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    MadCast: RedJustice

    I'm losing it

    My personal take is that people are overly invested in the outcome of individual games and this usually leads to frustration/tilt/etc. I think reframing success as a numbers game can really take the pressure off, whether you feel yourself tilting or just keeping running into toxic people. What I mean by this is that if you look at anyone who is enormously successful at a sport or activity, they have sunk thousands of hours into it and practice constantly. Rather than worrying about rank or wins and losses, commit to playing a certain number of ranked games every day or every week or every season. W/e works for you. I generally set a rule for myself to take a break or switch game modes every time I lose three games in a row, otherwise, win or lose, I just go to the next game. I try to focus on improving one thing every game and not worry about the rest. By staying focused on long term goals I do not get bothered by what happens in any one game. Finally, remember that people's emotional responses are more about their relationship with themselves than anything else. If you find yourself getting discouraged or upset by other people's behavior in game, spend some time in self-reflection.
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    MadCast: Baal

    Funday Monday 2.5

    Funday Monday is here again Running tonight @9PM EST
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    Hello there! I'm going to be raffling off a piece of free League of Legends art to the community - This may move to a once-a-month event or just be a one-time thing. Below is a piece that I did- I've done a few cute poro pieces, and I'd love to do some more. All you have to do below is list your favorite champion/skin theme and in a weeks time I will draw a random name from those who have put down for the contest! You do not need to be a full MadCast member to get one of these, candidates and forum users are welcome to toss their names in as well! 💖
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    Hello again everyone. Just wanted to jump on to say thanks for all the great games and awesome community. Maro mentioned to me that my candidacy is about to end and I should post on here to remind all the full members to comment on my members thread thingy? Have fun and see you on the rift
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    MadCast: Icarus Swarm


    I started out 2018 right. I played a game of league and I let Brootos and Gokudera carry me. Feelsgoodman HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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    MadCast: Scooba

    Chill Games

    I've been installing games that support widescreen and playing through them again:
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    I kinda just realized that I've known you for the better part of the last decade. Thanks for sharing a room with me at GenCon, otherwise I might not be married now.
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    MadCast: LTTelamon

    MadCast Holiday

    The Staff and admins of MadCast Gaming wish you a joyous and wonderful holiday season. Each year, our admins and Staff give a significant amount of their time freely to operate this community and take care of administrative responsibilities. However, here at MadCast, we firmly believe RL takes precedence and the holidays are a time to be spent with your family. Thus, MadCast Holiday begins today, December 24, and ends January 2. During this period, administrative responsibilities and obligations are likely to be delayed. No candidate votes will take place during this period, no scheduled events will be run, and you may notice a decreased admin presence. Please also note that elections will follow shortly after regular MadCast activity resumes in January. From all of us, please have a fantastic holiday, and we'll see you in 2018.
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    MadCast: Scooba

    MadCast Angel 2017

    Shopping complete. I will update this thread with pictures and proof of purchase before the weekend is out.
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    Learning the Guitar

    @MadCast: JoeKJoeIs a pro. I'm sure he'd love to give some tips.
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    MadCast: MaroModo

    The Climb

    well can we say that Riot's budget went to this video and not to the balance team? all jokes aside amazing video
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    Ktant #1337 I'm total trash
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    I'm looking for fellow bottom of the barrel scraping people who barely understand the game to play against. I have no interest in getting better but I enjoy the absurd, no strategy, winging-it style of play. If you are a dumpster truck tier player like myself let me know if you are interested in seeing who the smartest kid on the short bus is.
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    Starcraft 2 players?

    I'm garbage. I've only played the campaign but willing to learn if someone is willing to teach.
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    I'm garbage. We can play sometime!
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    Season 8 is going to start in about a week, and I've heard a lot of talk about the different goals people have for the new season. Even though I've been playing this game since 2011, I've never played it consistently, which is something I want to change this season. Hopefully this allows me to make some meaningful progress on improving my gameplay! Many of the goals I've heard people mention are related to their rank. It's obvious why most people set a ranked goal- end of season rewards (I'm still heartbroken that I don't have the Victorious Janna Skin...), something measurable, and obviously bragging rights. That said, rank is just an indicator of other things. I hope some of you will join me in setting goals related to self-improvement instead of, or in addition to, a rank goal. You don't have to follow the below format, but feel free to use it if it's helpful to you: - One champion I want to learn this season is: - One mechanic I want to learn this season is: - One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: Here are mine: One champion I want to learn this season is: Thresh. I currently have a very small support pool, and I'd like to challenge myself to take on more mechanically complex champions, as well as branch out to more tanky play-maker type of supports. I thought of choosing Leona or Braum instead, but I don't think they have the same mechanical difficulty. I have played Thresh a handful of times but got frustrated with the windup on his hook and accidentally flaying people in the wrong direction, so I didn't put further effort into learning him. I also really struggle against good Thresh players, but I don't run into many of them at my elo. My preliminary goal is to play 100 normal games with Thresh. One mechanic I want to learn this season is: smartcasting. I haven't ever done it. I don't plan to smartcast EVERYTHING EVER, but I'd like to take a serious look at my main champions and start practicing it with specific skills that could most benefit from it, with the goal of using some smartcasting on all of my main champions by the end of the season. My preliminary goal is to change my Nami Q to smartcast and get used to that. One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: jungling. As a support main, I feel like I could substantially benefit from better understanding the routes and jungling power spikes. This would help me make better roaming decisions so I can sync up with my own jungler, for example, as well as better warding, objective calls, etc. My preliminary goal is to read the Jungle 101 guide that Ashiary just made, and to start watching 5 replays every week from my own games and following what the jungler is doing for the first ~15 minutes. I'll do the replay thing for 4 weeks and then decide what the next thing is for me to do. Finally, I want to play a minimum of 10 ranked games a week in Season 8, but I'll average them out over each month in case I have a really busy week or am traveling, etc. I will post an update once a week or so on how I am doing and make adjustments or additions as I complete the preliminary goals I have set. I would love to hear what everyone else's improvement goals are for Season 8!
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    LMAO. That's funny. Isn't SC free? I might download it.
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    This is Lily, the Queen of my house.
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    MadCast: Scooba


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    MadCast: Hawthorn

    Reminder :Spring Split:

    LCS Starts back up January 20th, for those of you that follow! http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/na-lcs/na_2018_spring/schedule/regular_season/1
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    MadCast: Epic

    Intro - DatMattchew

    You are now a candidate for full membership. When in Discord, please wear the [C] tag as in [C] DatMattchew. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership. Should you pass, you will become a full member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast: DatMattchew tag. Should you fail, you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again. You have been assigned the following FM+ to mentor you through the candidacy process: MadCast: Lunalesk. Please attempt to contact your mentor in the next few days. They will be looking for you as well. They will be your primary resource for community related questions and will have a mid-candidacy check in about two weeks into the candidacy period. A few tips for a successful candidacy: * Please familiarize yourself with the MadCast Code of Conduct that all must abide by. Check out the New to MadCast section for more useful information! * Be active on the forums! Check it regularly and participate when possible. If you find something interesting then share it! Chances are someone else will find it interesting as well. Being active on the forums is a good habit to learn, and is one of the main criteria noticed during your candidacy. * Join us on Discord! Even if you don't have a mic you're welcome to listen in. Being active on Discord and playing with other members is the best way to be noticed around the community! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Cy5WX6B * Use the same name on both the forums, Discord, and in-game when possible. If not possible make sure people know who you are! We rely on feedback from our members when evaluating full membership and they can't give positive reviews for you if they don't know who you are. * Join the MadCast Public Group to make it easy for us to contact you, and for updates on Steam If you are having a problem please attempt to contact your mentor first if they are available. If not please contact an RFM or SFM. If a Staff member is needed the admins will consult them. A list of admins can be found at this link.
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    Truer words have never been spoken xD
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    That /is/ really late haha. I'll be done playing by then, personally. [Kiddo wakes up with the sun, and I need my Zzzs] I agree with Epic for the most part. Whenever we have the Diamond Brigade together we usually all have the same ideas in mind, and as you play with the same group you definitely get a synergy down to a few words. *Dragon Dragon Dragon* *Top top top* *Dive dive dive* or if you are me "Epic I got you" *An ally has been slain* Forever shamed.... @MadCast: Epic I feel much more comfortable whenever we are a big group and we all have that synergy and we all make the same calls - It's definitely a team effort! Echoing Epic again, It'll definitely help you out in Solo-q to practice it [Not sure what rank you are, but generally below Plat your team will most likely disregard your shot-calling for the most part - It's just not a part of the culture in lower elos, sadly.
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    MadCast: Epic

    Intro - wF

    Welcome dude, hell of an intro. Im just on my way home, so I’ll get you started on your candidacy and add you on LoL soon!
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    MadCast: Brootos

    Intro - wF

    Welcome man! Looking forward to playing some games with you!
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    MadCast: kyro

    Intro - wF

    Welcome! And I would say Nami and Alistar are in pretty good spots atm 😉
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    Intro - wF

    Welcome! Looking forward to some LoL games!
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    Glad to have another member in the community. Looking forward to seeing you on.
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    MadCast: Epic

    Intro - DatMattchew

    Fixed! Got the name wrong by a letter.
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    MadCast: Epic

    Intro - DatMattchew

    Welcome! I tossed you an add in League!
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    MadCast: LTTelamon

    Intro - DatMattchew

    Welcome! See ya around.
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    MadCast: DanKnee

    Intro - DatMattchew

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    I thought of you while I made this cake for Prince. Too bad you aren't here to eat it with us. Happy birthday.
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    As is tradition I will take up the mantle of year 32. I hope you treated her well.
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    Haaaapapapapapppy Birthday!
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    Happy birthday sir!
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    Intro - Lokenn

    @MadCast: MaroModo You bet your ass it's Lokenn
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    MadCast: kyro

    I'm losing it

    One thing to keep in mind when it comes to playing solo queue is that you will 100% lose some games and you will of course win games. Accepting the fact you will not win every game will be a huge boost to your mental stamina when it comes to climbing. Just keep on maintaining a positive attitude, do your duty to report any inters, and accept the fact that you win some and you lose some. I can truly say that a positive mindset is a significant reason to me having success climbing the scary solo queue ladder. I used to be one of those stereotypical toxic ragers a few years ago until I was finally seeking ways to climb. The top two tips of advice I can offer for climbing: 1) Maintain a positive attitude: Even when your team ints or even is just having a bad game, don't flame them because it will put you on tilt and affect your gameplay in future games. Everyone has bad games and it may just be coincidentally and unfortunately taking place in your game. Like I said, we all have bad games every now and then. Just look for areas that you can improve on because LP can always be gained back. Don't be afraid to utilize the /muteall function (as it is VERY helpful). 2) Not a very desirable idea for most people... but one tricking a champion can help climbing a lot. Learning the ins and outs of one champion is extremely helpful. Knowing when to engage, understanding lane matchups, etc. It was extremely boring for me at first, but I eventually got over the hump and I swear all I think about sometimes is how to get better at my one trick champion. Sorry for the novel. I know you didn't ask for tips on how to climb but I think we can all relate to having inters on our teams and feeling a little frustrated because of it.
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    I'm losing it

    I could not agree more Pre-season or not - play with friends. If they are pissing you off - find them and kick their butts in real life Mmmmm.... satisfaction!
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    MadCast: VoShay

    I'm losing it

    Pre-season often has its share of trolls or people who get super frustrated and start being toxic. I had my first inter in about three years earlier this month. It'll pass.
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    Do more for other FMs! Oh, why don't you do @MadCast: Brootos ? You have a flair for flavor text. don't tell @MadCast: Munsa. That is all very, very funny. I like the W the most.
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    You just had to bring up the ol' white knight, bitch. Well played, sir.
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    @MadCast: Stan AP Bruiser Passive - Stop Trolling My Thread Please Stan gets hot and bothered by those who aren't taking things as seriously as he deems necessary to be taken. Anytime he is CC'd he gets 5 - 35% tenacity for 10 seconds. kthnx. Q - That's How Texas Raised Me Stan farms, wear ten-gallon hats, and is generally the strong Texas boy every mother wants. Upon cast Stan lets the nearest enemy know this for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds. The effect reveals and gives Stan 80% increased attack speed towards the target. W - Bugged Matchmaking When things don't turn out Stan's way or when he believes he should have been placed higher, he'll make a post complaining about how the Devs messed up. Upon cast, Stan can buff all base stats by a flat 5 - 35 point increase for 6 seconds. E - Have You Heard the Good Word? Stan is an avid aficionado of HotS and abhors any deviance from the superior MOBA. Target champion is removed from the game and inserted into a HotS brawl match for 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds. Champion reappears after time away of their own volition because they always come back to LoL eventually. R - White Knight, Bitch: Stan refuses to validate White Knight behavior in any form. So devote in his ways, that on cast he removes the ability to cast any ability that shields, heals, or buffs any champion for the enemy team for 2/3/4 seconds.
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    Full disclosure to this "win" we were all off roles hell I was ADC nuff said
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    I fully intend on having a full Madcast team but with that said, some of the people I want to include are candidates right now but with clash not slated until Feb-Mar time frame hopefully, it will work out and they will be full members by then
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    It sounds like Clash will be a nice addition to the MadCast league if we can really get both things going.
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    I have something that I would like to add. Kyroo and I were opposing supports in one of our games and he messaged me about my ward placement. We went back and forth a little about what we each prefer in our rune pages. I really enjoyed that conversation because he noticed something I did and talked to me about it the next day. I feel like you get out of League of Learning what we as a community put into it. Kyroo didn't have to message me about my rune choices but he did and I was really happy about that. Also I wouldn't mind attempting shout casting but I am not extremely knowledgeable about the game (silver 2) so I might need some help.
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    I was the candy holder for an adorable Princess Belle and Harry Potter. My daughter wasn't pleased that more people like my son's costume than hers... Just wanna say though that I took care of my son's costume and it freaking rocked.