session recordings at the top of this thread. Session zero was marred by glorious technical hiccups. A true classic thanks to Derek "End of the Headset" Jordan.
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    The Mario Series Relay (SMB 1-3, Lost Levels, SMW in order) was INTENSE this year.
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    if I didn't have bills, I'd be so excited to spend money.
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    Hey all. Looking to become a full member. I play under the name Balreck. Play on the order of 10 hours a week (log on 9PM ish PST on weekdays, 7-9ish PST on weekends). Long time friends of Corpse and Shogii. Mostly I play League of Legends. Look forward to meeting more of you and playing some games.
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    @Hiaman was hoping to do more of an in-house type of thing, but that's definitely not a bad idea @MadCast: Dolphin Could probably get something together during that time If anyone else has any suggestions or ideas on the matter hit me up, either in this thread or PM
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    Happy belated birthday...hope it's not too late to be rude.
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    League of Learning rotates back into our nights this Thursday, and with it comes a whole new batch of teachings. Tomorrow will be mixed teams (All Ranks) that will each play each other once, with an emphasis on working on your main roles. Be there before 9 EST for your spot!
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    Not playing! Someone's gotta run this show after all.
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    I forgot I'm not the only one that dabbles in TSW. SWL convinced me to come back.
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    HEROES OF THE STORM HOTFIX NOTES – JUNE 28, 2017 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT 6/28/201753 We just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply balance changes and a few bug fixes. Heroes ASSASSIN SPECIALIST SUPPORT WARRIOR Genji Medivh Brightwing Dehaka Malthael Probius Lúcio D.Va Thrall Tassadar Zeratul Uther Zul'jin Return to Top Assassin Genji Talents Level 4 Shuriken Mastery (Q) Bonus damage reduced from 30 to 25 Dragon Claw (Active) Damage required reduced from 375 to 330 Damage dealt increased from 180 to 190 Level 7 Dodge (Passive) Cooldown increased from 8 to 12 seconds Return to Top Malthael Abilities Tormented Souls (R) Cooldown increased from 80 to 100 seconds Talents Level 4 Throwing Shade (E) Cooldown reduction increased from 2 to 4 seconds Added functionality: Now also reduces the Mana cost of Death Shroud on quest completion from 50 to 25 Level 13 Ethereal Existence (Trait) Armor reduced from 15 to 10 per Hero hit Maximum Armor bonus increased from 45 to 50 Inevitable End (Active) Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds Level 16 Memento Mori (Trait) Damage bonus reduced from 100% to 80% Level 20 Reaper of Souls (R) Added functionality: Now passively increases the duration of Tormented Souls by 1 second Return to Top Thrall Abilities Frostwolf Resilience (Trait) Heal amount increased from 210 to 223 Talents Level 1 Rolling Thunder (Q) Mana return increased from 10 to 12 Level 4 Feral Resilience (W) New functionality: Heroes hit by Feral Spirit grant Thrall 3 charges of Frostwolf Resilience Level 13 Spirit Shield (Passive) Cooldown reduction per Frostwolf Resilience stack increased from 5 to 8 seconds Level 20 Wind Rush (Active) Cooldown increased from 70 to 80 seconds Return to Top Zeratul Talents Level 16 Sentenced to Death (W) Bonus damage decreased from 50% to 40% Return to Top Zul'jin Abilities Guillotine (R) Base damage increased from 210 to 350 Damage multiplier at extremely low health decreased from 500% to 300% Talents Level 20 Ensnare (Active) Range increased from 7.8 to 10 Cooldown reduced from 60 to 45 seconds Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds Return to Top Specialist Medivh Talents Level 7 Raven Familiar (E) Ravens created by this talent will now only attack Heroic targets Return to Top Probius Abilities Pylon Overcharge (R) No longer gives Pylons bonus Health Return to Top Support Brightwing Abilities Pixie Dust (E) Movement Speed duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds No longer grants Block charges New functionality: Grants 30 Spell Armor for 3 seconds Talents Level 13 Shield Dust (E) Added functionality: Pixie Dust also grants 50 Physical Armor for the duration Return to Top Lúcio Abilities Healing Boost (W) Amp it Up Healing increased from 14.5 to 15.5 Talents Level 16 Up the Frequency (E) Cooldown per Basic Attack increased from .35 to .45 seconds Return to Top Tassadar Abilities Plasma Shield (Q) Lifesteal amount reduced from 45% to 40% Talents Level 1 Khaydarin Resonance (Q) First unlock shield value bonus increased from 15% to 20% Second unlock shield bonus increased from 30% to 40% Templar’s Will (Passive) Damage bonus of first quest unlock reduced from 150% to 125% Level 4 Khala’s Embrace (Q) Life steal amount reduced from 90% to 75% Return to Top Uther Talents Level 1 Hammer of the Lightbringer (E) Cooldown reduction per Basic Attack increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds Level 4 Pursuit of Justice (E) Movement Speed increased from 20% to 25% Level 7 Guardian of Ancient Kings (Trait) Armor reduced from 75 to 50 Level 16 Benediction (Active) Cooldown increased from 40 to 60 seconds Return to Top Warriors D.Va Stats Mech Basic Attack Damage reduced from 22.5 to 21 Mech Health reduced from 2060 to 2000 Mech Health Regeneration reduced from 4.86 to 4.17 Talents Level 1 Hit the Nitrous (Q) Damage bonus reduced from 100% to 50% Return to Top Dehaka Stats Basic Attack damage reduced from 110 to 105 Abilities Brushstalker (Z) Cooldown increased from 50 to 60 seconds Talents Level 13 Ferocious Stalker (W) New functionality: Increase the damage of Dark Swarm by 40% while the Brushstalker buff is active Return to Top Bug Fixes General Fixed several issues that could cause the game client to crash. Art Malthael: Casting Last Rites multiple times on the same target will no longer cause overhead visual effects from the second cast to appear untextured. Heroes, Abilities, and Talents Chromie: Fixed an issue that could allow two instances of Slowing Sands to exist at once. Dehaka: Completing Tissue Regeneration’s Quest will no longer prevent Essence earned via Hero takedowns from Healing Dehaka. Samuro: Fixed an issue causing Windwalk to last 9 seconds rather than 10. Tassadar: Nullification will now correctly apply multiplicatively when the target is also affected by other damage reduction effects. Tassadar: Can no longer use his Basic Attack during Dimensional Shift while in Archon form. Thrall: Percent Health damage dealt by Basic Attacks after casting Feral Spirit with the Alpha Wolf Talent now correctly count as Ability Damage. Thrall: The bonus Heal amount granted by Frostwolf's Grace will no longer apply to all Frostwolf Resilience procs. Tyrande: The Bonus Damage amount that appears in Ranger's buff bar tooltip will now update properly. Certain heroes got nerfed as expected, due to their performance and prevalance. Glad they fixed Chromie's Slowing Sands bug. I've heard some stories of people exploiting it to no end.
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    I will definitely be playing it. Had a 99 and a 98 necro in D2. Lot of love for the class, hope Blizz does right by it
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    What is the one thing you do consistently in every game you play? I, for one, consistently call out and rotate to free towers. Baron and Dragon calls are a bit hit-or-miss, but with so many years up split pushing experience under my belt, I usually tend to make the best tower calls on my team. Now, why am I only asking for your most consistent strength? Easy! I want you to clear your mind and focus on your ticket to higher elo. You already have a winning in-game trait/strategy that gives you an advantage in every game you play, but it often gets blocked by different obstacles (Raging is a big one). You can say anything, really, because each & every game of League has hundreds of variables that affect the outcome. So tell me what you're best at, whether it be last-hitting/creep score, poking, making the best dragon/baron calls, ganking, or whatever. Capitalizing on your strength presents more opportunities to win your lane and/or win your game. See you in Challenjour!
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    So I've been wanting to get my stream back up and running, but I'm running into an issue where I have a significant amount of lag on the stream itself, but only in game. OBS lags my laptop out a little bit, FFsplit doesn't lag me on my laptop at all, but I'm running into the same issue. I have google fiber, so my upload and download speeds are ridiculously high. Any tips or pointers on how I can correct this?
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    I have not played HotS in probably 6 months. I am looking for anybody who wants to play the 15 games VS the AI as I would love to get the wings for Diablo 3.
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    I dissapeared for a while as I got busy with dancing and a few other things in my life. My mom passed of cancer in April, was in a minor car accident and so forth. I have been lacking the motivation for art lately but I am gradually coming back. I thought I would post some.
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    My greatest strength is being pretty ok at whatever I do. Soup makes up for the rest.
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    im good at picking duo partners. aka i'm pretty awful
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    Hey, someone close to my age. Good to meet you. hopefully we'll met up in League... someday.
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    Hello and welcome Dealhound. Hope you enjoy your stay here. It's ok to take your time before committing to full membership.
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    welcome man. hope to play a few with you
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    Of course you found some way to get your post count even higher.. GAH! Pretty slick though bro!