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    As for the short time I have been with MadCast I can definitely say it has helped me improve myself in real life! Prior to MadCast I always struggled with my writing skills, having ideas, trying to have a voice, anxiety, socializing, feeling of belonging to something, responsibility, reliability and being in a role where I am required to lead. As of now my life is completely turned around! Being in MadCast gave me a feeling of belonging, improved my writing skills, I now socialize maybe even too much!, I feel more responsible, I feel extremely comfortable being in a lead role and having a voice! Thank you MadCast Community for you aren't just a place for gaming but you guys also help with personal improvement! And I want to personally thank @MadCast: Epic for reaching out to me on the league of legends boards in late December! This experience as been quite an amazing one so far. I will definitely be around MadCast for a long time! Thank you everyone!
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    So after lurking on the forums you have decided to post an introduction. That's great, we are excited to meet you and get to know you. While there isn't a form to fill out there are some basic points you should include which will help us get to know you. First, let's talk about a title. As you may have noticed, our website forums are pretty active and busy, putting your name in the title helps people identify you and sets you apart from the other people introducing themselves. You would like an example you say? SURE!! Less than stellar titles. If you look at the forums and saw a dozen threads with titles like that, how would you know who is who? How your title should look. This has your name right in the title and shows that you are posting your introduction, people who see you in TS or in game will be like hey I played with that person, I am so glad they decided to introduce themselves here. Now that you have your title, you must be thinking to yourself, Sotarkadin what should I put in the post itself, I hate talking about or describing myself. Well have no fear, I will help you with that as well. First, we are a friendly group here and love to get to know the people we game with. Feel free to share as much or as little as possible. There are a few basic things you can include which will help us know who you are. Ugh, Sotarkadin, if only I had a few examples of the difference between a post that bares your soul and one that makes the heart weep. Luckily I put a few below just in case. Less than informative posts As you can see, it's hard to get to know you and know if you want to work on becoming a member or what games you play, those types of things. A post that will "blow your mind!" In this post we get a little more information about how you got here and your intentions, but like I said you can share as much or as little as you like. All we ask is you include a few things in your post that will help us understand your journey here to MadCast. -How you found us? (recruitment post somewhere, played with somebody in game, have a friend in here) -Games you play, in-game name, etc. (So we know who you are and can play with you.) -If you are interested in applying for membership (This allows us to get you a mentor and get that process started)* *you don't have to be applying for membership to hang out and play with us, but it helps our recruiting GURU make sure everything is in order. Don't be afraid, just be yourself and say HI!! All that matters is that you are here to have fun and play games.
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    Months later, answer never changed. 😍 I miss you guys btw. Teehee~ ❤️
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    I see you brought a 5 man crew to the Nexus this time Toombs. Skittish. Real Skittish. Probably shouldn't tell them what happened to your last crew.
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    yayy thank you so muchhh. i have read and agree to the termss:) ty againn
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    It is completely aesthetic and unneeded. But I think every player in the game strives to achieve it. It's a respect thing. I can't count or remember then Pentas I've had, I know the rush I get when the big ass logo comes up on your screen, and the other 9 players go: "Shit. That was really well played." You can't look at it from a purely logical and strategic viewpoint, because it would never matter. LoL in many ways is about vanity, and is about being the better player. Searching for the outplay, and getting visible rewards when you do it. I know I've posted in the HotS forums in the year where there was a discussion about not feeling the same reaction when you kill an enemy hero or win the teamfight, and the Pentakill is among one of the reasons why.
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    League of Legends: Draven (Being my most): 12 Old Graves: 3 Ezreal: 2 Twitch: 2 Varus: 2 Ashe: 2 Caitlyn: 1 Lucian: 1 Miss Fortune: 2 New Talon(First time playing): 1 Vayne: 3 Karthus: 3 Heimerdinger: 2 Tryndamere: 1 Tristana: (2 in ONE game) I'm sure there are more somewhere in my memory, but, they were using the old versions of champions Dawngate: I have 1 Penta, (They were called Omni kills.) on a ranged carry called Mikella. But, I played at like, the top 10 level of the player base, so being able to achieve an omni against professional players is extremely difficult.
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    First, any GoT (Game of Thrones) fans out there? I typed the title, then giggled and thought of GoT. (Let me know if you get the reference) Anyway, I am curious if anyone has big summer plans. For me, my foster dad is coming to visit me early this next month. Since, I live in a different state than my family, (4 younger sisters and my foster dad) it makes seeing everyone hard. So, I'm super excited! Also, I hope to see one of my sisters off, as she is leaving the country. I am so proud of her! She lives in Chicago right now and is attending college to earn her Masters. She plans on moving to England, with her boyfriend, to continue her education there. I think the fact that they will be closer to his family plays a part in that as well. Lol Other than that, I plan to enjoy some camping, swimming, and fishing with the kids.
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    I feel you man, I never stopped playing even after the MadCast exodus lonely times. But GW2 is THE casual MMO, and I'll be playing GW2 for the foreseeable future whether MCG is on it or not- so when you get back flick ya boi SpecialK.8132 a request if you need a pal
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    I would've tossed you a like, but you didn't spell it Xul. I've had a lot of fun the past week playing Diablo in double (even triple) warrior comps. I think it's the Prime Evil skin that just takes it over the top.
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    Happy birthday @MadCast: Grishal! I hope it is a great one!
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    League of Legends offers unique opportunities for its users/community. It has one of the largest player-bases and fan-bases in the world. You are placed alongside strangers for up to 50 minutes at a time. There are times you're frustrated enough to scream, and also times you literally leap for joy. You make friends, enemies, and sometimes--significant others. Through League, I've made GENUINE friends across the country that contact me as much as my mother does (lol). I've also strengthened real life friendships by using League as a positive medium for friendly competition & cooperation. ONE good game of League trumps any amount of COD wins. Not to mention, my attention span & hand-eye coordination has ALWAYS been better after playing League regularly. League has also had a few negative impacts on my life, primarily, my time-management & social life. When in the those, I have had a history of totally zoning out from my girlfriend for like...8 hours. It's not all that uncommon. League demands A LOT of time to become decent (at a Gold level minimum), so a majority of its players display rather addictive behaviors. It's pretty hard on me because I have an addictive personality. When I enjoy something, it's hard to moderate usage. I've done it with the gym, partying, heck...even READING BOOKS. People don't often discuss the philosophical or sociological aspect of playing video games, but I would love to hear about your positive (or negative) league/life experiences. Don't be shy!
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    I was a bit concerned about seeing my name tagged in a LoL thread. I have no place in a thread like this. LoL has taught me that my style of gaming is definitely not MOBA's.
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    This line has a lot more attached to it than it seems. A bunch of us here have been gaming together for the last 1-9 years, just based on time joined. League - and by extension: MadCast - has shaped the last 5-6 years of my life in what I am now, both personally and professionally. I would say I learned more of how to work with people and learn about myself as an admin here, but there is a lot to be said about LoL as well. This a big one for me. With all the people I meet here, and when I first started doing work for MC; I started to develop confidence where I didn't have it. Not to mention verbosity. Some of the dudes around here are high above me in the language department, and just being around them and working with them improved my writing skills to new heights. Lawyers and PolSci people and all their words man. This place also taught me to less of an asshole, and how to choke back on self importance. Being around people and policies that check you on a personal level are needed, and I'm glad I've been exposed to it for this long. Kind of a "learn something new everyday" approach with all the characters and people you are introduced to here and in LoL. Again I have to quote this post, because it's a really good one- To Munsa's credit. See, Munsa, where you go on to talk about family and good friends and all the relationships developed; I guess it really all initially hinged of LoL and where that all took off. Kinda out there when you think about it, because anyone would be hard pressed to find something similar to that experience anywhere else on the internet. I hope some of you newer additions come to have the same experience here, like yourself @MadCast: Deaf Monkey. LoL in MadCast for me means never having to play alone, always having friends, building friendships with people like @MadCast: Soupcup and @MadCast: Mastodon, even @MadCast: Stan and @MadCast: Scooba If you catch them on a good day! There's even been mentor relationships like @MadCast: Munsa and @MadCast: LTTelamon. Shit's so good here. But yeah, great topic Deaf. Nostalgia.
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    The expansion is cheap and well worth it imo ($25 on regular sales), but fyi, another expansion is coming out in 4-6 months, and when that releases, HoT should be free/included with it. So if you are limited on money or haven't experienced the base game yet, you might wish to wait. You can play to max level and do a lot of stuff like PvP and WvW for free currently. Here is a comparison of the differences: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/230165307-Account-types-Free-Core-HoT
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    This is a pretty great post Strykie, good on you. My mains would be: Jhin, Orianna, and Brand; in no particular order. I used to be quite the Lux once upon a time. There's a special place in ELO hell for you people.
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    I haven't played LoL in over a year but my main is and always be TEEMO!!!
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    Don't mind me, just collecting my diamonds...
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    Today to celebrate May the 4th I did this http://i.imgur.com/szkL0z1.jpg
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    When I was young, I wanted to be a ninja turtle. Still do, that's why I name all of my sports tournament and league teams after the ninja turtles. I don't know if that counts as a success story, but I'd like to think so.
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    So I'm gonna write here far less formally than I would in FMMB just so you guys are aware from the outset. PART I: A Day in the Life of MadCast: The Prince So the start of my day is usually the same. Get up. Shower/shave/brush/floss. Get my work clothes ready. Pick out the fro. Check the MadCast Website. If earlier than Munsa and not immediately off to work, I'll make sure candidate threads are moved for votes. Head to work. Vote on candidates while on the bus to work Respond to any important admin related threads, provided there is enough time and walls of text are not needed. If walls of texts are needed, marking thread as one to respond to after work. Work. Head home and check the forums on the way for any GW2 officer related stuff and respond as needed. Get home. Respond to any marked threads with needed walls of text. Potentially chat with other admins about stuff with walls of text because vocal communication is easier, but harder to keep track of so we talk and then post about what we talked about. If there is time I'll play video games. PART II: Appreciation of the Position By no means am I complaining about this. I very much enjoy and have enjoyed being an admin for this community. For the better part of the last 2 years I have been an SFM here and tbh a lot of things have changed for the good because of stuff that I have had a hand in and some stuff... not so much. Part of doing this job is knowing that sometimes I will get something wrong and to take the criticism from both my peers and you folks of the community to help me improve. Know that I am constantly working to do my best for MadCast. Also know that your voice matters here! I didn't walk into the door of this place as an admin. I started off just like one of you guys. I wanted to have more people to play games with and I wanted to play more games than WoW. I had just gotten into LoL and me and PoolOfInk were about the only people around these parts playing LoL. So we spread the word. More and more people started playing with us and I figured maybe I could help that part of our community grow. Check us out now! So many people playing LoL that I can't even keep up with it anymore. It's wonderful! Knowing this, feel free to find your niche here. USE THE FORUMS! Just because I spend the vast majority of my time here these days playing GW2 doesn't mean that we shouldn't be able to communicate. The forums are the best way to reach out across the community. It also keeps us from feeling to clique-ish. It's fine to play something like LoL with the people you like playing with but don't limit yourself to just that. We have so much we can do together cross-games. Events like Werewolf, Mafia, Scrabble, Karaoke, and Civ V give us a chance to step out of our comfort zones and meet other people around here. Do try to attend these and take the initiative to do your own. When I got bored of just doing LoL events I took to making events for games like Magicka and Dungeon Defenders. Games that a lot of us have sitting around in our Steam libraries and just don't have anyone to play with. Guess what? YOU HAVE PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH! One of the biggest boons of being in this position is spurring the growth of not only the community as a whole but the people in it. I love seeing RFM apps, even from people that I don't believe are ready to be one yet. That shows that you are wanting to do more for the community and that is a good thing. When you are ready to take that step come talk to me or any of the other SFM+. We want to develop you into being the future leaders of this community. Despite me being as SFM for around 2 years I know I won't be able to do this forever and I want those who take my spot to be even better than me. Pick my brain. Ask me questions. I enjoy answering them. I can't speak for all of the other admins here but I'm sure they do too! I want you all to know that since we've grown a lot bigger and I have grown a bit older I don't have quite as much time to spend with everyone in the community like I used to. I figure these blogs are a good way for me to reach out to those that I can't interact with on a nightly basis. Hopefully these lil (or not so lil) blurbs from my head will give you all a better idea of who I am and my style of being an administrator here. I look forward to writing more of these and hopefully inspiring you all to do the same. Peace and Love, MadCast: The Prince
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    I play this one all the time, sadly you have to port forward or use hamachi.
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    http://store.steampowered.com/app/248820/Risk_of_Rain/ BUMP Risk of rain is on daily deal 75% off. its $2.50 anyone who doesnt own it should buy it right now.
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    This week, I will be hosting a couple custom games on the new shiny map, Hanamura, the first Overwatch themed map in Heroes of the Storm. Here we can discuss how the map works, what works well in this map, and some nuances that may be useful info the next time you find yourself in this battleground.
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    I swore it was updated to show the new one that is going on. Alcohol may be involved with my bad reading skills. Either way I need friends for the current challenge going on.
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    I'll fight you. depending on my work schedule and if I can be there of course but you're all nerds
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    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/144980345 here is the stream that me a knee did for silver and below. I hope to leave vids of these if and when I'm on for everyone.
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    Like i said yesterday will try my new contraption today, and what better way to start then trying out the perfect steak dinner. Started out with a thick cut NY strip steak and to accompany it i will roast some potatoes, broccoli and red onions... and garlic because everything is better with garlic. After seasoning the steak with salt and black pepper I used the water displacement technique to get it in a zip lock bag without air. Threw in a bit of garlic just because, well garlic. And into the bath she goes. Afterwards took it out, grilled it for crusty exterior and here is the end result. Only criticism I have is I believe that either I should reseason the steak after the bath or serve it with a dash of salt on the side. But then again that's only my taste. What I do know is that it was one of the juiciest steaks i have ever had, there must been less then a tablespoon of liquid in the ziplock bag that went to waste, rest of it pretty much stayed inside the steak.
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    I am thinking about restarting my WoW subscription, does anyone have a decent group of people they are playing with? If so what server and alliance or horde? Also if you are in need of a tank, dps, or heals let me know! Thanks!
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    If MT519 isn't up for the D&D should we find a replacement?
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    Damn that's a good question. LoL has been a factor in a lot of my growth as an adult. LoL was mostly adjacent to this growth to be fair (MadCast was probably the greater factor), but it's interesting to see how the two intersect. Those of you newer to the community might be aware, but I was removed from the RFM rank because I got extremely tilted and ragedumped on a fellow FM druing a particularly tense LoL match. This led to a bit of self-reflection, a bit of growth. I re-applied after a while, which you can read about, and the community accepted me back. This gave me a few things. It gave me a real appreciation for our decision as a community to embrace second chances, it gave me a new love for LoL and the MOBA genre in general, and it made me realize just now that I used to write a bit like a dork. Jump past my growth and re-app, and add in one @MadCast: Epic, and you have what some people will call The Surge. Epic and I went crazy with recruitment and events, and we brought in a ton of people. There wasn't a night in Teamspeak For some, it has a negative connotation, as it brought in a lot of people that caused problems for the community. It also brought us members that I consider family and have served at high levels of administration. MadCast, and me, were irrevocably changed by League. Tangibly, enough people in the community knew me and trusted me that I was elected SFM. I didn't screw up enough, so Maday, Tort, and LT approached me and asked me to be ESFM. Then Maday and LT asked me to join the ranks of Staff. All of it hinged upon, but not revolved around, League of Legends. That's just some broad stuff. The nights we had... man let me tell you. 1-2 inhouses every night, with games going for hours. Countless events. LT pioneering what it meant to run a tournament at MadCast. RIOT employees commenting on our recruitment threads. RIOT sponsorship of our tournaments. Hours upon days upon weeks of good times spent with people I would now take a bullet for. I feel you DM. I feel that bigtime.
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    Well @MadCast: RedJustice found MadCast through League of Legends, and I introduced League of Legends to MadCast and @MadCast: RedJusticeand I are married now. So I suppose League of Legends is kind of the reason I'm married now.
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    Icy Velkoz Q launches a snowball that splits into two snowballs w opens a rift of ice which cracks e lobs a snowman r Snowball machine gun
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    Thank you, Epic. I should be on tonight for League of Learning.
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    You know me enough by now to know I parse sentences together with no reasoning or cohesion. The second sentence was meant to be about the quote.
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    While I too am very interested in the Tyrande changes, I have to assume that you mean the Alarak changes =P
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    I didn't realize you were that desparate to have someone put you out of your misery. I suppose I can be merciful (if my current plans for tonight fall through >.< if they don't, though, next week for sure) That depends: did he get shutout in an impromptu agni kai? Oh wait, he did. So yeah, more than likely this will happen. #neverlettinggo
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    So came home early, my brother pulled a picture infront of me and hes said "look how adorable i am", and looking at it my face turned white. Yep my worst haircut ever documanted and not destoryed . Till age 8 i had wavey curly hair, my parents thought that cutting it super short gonna make my life fun. well not. Thank god my hair decided to be a rebel and now its more wavey straight. So i was wondering what was your worst haircut... well as for the pic... watch at your own risk.. http://imgur.com/a/tOTNX 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
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    UPDATE: I am able to play HotS again! I few days ago I found a VPN that worked, and bought a plan for $30 to use it for the next year (10 of the 12 months in the next year, I'll be on this network, so it's definitely worth it).
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    Friends, BlameItOnTheLag has indicated twice in this thread that she will be attempting membership at a later date. As we have done in the past for threads where membership is not confirmed, I will be locking this thread.
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    I run mine on HDMI/DVI-D Dual Link just fine. 144hz requires DVI-D Dual Link or HDMI must be 1.3+ standard to handle the throughput. However, the connections are moot if you don't have a graphics card that can crank out the 144hz to begin with. Remember folks 144hz capable is not the same as 144 fps capable in terms of what your graphics card can output. Many graphics cards can crank out 150+ fps to games but that doesn't mean it is generally readily capable of handling proper output to a 144hz monitor.
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    Best of luck Mike. Sounds like you have a lot of experience under your belt.
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    Being a Protoss fan aside, I like the versatility that this new commander brings to the table. The 6 legendary champions system really reminds me of the Einherjar from Norse mythology.
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    I'm just happy that my Patriots got an A grade. Back to back anyone?
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