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    https://mobile.twitter.com/honeychild1229/status/840777916564807680?s=09 Secret Fireside Party @ PAX East. Drinks were had and voices were done. @MadCast: Munsa
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    We have an Overwatch Community? I kid, I kid... No. Really =P
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    <Scene> <Location: The Thirsty Devil, a hope-I-don't-go-blind watering hole in The Hive> <Timeline: Roughly 1 week prior to the Funcoland Romp> A horse is hitched to an ornamental pole. Under normal circumstances an unattended horse in The Hive would have the lifespan of an icicle on Mercury. However, the awful calculus of the desperate comes with a healthy sense of self-preservation. The jet black mane, red eyes, oozing hooves, and stench of death tripped something primal in the brains of the humanoid passersby, sparking hereditary memories of a rustle in the brush and a violent end. Inside the grub-eaten walls, the same reaction passed through the patrons, without the luxury of an unobstructed escape route. Drinks and utensils were frozen in transit from table to mouth. A tumbleweed of razorvine, sensitive to narrative causality, unhitched itself from outside the dive and scrabbled across the wooden porch. Unwilling eyes beheld a gaunt, skeletal man. A blasted leather duster hung over the threadbare clothing of what might have passed for a gentleman on some backwater prime. His boots, spurred and thick, made a disturbing lack of sound as he moved from the entrance to the bar, with no small exodus taking place as he marched through the entrance. "Coffee. Black." His voice carried a drawl that tickled the spine in unsavory ways. Umberxis the Vile, retired general of hell and now bartender, was more or less content with his lot in life. He had ravened across the planes, murdered angels and mortals and demons alike, and earned enough accommodations for unholy valor that he was afforded the luxury of retirement. Now, he had a suitably dilapidated drinking establishment in The Hive, a career choice that guaranteed him all the news and gossip he needed, with a bonus of sending adventurers to untimely deaths with a few rumored words. He knew he had seen worse, much worse, than a walking corpse with a strange sense of style. "This here is a bar, wherein we serve al-co-hol," the devil's words dripped with an amusing cocktail of scorn and sarcasm, "Al-co-hol." Umberxis gave the stranger a mirthless grin, a tactic that had reduced more than one crusading paladin to quaking fear. Red, burning eyes locked with the devil's black orbs. The few patrons who had kept their seats reexamined their decision making process, and the quick undulations of the swinging doors cut a long moment of silence. "Whiskey." Umberxis delayed his hand for a moment. He drew out the cleaning of a filthy glass, or at least the even distribution of oily filth. Never taking his eyes off the stranger's, he set the glass on the bar, and poured a measure of golden brown spirits in it. "Ten coppers, berk." Continuing the staring match, the stranger grabbed a pouch from his belt and upended it on the table. Several pieces of immaculate jewlery, a handful of precious gems, and unmarked discs of pure platinum tumbled on the varnished wood. "More whiskey. And information." Umberxis considered the small fortune before him. He did not need it. His handy pocket dimension vault bulged with the swag of 10,000 years of campaigns. Still, Sigil's potent aura of narrative importance compelled even mighty devils to play in the grand game. He swept up the payment with a meaty hand, leaning the other on the pitted wood. Umberxis brought his face level with the ghastly revenant. "Who ya looking for?" </Scene>
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    Unfortunately to use your superstrenth is limited to only one arm and you look like the guy in Lady in the Water. My superpower is being able to understand and speak any language.
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    The Culture series by Iain M. Banks, a space opera of immense scope. It's a very eclectic series in terms of the characters, since they range across millenia, and all different worlds, but excellent nonetheless. Excession probably isn't the worst starting point (one of my favourites in the series), but you can also tackle the series chronologically. No two books resemble each other, so it's always fresh. Some novels are all about the high tech shenanigans of elder races in the galaxy, others are hard hitting character portrayals. He often meshes both. I really like "This Alien Shore", "The Madness Season", and The Coldfire trilogy by C.S. Friedman. All three of these books / trilogy are very different from each other, but all of them are really, really well done. The first is science-fiction, the second and third are science fiction that read like fantasy (mostly because you as the reader aren't really aware of what's going on until well into the book / series). C.S. Friedman's work is dark, but very well researched with incredible characters. These two authors are perhaps my favourite authors for entertaining science fiction / fantasy, and are books that I would love to see become movies some day. Unfortunately, aside from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, very few of the novels I've loved in the past have gone that route. I'm also a fan of the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. Although the story is great, the character he created, the Shrike, is one of the most incredible villains/heroes of all time. Play on words intended, for those who know what I'm talking about. The Quantum Gravity series by Justina Robson is a lot of fun. It's fast paced, mixes all the fantasy genres, a modern/slightly futuristic setting, and non-stop action. The lead in this series is a cyborg named Lila Black. All of the characters are more than they appear at first glance, and I love the presence of the Fey in this series. Not a lot of thinking required, but a really good trip for the mind.
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    Heyo, So, my summoner name is BlameItOnTheLag, however I will only respond to Blame. Iv'e had people address me as Lag and I had no idea they were talking to me xD. I have a Pokemon sleeve on my left arm and a few other tattoos. I work in Walmart (feelsbadman) but i work in the Connection Center, it's not as bad back there I activate phones and do contracts. I'm 28 years young, I love all kinds of music and all kinds of chicken. I do have ADHD so this forum things a little difficult for me, there's a lot going on and it's a bit confusing =/ so if there's anyone that could help me out that would be cool, makes me seem like a child but eh I can't help it. I've been a game officer and helped run 2 other communities previously, they were much smaller ones that didn't end up holding out. I still talk to a lot of the members, and I do miss hosting game nights. I like playing midlane. The highest i got last season was gold 3. A lot of lame stuff happened to me, i tilted myself down to silver 1 before the season ended. I'm stuck at silver 5 now, but I don't play as much as I'd like to. I'm trying to get back into it but I know I need help at getting better at the game. I'm a super friendly person and I get along with basically anyone. I'd like to be a long time member =)
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    Sounds like you'll be a good fit around here. Door's always open to new folk with positive attitudes :). I know the LoL crew does a League of Learning event on Fridays, if i recall correctly, that might tickle that self-improvement itch you've got there. It's always a packed house down there on those evenings so you're definitely able to get some hands on feedback from folks. Look forward to seeing you around and welcome aboard!
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    I meant hang out in the community haha, I'm not really at my pc right now. Be sure to hang around and talk to new people whenever you feel up to it, we are all very friendly here! Any questions you have can be directed to any FM+ member or admins if you so choose as well as your personal mentor that you will receive upon choosing to become a candidate for full membership here.
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    Good playing with you last night.
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    Hey Saggitch, I know exactly the thread you are referring to, and thank you for reading everything we have available so closely. It's really encouraging to see newer arrivals take such an interest in our history. Long story short, that was how we operated on our previous website. Now everyone has access to the basic forum mechanics such as Avatars and etc. Thanks for double checking!
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    I've read most, if not all pinned posts pertaining to new members in the community. And although I see other associates with avatars, I've been reluctant to upload my own. The reason being, one of the posts I read states that we are prohibited. I just want to make sure that I have permission first before I do so. Also, I'm sorry if there's already an updated post on this topic. I couldn't find one stating otherwise. Thanks.
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    On behalf of the Overwatch community:
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    Like many of you, we are all waiting eagerly for 7.2 to come out. Some may or may not know the information that is coming, so please post any links you find here, I of course will edit my post to add your links (providing I am online at the time). There is a lot information to take away, like also it looks like Nethershards (from the Legion Invasion pre-launch events) are coming back. All the Class and Artifact Trait Changes in Patch 7.2: http://www.wowhead.com/news=261088/all-the-class-and-artifact-trait-changes-in-patch-7-2 Artifact Weapons: http://www.wowhead.com/news=260675/artifact-weapons-whats-new-in-patch-7-2 Legendary Armor: http://www.wowhead.com/news=260762/legendary-armor-whats-new-in-patch-7-2 Paragon Reputation Levels and Mount Rewards: http://www.wowhead.com/news=260761/patch-7-2-paragon-reputation-levels-and-mount-rewards 7.2 PTR: Build 23780 Achievements, Artifact Traits, and Glyphs (marked as release candidate): http://www.wowhead.com/news=261330/7-2-ptr-build-23780-marked-as-release-candidate What to do before 7.2: http://www.wowhead.com/news=261124/be-prepared-what-to-do-before-legion-patch-7-2
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    Hello and welcome. I don't wanna brag but i was born with a controller in my hands. The doctors said I was a freak of nature and the procedure to remove the controller was very risky im lucky to be alive. Anyways lets play soon 😉
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    The SFM+ team has amended the RFM application process. The posting requirements have changed. Previously an RFM candidate required a .40 posting average over the life their account. This has been amended to the following: This amendment is designed to allow RFM candidates to be judged on recent activity reflective of their decision to seek admin-ship. FM's that historically have a low post count but have picked up their activity in preparation of meeting the RFM criteria will not be held back based on the time period they were not seeking admin status. Instead they will be required to have trended a post count of .40 over the last 90 days.
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    Look at this guy, thinkin' he's the fuckin' keymaster here.
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    Good luck kind Sir! I wish you nothing, but the best.
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    ITT: Feedback on previous learning events you participated in, and requests for things to see in the future. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm crying. This is hilarious! http://www.gamezone.com/news/kid-gets-in-trouble-at-school-after-calling-classmate-a-hanzo-main-overwatch-dev-responds-3451764
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    Not everyone makes it in on their first couple tries, but reapplying and adjusting your approach is always respected. Glad to see your app dude. Without further ado, You are now a candidate for full membership. When in TeamSpeak, please wear the [C] tag as in [C] racerdelux. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership. Should you pass, you will become a full member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast: racerdelux tag. Should you fail, you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again. You have been assigned the following FM+ to mentor you through the candidacy process: MadCast: Uncle Dad. Please attempt to contact your mentor in the next few days. They will be looking for you as well. They will be your primary resource for community related questions and will have a mid-candidacy check in about two weeks into the candidacy period. A few tips for a successful candidacy: * Please familiarize yourself with the MadCast Code of Conduct that all must abide by. Check out the New to MadCast section for more useful information! * Be active on the forums! Check it regularly and participate when possible. If you find something interesting then share it! Chances are someone else will find it interesting as well. Being active on the forums is a good habit to learn, and is one of the main criteria noticed during your candidacy.* Join us on TeamSpeak! Even if you don't have a mic you're welcome to listen in. Being active on TeamSpeak and playing with other members is the best way to be noticed around the community! Teamspeak 3 Server: ts3.madcastgaming.com* Use the same name on both the forums, TS3, and in-game when possible. If not possible make sure people know who you are! We rely on feedback from our members when evaluating full membership and they can't give positive reviews for you if they don't know who you are.* Join the MadCast Public Group to make it easy for us to contact you, and for updates on SteamIf you are having a problem please attempt to contact your mentor first if they are available. If not please contact an RFM or SFM. If a Staff member is needed the admins will consult them. A list of admins can be found at this link. Last but not least the requirement for you to even be eligible to be voted on can be found here.
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    Friendly bump, as I know Shenaniquin just picked this game up for 10 bucks.
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    OMG... I was watching when you sent that tweet. Had no idea it was you! That's hilarious =) Also... awesome series between MVP Black and L5!
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    Hop on tonight at 9 PM EST for some Learning. There will be in houses had, and admins there to facilitate some good times.
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    Unfortunately, Mike, you were born in a uncivilized area, and are burned as a heretic and witch. My new Super power is immunity to disease, viruses, etc.
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    Keep the YA novels for kindling. The Handmaiden's Tale - Margaret Atwood White Noise - Don DeLillo Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy Night Watch - Terry Pratchett (The definitive Discworld Novel) Lords and Ladies - Terry Pratchett The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli The Divine Comedy - Dante Aligierhi (find a nice annotated version, there are a ton of them. It's fun to see how many things he made up to make fun of his rivals) Ulysses - James Joyce (everyone should read some Joyce, even if only to reject it. His style is simply not for everyone, but needs to be experienced) Jam - Yahtzee Crowshaw (tremendous book that will never get the credit it deserves)
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    You realize in short order than humans have the intractable ability to be self-interested, craven bastards in any language. My superpower is pyrokinesis.
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    Happy birthday to everyone's favorite TeamSpeak ninja, MadCast Maday!
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    Well, I majorly tend towards utility mages, but played a lot of Alistar, Leona, and Taric a ways back as well. My favorite champ of all time is Nami! If you have a preference towards one or another play style, I'd play to your preference but also have 1 or 2 champions of the other type just so you can react as needed. As for choosing a champion, I try to synergize with the comp and play style of my team, and gain a particular advantage in lane (like having high poke or w/e). I usually ask myself these type of questions based on the champions that have been picked/what my team is planning to pick: How much sustain do we need? How much sustain does the enemy comp have? How much CC do we need? How much CC does the enemy comp have? How much initiate do we need? How much initiate does the enemy comp have? How much disengage do we need? How much disengage does the enemy comp have? What type of damage is my team doing? What type of damage is the enemy team doing? What is my team comp shaping up to be? How can I enhance what is already there? How can I fill any vital missing part? What is my ADC's comfort level with his/her champion and the role? Have they expressed a desire for a particular play style? What is my jungle's comfort level with his/her champion and the role? Have they expressed a desire for a particular play style? Playing a champion you are comfortable and confident on is almost always the right choice even if it's 10% less optimal or w/e.
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    it's late, and I'm bad with names still, yes I do remember now, and I wish to rephrase my statement. I "ment" to say more matches. ;D
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    i would recommend "King maker, King breaker" series by karen miller book one is the onnocent mage
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    Oh how I love this topic. The maze runner series is very good even if you have seen the movies. I love the maximum ride series, percy jackson series (which you probably have read), the shadowhunters is one of my favorite books of all time though i didn't read the latest one cause i'm too lazy to catch myself up on all the books from before lol. the mistborn series is wonderful too. I recommend the throne of glass series very much. I personally could not get past book 3 but i heard that many people think the later books are even more wonderful. I'll tell you some more if you would like anytime. I've read much in my time.
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    Welcome back! It was fun playing with you!
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    @MadCast: VoShay "Little lady, you've been runnin' real good. Real good at runnin'. I reckon I've seen your backside more than your front, but that's nothing new for you, in'it?" "You owe me a debt, an' I am gonna collect. Bet your eternal soul, I will collect." Accompany:
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    Had fun playing with you. Welcome!
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    i am so excited im considering telling my wife we are divorced the day of launch!
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    So this is my 3rd season of playing Diablo 3. But it's the first time that I've played it "competitively". Meaning, aiming for the leaderboard. You've probably seen me always online and playing Diablo 3 making you question, does Cookie ever sleep? 😂 I have grinded it out from the very first minute this season started until the very last minute of the end. I've failed so many greater rifts and I've always tried again. Lo and behold, I made it to rank 645 for America Solo Witch Doctor Leaderboard finishing Greater Rift 82 at 13:13:316. May not seem much, but hey, I made it to top 1000! I died a little inside cause there were multiple times that I would've cleared an 83 but RNGezus wasn't good to me and gave me a much more difficult rift guardian to deal with. I ran out of time and the season has already concluded. I've had a great run, nonetheless. I'm announcing it here cause I'm proudly wearing the <MCG> tag in game. I also made it to the Season Achievements Leaderboard rank 970 with an achievement score of 900. May not be as exciting but hey, I made it up there! I am also planning to get to the leaderboard next season! Here's my character and screenshots of my proud achievement. 😂 Solo Witch Doctor Leaderboard Season Achievement Leaderboard Witch Doctor Helltooth Set-Pet Build (with 844 Paragon levels at the time of my Tier 82 clear) And yes, I do sleep.
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    MadCast Guild Structure Guild Master - Oversees the activities of the guild. I responsible for officer assignments, recruiting, reviewing events, and making sure that MadCast policy is adhered to. Officer - Various roles from Raid Leaders, PvP Leaders, Recruiting organizer, and helping to manage guild chat. Every officer is responsible for helping the guild to recruit and to make sure that they are creating and running events that pertain to their role's function and making sure that MadCast policy is adhered to. Officer Alt - The same as the officer rank, but on a non main character Raid Member - This role is not special in any way other than a wider range of allowances from the Guild Bank so they can get repairs, potions, flasks, enchants, and gems as needed. These withdrawals will be monitored to make sure that there are no abusers of our generosity. Full Member - These are Full Members of MadCast, and therefore have Expanded access to the guild bank. They are also not part of the inactive purges unless absolutely necessary. This rank can also invite new players to the guild. Member - An Associate or Candidate that has, at the very least, made an introduction post and is active on TS. This rank has limited access to the guild bank for repairs. Associate - New recruits that have yet to make their presence known on the forums or TS. This role has NO access to the guild bank. This structure is subject to change as the guild grows and evolves.
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    Oh you know... just living on the other side of the world.