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    MadCast: CoachRivers

    LoL Mafia

    A LoL Mafia bot has appeared on our beautiful MadCast Discord Server. I wanted to lay out what it is and how it works quickly. FIRST with LoLMafia, all commands will begin with "l!" Which is a lowercase L followed by a !. This is to distinguish it from other bots easily. ~~~~"l!startgame"~~~~ "l!joingame <code>" ~~~~ A Game of Mafia is played with 2 teams (split by the bot randomly, for LoL this would be 2 teams of 5 by default), and with one of those people in the game from either team being named the Mafia(By private discord message all secret like) ONLY the Mafia will receive a PM at Game start. The Mafia's goal is to be sneaky sneaky and make their team lose without being obvious and caught. ~~~~"l!votephase"~~~~ "Red Team" OR "Blue Team" ~~~~ Vote in DMs with reactions~~~~ After your game of League of legends is played with the assigned teams (For League of Legends time wise an ARAM makes sense), you enter the "l!votephase" which will then ask in chat whether the "Red Team or "Blue Team" won the game. This is important as you receive points for just winning the game also. *IF* the Mafia was on the winning team, NO VOTE will take place and their teammates will receive 2 points for foiling the Mafias plans, the losing team receives 0 points for Failing to beat someone that was trying to throw, and the Mafia receives no points for failing. If the Mafia is on the losing team, a vote is sent to each player in their DM's with numbers corresponding to each player in the game. You will react with the number next to the person you want to vote for. If you are the Mafia, you don't get the Voting message. ~~~~You get points for~~~~ Winning. 1 Point if Mafia on the other team. 2 Points if on the winning team. Voting correctly. 1 point for each vote correct Mafia, 3 points for successfully losing AND not having more than half the vote. You can check your points with "l!mypoints" and there are commands for a weekly leader board and an all time leader board ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Questions always welcome, as I realize all of that was probably clear as mud.