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    They grow up so fast...
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    If you two (or anyone else) is wondering why there seems to be no award encompasing the outreach and support that Red provides to our community: She already has the highest honor we can award her. The Legendary Hero award. Otherwise we'd be setting the bar too high to keep up to her and all the awards she'd be getting.
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    Definitely too many days for easy reading. Whatever. Another year of not dying is probably worth celebrating, @MadCast Maday.
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    I'd like to nominate @MadCast: RedJustice for some type of award ( I don't know which or if she has it already). I previously spoke with her about helping me with my resume and found her in Discord last night. She asked me to send it to her on google docs, which she guided me through. I thought I was dropping it off , she'd check it out in a few days, get back to me in a week , etc... Red literally stopped whatever she was doing and decided to walk me through, step by step, until we had completely renovated my entire resume. The whole process took around 30-40 minutes or more and I was shocked (but happy!) that she took that much time and attention to work with me on something that was neither beneficial nor enjoyable to her! Red deserves the shout-out if nothing else is applicable. Again, thank you so much! You are awesome!
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    MadCast: crippledcookie

    Thank you!

    Just saw that I had a Award for Fellowship Commendation. I would to thank who ever that was and also say that it is a huge boost to me. I love this community and all it is. I am happy to have come across this great place. Thank you all and have a great day!
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    MadCast: Qrow

    Furry friends post

    This is the same cat I was fostering all last semester, Bourbon. She’s a smart sweetie who’s only 2, and I’m hoping I can adopt her (but that’s up to my mother).
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    To Whom ever it concerns, Erith, a world of wild nature and adventure just waiting to be explored. I'm looking for a few brave adventures to join me on this epic campaign, but there trouble brewing as time passes. I need a few brave heroes to help the good people in this world roughly 4 to 5. The must be brave, smart, courageous, and have time to play a few hours. This isn't no 1 day trip to the next town over but a life time fight to help others. The prep work to start our journey starts when everyone arrives. If you consider yourself brave enough to embark on this journey please send a letter back. Sincerely, StargazerLilli
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    Week 4 La Oreja de Van Gogh - Rosas Roses
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    Yeah I think the forums are more than enough for it honestly. Set it on the schedule via the forums, get people signed up, and then just re-iterate the schedule for the day in the announcements. If your game isn't represented equally, then form an event for it that comes up. If you want to get people interested in a game/more traffic, introducing people to it via an event is one of the best ways.
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    Would it make it easier if a member made a post and then just shot you a link to announce it?
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    This will be Sunday at 4 Central still. The bot will be operational, not fool proof. (needs a few fail safes that I am working on)
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    This week we will be taking a break from focusing on mechanics and revisiting the very important topic of mentality during the game. This effects the game in lots of indirect ways as well as some very direct ones. Say your team has one specific person calling out plays, when to rotate, where you need vision, when objectives are spawning, when people were just seen walking over a ward. If that person constantly has people challenging them during the call or constantly after it that person is likely to stop calling things out all together. Maybe you have a team member constantly being dove under tower because the enemy jungler has shown up 2 or 3 times for ganks and got the lane ahead. They are less likely to be vocal about their lane leaving or even putting vision around the jungle to see a potential flank. My point is I want people to understand that this happens to everyone. Instead of beating yourself up or your team up over it try to isolate what you could have done different to prevent the situation. Ask your team what they suggest in a particular situation. Before you get mad at a team member for feeding as yourself would you want to be on the receiving end of that? We have all been there. Don't be a part of the problem and instead look at things from a different perspective. Keep an open mind about receiving advice as well as being tactful when giving advice. Here are a couple videos on the subject at hand (the second one is really long). Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvWcU5DQ4fA
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    Sunday the 31st we will be having a Social Games Sunday! 2PM EST! Games on the docket are Two Rooms and a Boom and Secret Hitler! 2Rooms Rules: Instructions and Rules: Goal: Blue Team- At the end of the game, for the President to not share a room with the bomber. Red Team- At the end of the game, for the President to share a room with the bomber. Gambler- At the end of the game, before the team victory is announced, they must predict who will win publicly. If correct, the Gambler wins with that team. How to Play: The group will be divided into equal groups and separated into two Discord rooms. Everyone is given a character card. This is considered secret info unless shared. A 3 minute (or longer) timer is started. The following occurs: 1. A leader is selected. The first person nominated by someone other than themselves becomes the leader of that room. Leaders may be deposed/changed by the current leader giving leadership to a willing player, or by a majority vote of confidence. You can call for the replacement leader to be yourself, unlike the original nomination of a leader. Leaders choose who hostages are each round, but cannot choose themselves. Myself and any chosen volunteers will be in rooms to verify these changes. 2. During the 3+ minutes of the round, you converse with the people in the room with you. You may speak publicly in voice, you may show the entire room your card by announcing your color and role, or you may private message/query anyone IN your room in Discord to privately share cards or discuss teams. The rules at this time: You must stay in that (discord channel) room unless you move to the other room as a hostage later. If you ask to share cards, you must share cards both ways- there is no 'tricking' someone into telling you their card and not telling them back. You can ONLY share cards with someone in your room. If you are later in different rooms, please refrain from messaging that person again for the duration of that game/your time in different rooms. If there are 10 or more players, you may share only the color instead of the whole card (color and role). If you set up color and role, you must show color and role back. You are welcome to lie, bluff, mislead, organize, etc. as much as you want, but you must be completely honest when sharing cards with someone as a trade. (e.g. you can tell the entire room that you are blue, or you can try to get the room to share colors verbally, but if you and someone else are going to share cards, you must TELL THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH about your color and role (unless only sharing color in a 10+ person game). 3. When the round timer ends, Leaders pick 1 hostage (potentially more in a large game- I will instruct if different) to trade rooms. Leaders cannot pick themselves. When leaders have figured out who to trade, the trade happens, and a 2 minute (or longer) timer begins. The third round is 1 (or more) minutes long. More rounds, or longer rounds, may be instituted to facilitate better play in a voice server vs. a physical house as needed. You will be aware of any changes to the rules. 4. We determine who wins by having the President, the Bomber, and everyone else reveal who they are. Secret Hitler: https://secrethitler.io/how-to-play
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    MadCast: Baal

    One Spanish song a week.

    No words, but an incredible example of Spanish guitar.
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    More of an Iron Man in the cave scene. Frankensteined a laptop network card onto my PC. Wasn't pretty, but it worked for the night
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    Hello all, There are games such as Path of Exile, Anthem and others that are gaining popularity (Or have popularity with people that is now being brought into the light) and I thought this might be the ideal time for us to make a list of games that we think could stand to have roles in discord so that we can @ people with announcements for certain games rather than having to use a catch all role or role from another game to try to find who all is interested in that game. I personally have found that there's a lot of interest in Path of Exile lately and am planning on doing some theory crafting tonight for builds for the new league that drops this Friday, and for me it would be easier to do an @PathofExile to let these people know if/when I'll be on, not to mention maybe having our own Path of Exile voice channel in Discord so we don't use up another channel that might be needed for something else. I also know I'll be on prolly 16-20 hours a day this coming weekend when the expansion hits so I wanna be somewhere where I can be available to new and old players alike while I'm playing and streaming. If there are other games people want to see have their own roles, like Anthem, Rocket League, or Apex Legends, please list them here so that they can all be looked at. Edit: As of writing this, Epic posted in Discord that he'd be willing to look into this, so if you list what you're looking for here, I imagine he'll be nice enough to add it in. Also, thanks @MadCast: Kitty Stark for reminding me to use the forums for this instead of pinging everyone like a newb, and @MadCast: Epic for such a quick response.
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    Should televise it make it Pay Per View to get a new router ... shit I'd watch.
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    Yes. Basically, you played so well, you prevented a murder. I think that's the most fair way to accomplish it.
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    Looking at a Rocket League Mafia event. Would need 6 people minimum to make it worth it. Gauging interest with this post. If you could just let Shattered or I know if you would participate, (Probably on a Sunday Afternoon), that would be great. Link to what Rocket League Mafia is:
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    Hey all, Funday Monday is here again. Epic will be stepping in to host this week as I lost my voice over the weekend. I'll still be in comms, but this week will be his show. Hop in Discord early and we will make sure to get you in
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    Yea the new league starts March 8th
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    As a sufferer of PTSD and depression, my personal experience is pretty similar to most of the recent posts on this thread. I've come a long way in a very short and recent period of time and would like to share a few things that have helped me progress. 1) Set achievable goals that go outside your comfort zone. For me, it was getting away from video games all day and going to the gym. I felt horribly self-conscious but as the pounds fell off my confidence started soaring 2) Don't view yourself in a negative light. We've been victims of various instances or people so let's not continue to beat ourself down. Your past does not define your future, no matter how bad seems thing to get 3) Unpack your box at least once a month. Either via friend or therapist, releasing built up thoughts or frustration is one of the healthiest things you can do... which brings me to how amazing this thread is. Having a forum to unpack all those feelings goes such a long way. 4) The easiest ways to comfort yourself are usually the worst for you. Cramming in a boatload of junkfood, becoming an alcoholic, overloading on meds are instant gratification but in time pile on to an already existing problem. Trust me, I know it is hard, almost feeling impossible... but you can do it. Once you overcome this your life just seems to explode with a new and positive outlook. 5) If you are on medication and it makes you feel sick,tired,gray,robotic,etc... Don't settle. Consult your doctor asap and be firm about your feelings and not wanting to continue. Ask to be swapped to different meds until you find one that works. Our bodies all respond differently so please find what works for you!!
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    Life is always worth living, even during the lowest of lows, there is always a reason to take another step forward. While my mind wasn't changed on the "sticks and stones" part, this video did resonate with me, as I was the freak, the weirdo, shorty, and so on. Later on it was "that Richland kid," as I had to transfer schools to a rival school. One of my epiphanes back then was that their words were as shallow as a puddle, because they were nothing but cowards, and as a result, they weren't worth my time, my breath, or my notice. I omitted their existence from my mind; it's strange to see a school of a thousand kids be reduced to less than 50. From then on, I chose only to recognize action, and not words, and let me tell you, it's a vastly different perspective. I live in a state of being where words can never possibly hurt me, because my actions, my choices, protect me. For example, someone calls me useless, "I know I'm not useless, I have been given added responsibilities at work because of my ability to work fast," or if they say that I'm a terrible human being, "I will care for anyone who comes through my door, and if someone says they are hungry, I will do what I can to make sure they are fed." Constant vindication was my ally, because even if other people hate me, I know there is nothing wrong with me. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. With that being said, I know other people aren't like me, I just wanted to share two of the methods I use to cope with my own mental struggles. If someone does try the method of self vindication or the method of erasing the existence of negative people from your mind, I would love to hear some feedback on how well it worked for you.
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    Remind me never to share any photos of my past with Kitty. xD
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    Well, this day suddenly took a turn.
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    Striker, almost 2 years old.
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    @MadCast: Wazap This is not about the other kind of furries (not that there is anything wrong with them)
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    MadCast: Wazap

    Rito at it again

    I've seen a couple of videos of her on mid lane, and her laning phase is atrocious. Being unable to aa during ult also hurts her. I think she has better matchups on top lane free farming until lvl 11.
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    MadCast: Wazap

    Furry friends post

    That title scared me for a second @MadCast: The Öutcast This is ghost, and something extra.
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    Welp here goes again - this guy is my bro!
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    This is Bubby, who I rescued as a kitten and carried home in the tiny basket of my bicycle, who is going to be 15 in April. He is my precious fat baby. I don't have any pictures of just her, but the dark grey cat is Isabella, another rescue who is about 10 years old now. They like sleeping in peculiar places.
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    I haven't a video camera capable of interfacing with my computer, but this is my dog, the one that youse lot are all so used to hearing on coms, name of Saoirse, just over a year old now.