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    One of the best price/performance SSDs is at a great price at the moment: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SATA III Internal SSD It dropped to an amazing $150 this past week, and now to $139.
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    Shameless post steal from Reddit, credit to u/CommandoYi. I've omitted a couple things from this list, so feel free to check out the OP here. If any of you want to build on this at some point, we can have a deeper look at League of Learning! How to close out a game once you have a lead. Be sure to close it out before your team has a chance to screw things up The signifance of the Rift Herald. This is the only teammate you will get that knows how to close out a game so use her wisely How to get fed and throw a game. Odds are you're very good at this already as a Yasuo main and this video is designed to open your eyes The importance of adapting builds to your opponents. Don't build the same shit every game How to pace yourself between camps to pull of better ganks striking a good balance between farming and ganking Smurfs happen, here's how to beat them How to gank lanes that are warded The importance of breaking jungle paths to help teammates Strategies around teleport for winning games How to initiate team fights properly. No more going in 1v5 as Yasuo and asking where your team is How to position properly. If you main ADC watch this The importance of tracking junglers How to play tanks properly Overstaying, odds are you've died from this, learn to identify the signs (This is a big issue for me -Epic) Working around tilted teammates to win games The significance of mobility on immobile mages How to climb ranked quickly The significance of roaming to win A beginners guide to jungling. A bit old but still relevant Exploiting the pathing of opponents Why people get trapped in elo hell How to gank bottom lane How to beat counter junglers, old but relevant Best control ward spot in the game, old but relevant People love farming minions, kill them for this habit How to manage losing lanes Do you want to improve your decision making? Here are a number of short videos on making good decisions in game, narrated explaining my thoughts A Playlist of fully narrated game play at plat/diamond
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    That moment when something super nerdy makes you smile. http://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/the-science-museum-and-the-natural-history-museum-are-fighting-on-twitter-and-its-amazing/
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    Hey folks, it's your favorite player here--Monkey. As some of you will come to understand, I am a Widowmaker main. I love everything about her play-style. However, sometimes people can be real negative about my decision to play my main in competitive. It doesn't phase me anymore, as I must have spent over 50+ hours (maybe 100?) training on XBOX (And like 15+ hours on PC), but it definitely affects those trying to learn & master her. Though PC seems to be more toxic than console, I dealt with harassment from Plat up to high Master's on console. I've got a tolerance. I mean, if you're not playing like Kephrii in Gold, then you WILL get flamed...HARD. It's understandable though. 90% of population can't play Widow worth a damn, but you know what? Tons of people can't play Meta picks very well either. I've seen useless soldiers, insta-dead Winstons, and Mercy's that don't know how to use their ultimate properly. Yet, most losses seem to get blamed on the most difficult non-meta characters--Widow & Hanzo. Where was I going with this? Oh, right. I had a series of games last night in which I met a Hanzo main. We did a great job steamrolling the enemy team as W+H, and I tossed him a friend request. Deciding to see how far our luck would carry us, our next few matches were spent as duo snipes, and man...THEY WERE BRUTAL. Not brutal in the sense that we lost consistently, but rather, our teammates constantly flamed us & made many attempts at throwing the game. Unfortunately for many of them, we were on FIRE. Despite all their efforts, we STILL powered through, and scored ourselves a ~70% win rate over ~10 games. These experiences only reinforced the preconceived notion that the competitive Overwatch community is toxic & inflexible. However, a player named Pantsu in the forums offered an excellent alternative to raging at a Widow/Hanzo duo (which I want to keep testing). I want to share Pantsu's tips, which may help you win the next time you're in this situation. - Pantsu < https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20758466415 >
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    I think they upped their game. These look amazing!
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    Hope everything works out ok Mikes right. Whats important is getting revenge on the flood.
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    Even with impending DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM the people of Sigil love a good story, particularly if it meets the proper requirements of bawdiness. As you prepped the ship for a hurried excursion into The Outlands, you hear snippets of an interesting tale from the various workers you rap out orders too. Apparently in the weeks since ascension to power became all the rage, noblefolk in the Lady's Ward have been reporting stories of finding husbands, wives, debutante daughters, bachelor sons, dowager aunts... etc, all found in states of compromise. Details vary from the teller, but two things remain constant: The "victims" seem to be suffering disorientation and memory loss due to- ahem- satisfaction, and what they do remember consists of speaking with either an extremely handsome man with lightning on his skin or a rather aggressive for her size halfling, or both. Various heads of households are in a state of mild uproar, which is the normal state for a noble in Sigil.
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    Step 1: @MadCast: rife170 has to land a 5 man ult. Step 2: Walk in and left click at em. Enjoy!
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    Hey everyone, so I'm going to be posting two recipes for you to try. I tried them this morning and they were wonderful. These recipes I got from an anime called Food Wars. I recommend it. First is the GOTCHA pork roast, it's actually not a pork roast, rather just the name. Ingredients: 4 medium sized potatoes (mine were much too large for this recipe) 1 Yellow onion, diced 1 small pack of mushrooms or 2 King mushrooms (if you can find them, they are fairly expensive) 1 cup Red Wine 1/2 stick Butter 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup Sweet Sake 1 1/2 packs thick cut bacon twine rosemary sprigs Watercress (optional, it's more or less a garnish, though going out of season) Salt and pepper to taste Since I did these recipes together, I'll put the 2nd recipe down as well for the Apple Risotto 1 Honeycrisp apple 1 quart Honeycrisp apple cider Remaining bacon from other recipe 1 Cup Arborio Rice (I used white rice, but traditional Risotto uses Arborio) 1/2 cup sweet sake 1 Yellow onion, diced 1 stick butter 1/4 cup parmasean Salt and pepper to taste Fresh Parsley Alright, now that you have the ingredients, lets start: Peel and quarter potatoes, boil until they are fork tender. Dice onions and mushrooms and place in large mixing bowl. You can also do the onions for the risotto here. While the potatoes are cooking, start up your risotto by putting one of your diced onions into a deep sautee pan with your butter. Cook until translucent. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Once the onions are translucent, deglaze the pan with your sake, and let it simmer, cooking off the alcohol. Afterwards, 1/2 cup at a time, add your apple cider. Cook slowly, allow the rice to absorb the juice. Dice your Apple on the side, adding with your parmesan after you've finished mixing in the apple cider. Meanwhile, your potatoes should be finishing up, combine them with the onions and mushrooms and your salt and pepper, form a log with them and wrap with bacon and then tie the bacon on with your twine, placing the rosemary under the twine against the bacon. Place the faux pork roast in the oven until the bacon is crispy. Begin your sauce to pour over faux pork roast. Take your butter, soy sauce, red wine, and sake, and combine in sautee pan and reduce until it's syrup-y. Meanwhile, stir your risotto until all the liquid is absorbed/evaporated and the starch from the rice makes everything pasty. Chop your parsley and mix in with salt and pepper. Set on back of stove and cook remaining bacon in seperate pan. Finally, remove faux pork roast from the oven and pour the sauce over the top of it, remove the twine and rosemary and top with watercress (if you have it). Plate up your risotto, with bacon over the top of risotto. You can cut the bacon into the risotto, but I think it looks better this way. (my pork roast turned out meh because of how much potato was in it, don't judge). Someone also stole all my forks, so I had to eat this all with spoons. Anyways, enjoy, and I'd love to hear your feedback!
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    Having more folks to play with is a great, but this is something we want to keep within MadCast membership. All the current weekly events and some past one off tournaments have been open to the public, we'd like to retain MadCast's own League for it's members. Given time and growth, we hope to have it as a drawing point for being a part of this place. If not for the above reason, it also really bums people out when a Diamond clad team comes from left field to snatch the prize money. I enjoy seeing our members getting rewarded for their efforts, and having outside teams removes that benefit to our membership. I appreciate the comment Ultron, because its ideas like your's that provokes thought to better it.
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    Welcome to Kyen-Keil, the Forest World. Imagine a temperate rain forest, stretching to blanket most of a world not too unlike our own Earth. A world where instead of oceans, massive forests stretch down, down, and down- blotting out the sky and surrounding in darkness, mystery, and danger another world unknown to the dwellers above. Genre: Mystery-Thriller focusing on Exploration and Roleplaying Background: You will awake on the forest floor, in the 'Marianas Trench' of this world, with no memory of how you got there, or who you are- merely that you had some mission, that it was important, and you don't recall if you finished it. System: Sky Wars: Fantasy Conversion of Edge of the Empire Starting: Sometime in October Wanted: Brave Adventurers to take care of a Problem! If you feel you have the bravery to delve deep into the forest, indicate your interest below. Requirements: Available on Monday Nights from roughly 9pm EST to 12AM EST- likely extending to 1AM ESTish as often as not. Familiarity (even passing) with Edge of the Empire/FFG Star Wars OR a strong familiarity with Roleplaying Games generally A desire to focus on exploration and roleplaying over combat dungeon crawling.
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    So I figured I'd get ahead on this since I know that several of us will be playing in the very near future. Bungie allows us to create our clan early, and thus I have done such. If you go HERE and sign in with your battle.net, PSN, or XBOX Live you should be able to request to join. Obviously I won't know all of your tags off the top of my head so please let me know who you are so I can approve you and give you proper permissions. I'll be editing the info to be a more proper recruitment post in the very near future, but for the moment I just wanted to make sure we could get our group created!
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    Stole this from reddit, but some of you folks may appreciate a guide toward completing the newest PvE mode in League of Legends. Here is the link to the guide! TL;DR: Abuse ardent censor, and build on hit!
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    After about 2 years, I have come back to league. I have played exactly 5 games in the past 3 days. Let the learning begin.
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    What's most important is that you guys are all safe. Video games ain't that important in the big picture.
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    I think you'll be fine coming into the story dry. If you are interested in the lore, @MadCast: rife170 posted a great (if quite long) lore video from one of the most knowledgeable lore nerds around, Byf. It does a fantastic job of explaining where we started and how we ended up where we are now when it comes to Destiny 2. Not something you have to know, but if you are a lore nerd it is worth the 1.5hrs of watching/listening. The gameplay is much of the same. If you get a chance to play in the beta, you'll feel like the movement, shooting mechanics, and jumping feels similar to their work on Halo. To answer the second question is a little more complex. Destiny is often referred to as an MMO. Which isn't exactly accurate or inaccurate. Destiny tends to remind me of a lot of games when I play. I'm reminded of Borderlands because of the number of guns and how interesting and unique they can be. I'm reminded of Diablo 3 because of the way Destiny handles questing in the world reminds me of Diablo adventure mode. I'm reminded of Overwatch because my character has special abilities that can change the complexion of a match (PvP or PvE) in seconds. I'm reminded of many MMOs because the raids are complex and demanding. They require coordination of your group to be on point, your mechanical skills to be well tested, and sometimes even your knowledge of random shit like knowing binary. Personal opinion says that even with mediocre FPS skills you should still be able to accomplish most things in the game outside of the hardest levels of raiding and maybe PvP. I also believe if you've played a lot of multiplayer games you'll find a lot to relate to in this one.
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    If we'd like to keep doing a seasonal style, as opposed to tournaments, I would suggest scheduling a best 2 out of 3 match either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on where everyone sits. It's far easier to set a time well in advance, so that everyone can clear their schedule, as opposed to dynamically filling matches midweek while everyone juggles IRL stuff. This should strike a balance between making it easier to field whole teams without subs, while still ensuring that the same general format stands. Personally, I'm of the opinion that a one-game format is less optimal, as the matches won't feel nearly as conclusive. Anything can happen in a single game, you can have one team outplayed by another for nearly the entire match and then rally for a wild comeback, or you can have tight finishes. If there's only one game per match and you get one such scenario, this can leave teams feeling like their placement on the ladder isn't nearly as justified. (ex: "Yeah, we lost that game, but we took down all their inhibs and they barely scraped out the win. The other match was a total stomp, and yet the scoreboard considers our losses equal!") With the 2/3 format, when the other team beats you twice it's awfully hard to argue that they didn't earn it. I would like to say I've had boatloads of fun so far despite the hiccups, and I'm really digging FNL. =)
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    I'll be glad to share feedback! I think this season has been extremely fun so far, but here is what I think could help out: 1) I don't think making Friday night the default time is what the majority of the players want. 2) I'm not sure how to fix something like this, but I feel like when teams agree on times there are still many players that don't show up. I think of the seven games my team has played this season, we had our original starting five for two games. We have used like 3 subs I think, which isn't ideal but it is still fine (and we're thankful people are willing to sub in for us and help out). Other than those two things I look forward to a Season II!
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    I didn't realize that they made dual sport trains for offroading.
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    For real. This is not a meme.... well not entirely.
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    The campaign is amazing. The GM Mode is... much different than I anticipated. I had really hoped I would be able to populate a custom build map with, well, EVERYTHING. Traps, maze like dungeons, a fleshed out town, custom built NPCs and Monsters, and so on. Currently, there are about 4 dozen present maps that you can stock with items and NPCs/Monsters. Instead, the party can only be shunted between 48 or so custom maps that are all fairly small and bland. On the nice side, you get full access to their library of music and sound effects, a night/day functionality, and a nice world map viewer that allows custom file imports.
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    I'm also trying to use as few cables as possible, so no SATA (no SATA SSD/HDD/Optical, etc. Finished leak testing, now going to work on the wires, fans, etc.
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    League of Learning is tonight at 9 EST! Two games with a review session following each one, make sure you're in teamspeak early!
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    Hey guys, I wanted to make a post to gather everyone's thoughts on how this season went for our new Friday Night League format. As everyone knows, it was our first go through, and I think so far it's gone pretty well. I'd like to hear what you guys liked or didn't like, suggested rule changes, and suggestions for the format of the event itself as we move into the postseason of Season I and registration for Season II, which will be very soon! Thanks a ton for all the feedback guys, it helps us more than you know!
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    Just bumping this as it appears that the TS server is down at the moment. Please keep all TS related comments in here and don't start new threads as people start to get online after work and what not. There is a discord server available but I do not have the ability to link an invite to it for use in the meantime.
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    Few things before tonight: You have the wand of Drolem control, and 20 Drolems that can be commanded to move, stay, grapple, or explode. Drolem is a portmanteau of Drone and Golem, btw, and I really like it. You also found a Scimitar +3 of Wounding, which might not be of interest for martial use, but could easily be used as a "supercharge" in The Elcrys' magical engine.
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    Show up at 9 EST tonight for the game of the season!
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    Great games last night folks, that last one was a rewarding experience for both teams!
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    Welcome back and glad to see all is well. Look forward to working with you again.
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    Welcome back to the fold sir! Best of luck in your application!
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    Just stay safe and get your world put back together (and dried out.) We'll all still be here when things get back to normal
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    Welcome! Finally another person in my elo so I can stop stomping people like Epic all the time!
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    Permissions updated. Welcome officially to MadCast. =)
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    That episode, though. I've got to say that the most tense scene was with Jaime & Cersei near the end.
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    It's probably because Mayweather wasn't trying to avoid getting hit. He didn't care about Conor's power.
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    One concern that's been voiced, and I know Candy will back me up on, is that freeing up time for 3 potentially hour long games in one chunk can be a challenge for some. Between school, work, and family/significant others, that can be a pretty solid amount of time that could to be used differently. Getting 10 specific people together can be a challenge, asking them to free up up to a 3 hour lump of time may be a bit much. Just my 2 cents, I'll do what I can to help make this a success in whatever format we decide on
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    Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, even if it was for only a little bit (but massive props to those who came nearly the whole time 😍 )! This was a ton of fun to play with you guys, and I think we have found a solid couple of games to bring back down the road. We did have a few hiccups thanks to an ISP that shall not be named (but always ranted about on my end), but aside from that it was a blast! Also, shoutouts to @MadCast: The Prince for the stream host! I totally didn't connect it was you until nearly the end xD But thank you for being with us in spirit!
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    Thanks Mike for running it this week, I cannot be there due to work. Enjoy!
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    My background is an undergrad in biomedical engineering and a masters in neuroscience. Currently I'm working as the Sr. Scientist in the lab I'm in as a defense contractor. We focus on intelligent systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. My side focus in the lab, given my background, is neuromorphic computing architectures, these are very low power and on-demand architectures as compared to traditional CPU/GPU setups. You can read about the DARPA project called Synpase if you want to get some insight into that.
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    I have read and accept the terms of full membership. Thanks for the congratulations and to those who endorsed my candidacy to be apart of this great community.
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    Hey ya'll it's me, Deaf Monkerino! I've been making a few custom game modes for Overwatch, and would love some help testing them. Got free time? Want to have fun? Then...
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    https error is back. if this is something that SFM+ have access to remedy let me know.