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    Zan's growing up :D

    So a few days ago, I submitted my FAFSA for the hopes that I'd be approved and could go to school. And last night I got approved for it! ZANMAROS IS GOING TO COLLEGE WOOOO! Now, time to get a little sappy on ya, here. This is something I'm EXTREMELY excited about as my father never went to college or even graduated HS, my mother went for a few months then quit, none of my step parents went and none of my siblings have ever gone. I will be the first one in 3 generations to go to college and this is an amazing accomplishment for me in general as I never saw myself going anywhere in life. Now, I feel like I have finally got my ducks in a row after so long I want to thank everyone here at MadCast but right now I really want to thank MadCast: Thortt. He's a giant pain in my ass but he's one of my best friends and, surprisingly enough, is one of the best influences I've ever had in my life. So here's to you, Perra.
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    I just got this message over facebook. For those of you who don't know, I worked just shy of 5 years at a mental health care facility as a Residential Care Provider and Therapist. This was from one of my former residents, who remembered my name and found me on facebook nearly 6 years after we last spoke with one another. I am shedding manly tears.
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    MadCast. Maday & Castillo started all you see around you 8 years ago today. Our history is well-documented, so I will not rehash it here. Instead I want to focus on the personal experience it has been to help some of you going through what I went through, for so many years, today. I assure you, good and bad, I would not trade it for the world. I was a second-year law student when I helped start MadCast, I made partner at my law firm this past July. I was unmarried and childless, I have now been married for 7 years and have a six-month old little girl. Much has changed in my life, but I log into MadCast and there is still MadCast: Disma joshing MadCast: LTTelamon, MadCast: Scooba is still on there trying to get it as many games in before having to get up to get a new beer, and MadCast Maday is still there, quietly and generally saying nothing until he is socially terrorized to a sufficient degree to voice something, anything. MadCast: Munsa is still there talking about the Meta Game! MadCast Jobo is still there as helpful as ever guiding people through Double XP Week in SWTOR. Some of my closest allies in MadCast don't come around too much, but every once in a while I smile as I look down to my phone and its one of my MadCast buddies calling me to check on life. My MadCast buddies are much like many of my IRL buddies where years may pass by, but once in the same room, we pick up right where we left off. If you have ever held a leadership position in any organization, you know just how much work it is to hold it together. Imagine coming onto the Internet and earning the respect of your peers, none of which you pay, none of which have to listen to you, and leading men and women into a vision you had one night on TS2. If you can lead MadCast you can lead any organization. We, as admins, derive all of our authority from the merits of our governance and nothing else. Over the years I had everything from death threats to love letters. The full spectrum of humanity has come through MadCast, and leading such a diverse group of people has been a life changing experience. Explaining all of my decisions in walls-of-text and demanding transparency of myself and others has tremendously helped me in my professional life. Leading MadCast was an integral part of my success and continues to be something I am proud of years after starting it and after having let others take over its day-to-day operations. We are truly progressive and innovative. We outlawed racism, homophobia, and sexism in an era where it runs rampant in other Internet websites of this nature. I find no bigger compliment to my years of work to have a parent bring a child here. A close second is perhaps a significant other that brings their loved one here to share in our community fully cognizant that we are a community that respects boundaries. When you have been a member of this community for many years, as I have, sometimes you take for granted just how rare it is to get online and not hear racism, homophobia, or sexism. We are not perfect, but we strive for perfection and in the balance we find our excellence. I have stepped away from leading this community for many reasons. One of the main ones is the birth of my daughter. Another is the all-consuming nature of my job--empires don't build themselves. Eight years ago Maday and I sat in a room and came up with our mission statement: MadCast will be a community that outlives any one member. Many communities collapse under the pressure of an unrelenting head admin. An evolving community requires evolving leadership. Members have to feel like their time will come; a stagnated admin pool benefits no one. I think I said it best when i said it about a year or so ago: Running this community is hard work. I would equate it to a full-time job (especially if you are really good at it). The admins don't get enough thanks for everything they do--largely out of the kindness of their hearts. While yes, I helped found MadCast eight years ago, the current crop of admins are worthy heirs and are responsible for keeping it going. Tip your hat to them, not me. I am old news. I am just the old guy sitting in the back corner grinning at something a buddy and I conjured up some eight years ago touching so many lives in such a deep manner, myself included. I may no longer run MadCast, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope all of you invest enough in it to see that you get out of this community what you put in it. I poured more than half a decade of my life into running this community day-to-day and I have never, ever felt cheated. Thank you for the years you folks allowed me to steward this community. Here is to another year of unrelenting awesomeness.
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    Big news for me.

    I am pretty bad at self promotion and such but I am rather excited/nervous about this. I have just published my novelette on Amazon. It is a Lovecraftian horror story about a detective that investigates a suicide too deeply. If that is something that sounds like it would appeal to you feel free to check out the page. Thanks. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LLW995I
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    As for the short time I have been with MadCast I can definitely say it has helped me improve myself in real life! Prior to MadCast I always struggled with my writing skills, having ideas, trying to have a voice, anxiety, socializing, feeling of belonging to something, responsibility, reliability and being in a role where I am required to lead. As of now my life is completely turned around! Being in MadCast gave me a feeling of belonging, improved my writing skills, I now socialize maybe even too much!, I feel more responsible, I feel extremely comfortable being in a lead role and having a voice! Thank you MadCast Community for you aren't just a place for gaming but you guys also help with personal improvement! And I want to personally thank @MadCast: Epic for reaching out to me on the league of legends boards in late December! This experience as been quite an amazing one so far. I will definitely be around MadCast for a long time! Thank you everyone!
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    Anna's Art...Stuff :3

    Painting I did in college as part of a tryptic. Pumpkin I painted at Halloween My most recent try at painting on the computer... I'll post more later.
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    MadCast: Scooba

    Butters' new nickname

    After tonight's display at bowling, from here on out Butters will now be known as Gutters.
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    The season of giving is upon us once more. In the early years when you could count the members of MadCast on your fingers and toes we participated in a holiday tradition of picking a child in need and purchasing items on their Christmas list. We are bringing the tradition back again this year. We will be picking both a boy and a girl and purchasing the items on their wish list. Previously, MadCast Tort created and and ran the benefit. This year it will be me. I will go to the mall and choose a boy and a girl from the Angel Tree. I will return to this very thread with the items on the list for all of MadCast to see. We will then attempt to raise enough money to fulfill the wish lists of both children. MadCast is officially open for donations to this cause. If you choose to donate you simply need to put "MadCast Angel" in your donation note. The funds will be calculated and then divided down the middle between the boy and the girl. I will with then personally go out and purchase the items. Upon delivery nothing more than "Happy Holidays from MadCast Gaming" will be given. No personal names, no promotions, only good feelings. I intend to visit the Angel Tree on Tuesday after work. I will return with more details including the cut off date for donations (gifts needs to be delivered by a certain date). Donations are not mandatory. Excuses are not needed. If you cannot donate, MadCast understands. No need to post about it. For those that choose to donate, public recognition will be given unless they specify a wish for anonymity in their donation notes. A visible tracker will be supplied in this post for transparency. $5, 10$, $100. It does not matter. Anything you choose to offer is appreciated. Here are our Angels: Angelica - Age 9 House Shoes - Slippers Socks Coat Gloves Cap/Hat Spongebob (no specifics) Andrew - Age 5 Shoes Pants Socks Sweater Coat Gloves Toys: Transformers, Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man Donations: $358 Donators: Anonymous Sleiphner Jobotoo HyndeSyte RedJustice RenegadeChemist Disma Emperor Mahret WarmTurtle
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    MadCast: Sleepcoma

    Time Well Spent

    Well hello! It's hard to believe how fast the past six months or so has flown by, I hope all my favorite gamers here at MadCast have had an excellent summer/fall/holiday season. For those that weren't following along at the time or who are new to the community, I took a leave of absence earlier this year so that I could concentrate on doing some professional development. That's the most boring part of the story so I'll get it out of the way quickly. I applied for a new position at work, but it was contingent upon obtaining a certification. So, I took a three month long course to prepare for a certification test in banking regulations and passed it at the end of October! Yay! Promoted! Right about the time I started taking that course, another, much more awesome event took place. My wife and I found out that we are expecting our first child! We are ridiculously excited, and I've been enjoying every second of the process so far. My wife has been very fortunate so far that morning sickness wasn't too terrible and right as the baby is beginning to grow more and more the weather cooled off and so she hasn't been super uncomfortable or anything. We just got new carpet put in on half of the house and I have super cute nursery furniture all fixed up in the room, which I also put a nice fresh coat of paint on. We are doing some serious nesting as we prepare for the next big step in life, but so far so good! I'm excited that things are calming down just the slightest bit at the moment, which means I can get back to gaming with friends again. I logged back into GW2 last night and will be trying to get my feet back under me. I also played some D3 last week and got my guy to level 50 thanks to that double xp weekend they had going. While I've enjoyed the home improvement and didn't enjoy the studying, it's really good to settle back in for some good video game time. I likely will have my world turned upside down again come spring time, but I wanted to take some time to reconnect with everyone. With all that said, how have you guys been?!?
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    Good Guy Fayea

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    So, how about that U.S. government?

    Oh boy time to follow this topic.
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    MadCast: RedJustice

    League of Rage

    Prince and I had a long talk about this. I have a very different viewpoint of most people. I play LoL simply to play the game. The individual game outcome is pretty much meaningless to me. The main thing you need to get through your head is that there is a trade off between Winning and Fun. Winning can be fun, but if your goal is to be a winner, you will have to give up at least some of your fun. If your goal is to have fun, you will have to give up some wins. You cannot have both in equal portions. Sorry. You will just have to decide what's most important to you, and then you will have to decide what is the best balance for you. Once you have this self-awareness, then you can move past the tilt and frustration. Until then you will be like most people with the game rage. You want to have fun and win all the time. This is unrealistic, and you probably know it intellectually, but until this really clicks, you are likely to be unhappy. "But winning IS fun!" you say. "When I win, I feel good! When I win, I have fun! Therefore, winning is the same thing as fun." What a lie. Outcomes of individual games are essentially random. By tying the outcome of an individual game to enjoyment, people are simultaneously prevented from ever really becoming "Winners", and are also guaranteed to not have "fun" at least about half the time. If you thinking winning is fun, ask yourself why. Is the answer because it proves you are better? Because remember- outcomes of individual games are essentially random. If you win a game, it doesn't actually mean anything. With that in mind, consider how to reframe your efforts/goals. What does Winning mean? Winning is the pursuit of improvement. Winning is success over time. It is the desire to be a top player. The primary emotion that happens is satisfaction from achievements that are usually not the game outcome. I played Starcraft II (WoL) to win. This meant I set aside 3 hours and played ranked games every night. If I lost for 3 hours straight, it didn't matter. It takes time and experience to improve, and people who only play when they are on a "winning streak" do not get better. Then I would set and analyze my games- ruthlessly. Everything could be done better, every little mistake needed to be corrected. No, it was not okay that I missed some injections because the pros do too sometimes. You don't become a winner by making excuses for yourself, you have to be your hardest critic! I never added a map to my reject pool, no matter how unbalanced it was. If you're at a disadvantage you should just work to improve your skill to overcome it. If I was constantly losing to a baneling rush, I would ask my practice partner to baneling rush me over and over, as many games as it took, until I could hold it off every single time. There is a lot of monotony and repetition and not fun or interesting parts to Winning. There are hundreds of lost games. But the losses don't mean anything when you've reframed your goal towards improvement! Over time I went from Bronze to Masters. It was very satisfying to track my improved ratings in ZvP, or to go from losing to a Hellion rush every time, to successfully defending a Hellion rush every time. But LoL is a team game! So? This is just an excuse that people make when they do not really want to commit to the hard work of "Winning". If Winning is truly your goal, you can improve in spite of your teammates. It takes persistence, and yes, you will fail your Gold Promos 15 times. So? That does not stop you from improving, does it? Sean Plott, Starcraft II player talked about playing Starcraft Broodwar with a guy who used Map Hacks. Fog of War is a crucial part of Starcraft, as many strategies and counter strategies depend on information control. At first he was frustrated, and wrote it off as "well, obviously I can't beat him because he is cheating". Eventually he changed his attitude because he realized that if he was truly a superior player, he would be able to beat this guy anyway. Better timings, better micro-management, better map control would eventually result in his victory. And after a lot of practice and improvement, he stopped losing to the Map Hacks guy. LoL is a team game, and this means your improvements won't see such drastic results game to game, but Winning is really about the long haul, so this shouldn't matter. It is important to track your performance over time so you can recognize your "gainz". Fun is a different sort of goal. If you can untie it from winning, you will no doubt be much happier! Who wants to have their fun determined at random? Some people really get a lot of enjoyment out of making certain flashly plays. Perhaps the perfect Leona ult wombo-combo, or the perfect gank is something that you remember even if you lose. In that case, this is a much more controllable way to have fun that hoping you win! You can duo queue with a friend and execute this awesomesauce with a higher probability. Perhaps you just like to take away the pressure of ranked, and have fun most of the time when playing ARAMs or Normals. That's fine- just play those game modes then. Maybe you always have fun when you play with certain people, because your focus ends up being more on the conversation and jokes than the outcome of the game. Make an effort to play with those people more. Maybe LoL is just not fun for you outside of the false "feel good" rush of an individual game win. In this case, you may really want to stop playing. You are destined to be unhappy half the time unless you can change your mindset. No matter how good you get, you will keep on losing games! Pro players lose half their games! Do not lie to yourself to say that "if only you weren't Bronze, then I'd be happy". Be honest. If your happiness and fun only comes from the outcome of individual LoL games, you will always feel this crappy. You will keep having this Tilts, and you will keep having bad days, and you will go from one emotional extreme to the other with LoL.
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    The NESL hires WarmTurtle?!

    Wow! I am so freakin' stoked right now. So a few of you might remember that I'd been waiting on an interview with NESL (the organisation who runs Go4LoL). I finally got my interview tonight and was accepted! I am now a caster for NESL which means I'll be putting my name down for casting some upcoming Go4LoLs. Holy ~shiiiiit, so stoked.
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    https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games/v2 You're all welcome.
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    MadCast: LTTelamon


    Team Disma was officially disbanded - anyone who follows Disma now is a heretic.
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    It finally happened...
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    I died laughing
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    Return of the Cake

    As many of you all have probably noticed, I decided to take a break from Gw2 for a bit. Fear not though, for my return will be soon upon you. Look to the east on the 3rd day (ok, probably this saturday) and I shall be there. Oh it's my birthday on Saturday as well so feel free to fill up my mailbox with presents.
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    “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust Today, one year ago, I was on a search for a community of like-minded people where I could make some friends and have fun gaming together. I found MadCast. I wanted to take just a moment to express my gratitude to all of the people that make up MadCast for a truly memorable year. I have had many, and mostly, awesome moments in and out of games with many of you. I have had some hard moments, of which I am also grateful for as through them I have grown and been able to grow closer to many of you. When I first joined I remember Tort, Maday, and LT telling me that “You get out of MadCast what you put in.” I have been fortunate to be able to give a lot, but I have to say that they were wrong. I have gotten out of MadCast MUCH more than I have been able to give. I have received kindness, companionship, laughter, frustration, silliness, and so much more. I have learned humility, serviciality (yes I made this word up), patience (lot’s of it, lol), and a whole lot about graphics and video. I have had the honor and pleasure of sharing my talents with the community and hope that it has made this place just a tiny bit better. Oh yeah, I've been able to play games too. So today on my 1 year anniversary as a proud member of MadCast, I want to say THANK YOU for a great year, and for those to come. With MUCH Gratitude, -Jobo Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Danke, Thank you!
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    Welcome to the MadCast forums. It is our hope that you will take the time to read every thread in New to MadCast so that you are aware of all our rules, policies, and terms. Perusing this entire forum will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and understand the reasoning behind many of the decisions made in MadCast’s past. In this thread, the Rules, Structure, and Organization of MadCast are laid out so that everyone in our community understands what is and isn’t tolerated, how we conduct our business and the structure under which we operate. Code of Conduct The MadCast Code of Conduct ---which applies to members and non-members alike--- Expects the Following: Admin requests will be respected. People will not be attacked nor will rage be directed at anyone. People will not be called racist or religious slurs of any kind. People will not be expected to tolerate unwanted and unsolicited sexually-charged comments directed at them. Female members and guests' presence will not cause all the males on the website or Discord to begin to act all “macho” or “chest-puffy” toward other guys in some sort of weird peacock-like display. People will not discuss the buying, selling, use, experience, or possession of illegal drugs. People will cease a line of teasing or jest if asked by the target of that jest or someone else on Discord in that channel. The expectations are also summarized as follows: The “others” here are the admins. If anyone asks you to stop ---especially an admin--- you need to stop.
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    Public Stream Policy Over the course of the last few years, the rise of streaming as a medium of expression and promotion has been a noticeable change in the landscape of online gaming. On behalf of MadCast's administration, please let me offer a few general points of courtesy when streaming with MadCast FMs. Please note that these points are merely suggested items of etiquette - they will not be enforced, but as a matter of respect, we ask that you consider them when streaming. I want to further note that MadCast appreciates the importance of streaming in today's gaming climate and encourages FMs to explore streaming if they are so inclined. Without further ado: 1. If you are streaming in a MadCast TeamSpeak channel, please alert those in the channel to the fact that your stream is running. There are several ways to accomplish this - for instance, labeling your channel with "Streaming", or making the address of your Twitch stream as the channel title. Alternatively, simply announce your intent to begin streaming in the channel you're in. 2. If you do not want your stream interrupted, but are using TS for voice transmission or group streaming, please put DND in your channel title, notifying those outside of your request. If you are an FM+, you can also password protect your channel. 3. If you are an FM or higher, please list your stream in the MadCast streaming section! This will allow visitors to the site to know you're streaming and support you, as well as your fellow FMs! 4. If you do choose to stream, you are responsible for any national, regional, or local legal issues in your particular jurisdiction. MadCast does not support any illegal activity and it is up to you to know the law as regards your stream, any recordings resulting from it, and any conduct displayed on it 5. If you are streaming while in the MadCast TeamSpeak remember that our Code of Conduct does apply to your person to person interactions and conduct while in the MadCast TeamSpeak. Once again, MadCast will not be administratively enforcing this policy, but we would appreciate your consideration when using your stream on our resources. Thanks, and happy streaming!
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    Junodavidw- Melee Assassin Trait - Be Right Back - Juno has achieved BRB Nirvana. So skilled is he at ghosting away and back again that he can phase through reality. When Juno activates his trait, he gains 10% movespeed, has no collision, and is not targetable. Juno still takes damage from non-targeted or ancillary AoE sources. Q - Stream Highlight - Can be activated for free when either an enemy hero is slain or a keep is destroyed. The capture memory of their failure haunts the nearest two enemy heroes, dealing 10% of their CURRENT health in damage, and slowing them by 25% for 3 seconds if they were at full health. If this condition is not met, Juno instead puts on a funny voice and the nearest two enemies take (85+11 level) damage. W - Cya Nerd - Juno backflips AWAY from his mouse cursor. Upon landing, he puts on his Naruto cosplay and his attack becomes ranged and 50% stronger for 3 seconds. He immediately casts Be Right Back for free at the end of the 3 seconds. E - Complete Dailies - Juno immediately teleports to the Starting Area and cannot leave for 1 minute. During this time he gains control of a clever ghost who can gain experience and can teleport at will to any friendly Fort (Not any other building). During this time, he completes his dailies in Blade and Soul. Upon the minute ending, Juno immediately gains the equivalent of 3 levels of numerical advancement. This stacks with team level advancement. Juno cannot exceed level 30 numerical statistics. Heroic 1 - I'm Sponsored - Juno becomes sponsored. Because of his sponsorship, he becomes Unstoppable and Invulnerable for 10 seconds. Juno immediately begins hurling Li-Lis at the enemy team, each exploding in a shower of Abathurs for 100% bonus attack damage. Heroic 2 - Offensive GG - Passive Effect. Whenever Juno types GG, regardless of the actual status of the game, any whiny nerds on the enemy team immediately disconnects and cannot reconnect until they tell their mothers what Juno did.
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    MadCast: Munsa

    New Direction: Main Games

    After nearly 2 months in deliberation, the (E)SFMs have decided to drop our current version of Main Game Focuses in favor of a more flexible system. Instead of voting on whether or not a game passes a series of benchmarks, the SFMs and Staff will be looking at the games the community is playing, and assigning forum space, permanent TS channels, and admin resources as they deem necessary. To illustrate this change, let's look at Diablo 3. Diablo 3 has gone through several massive overhauls that have created population spikes since it's release. It has been hard to run traditional events in a game that caps itself at 4 players per session, as well as limited player trading. Diablo 3, therefore, does not require much admin attention, nor does it possess as fertile a ground for recruitment as League of Legends or Guild Wars 2. Nevertheless, it now has a very stable playerbase here at MadCast. Under the old method of organization, Diablo 3 was a middle child. With the new method, Diablo 3 can find it's niche. This change will give us greater flexibility in how we manage our games and create the best possible experience for us, the members.
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    For this installment of Behind The Tag, I interviewed MadCast's very own Dexter Morgan (in Town of Salem that is) and regardless of her body count, she couldn't beat Sotar at poker. Our one and only MadCast: Fayea MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Fayea: I found out about MadCast through the Guild Wars 2 branch. I started playing towards the beginning of the game coming out. I had a regular guild that I hung out with but had to go on hiatus for a while and when I came back one of my friends brought me to MadCast. I remember I really liked it so I applied. MCL: Is your friend in MadCast? MCF: No. They applied once, but didn't make it and they haven’t been around since. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCF: Fayea is a name that I've been using for about 8 or 9 years now. It was kind of random. I took the word ‘Fey’, because I was really into elves and fairies and fashioned a name out of it that I could use. MCL: What are your favorite and least favorite things about MadCast? MCF: I like how no matter what it is you feel like doing, there are usually people around who are up to hang out and play. One of the more difficult things is, you start to establish groups, which is fine. I love the people in my usual group, but it’s hard to get people to breakout and meet other people and see new things here. MCL: I agree with you 100%. When I hosted monthly games, it was to try to get people out of their cliques and to play with others. Didn't really work so well. MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCF: I recently met Bluejay, but that would be it I believe. MCL: That’s cool. How did it go? MCF: He was in town for work, so we went to dinner and chatted. It was nice. MCL: What games do you play with MadCast, and what games do you play outside of the community? MCF: With MadCast – I still dabble in GW2. I've started looking into Star Wars a little bit. I definitely love playing Cards Against Humanity with MadCast. Occasionally, things like Borderlands 2. Outside of MadCast – I play a lot of things. Ohh, I forgot Town of Salem. That game is the bomb! Anyway, I like to play Saints Row. I have some friends I like to play Trine with. MCL: What was that last game? MCF: Trine. MCL: What the hell is that? MCF: Oh, it’s this platform puzzle game that you can play with two other people. There is a rogue, a warrior, and a wizard. You can switch between the characters, but if you play with other people you can each play a role. It’s so much fun. MCL: Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out. MCF: (Singing) It’s a BLAST! MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming? MCF: I don’t know how old I was exactly. I know when I was younger, my dad bought us a PlayStation 2. He got that for us and we played it. Then he broke it by fiddling with it. He made it up to us and got us an Xbox. I was probably about 10 when we started getting consoles and stuff. And I probably got into online gaming about 14. MCL: What was your first online game? MCF: Flyff. Fly for Fun. MCL: Haven’t heard of that one. MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCF: I love to cook, read recipes, knit. I've always liked Origami. Recently, I've been trying to Contact Juggle. That’s kinda difficult. MCL: Is that different than regular juggling? MCF: Yea. Well, in Contact Juggling, whatever it is that you are juggling with you try and keep on your body at all times. I don’t know if you've seen Labyrinth, but that would kind of be what it’s like. MCL: Of course. I love that movie! I use to think David Bowie was so hot in that, but now looking back I don’t know what I was thinking. MCF: (laughing) Yea, we've watched it recently and we always have to make comments about David Bowie. MCL: Gotta love his nice tight pants! MCF: Something about a bulge and goblins. MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast? MCF: Well, outside is really easy. Of course the most amazing thing that’s happened to me is my kid. Inside MadCast I would have to say, I don’t know. I feel like I've grown a lot since I've been here. As a person, and as a gamer. MCL: What is one low-point in your life? MCF: Lowest point of my life was definitely my pregnancy. Which was a real bummer because it was something that I had always looked forward to when I was younger. Enjoying my pregnancy and preparing for my child was something I very much wanted to do. But for me was filled with fallout and struggle. It was a very difficult time for me. MCL: What is your dream job? MCF: It would be, to be a chef in a really nice restaurant. MCL: What is your favorite thing to cook? MCF: Umm, I love to make Baked Ziti. MCL: That sounds delicious right now! MCF: I've been making that forever with my dad. And he’s always looking for ways to improve his recipes. MCL: Top 5 favorite bands/artists? MCF: 5. Sonata Arctica 4. My Chemical Romance 3. Muse 2. The Rasmus 1. In This Moment MCL: Most embarrassing song on your iTunes? MCF: You know, I don't think anything beats Dragostea Din Tei MCL: Ah yes. Apparently this is LTTelamon's jam! MCL: It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? And why? MCF: I think the most important thing for me, for my survival team would be, people who are loyal and have a lot of will power. MadCast: ThrushLeafborn -Because she’s such a wild card. And an amazing confidant. MadCast: Lucemiya – She’s always got my back and is one of the sweetest people ever. MadCast: Kit – She’s really organized and she’s a BOSS. MCL: If you won the lottery, what would be the first 3 things you bought? MCF: Oh my goodness… hmm? Ok, so the lottery being how much? Could I buy a house? MCL: (Laughing) Sure. I don’t know, you’re the only person who has ever asked that. Let’s just say it’s one of the big ones. MCF: I would definitely get a house. Like a really nice one. And do it all up, the way I’d like. Umm… I don’t know. It’s not really an item but I’d definitely do a lot of traveling. I've always wanted to see the world. And games. Lots and lots of games. MCL: Well, the travelling kind of goes into my next question… MCL: If you had the money, where would you go on vacation next year and what would you do there? MCF: I think hands down, the place I've always wanted to go is Egypt. I would go to Giza and see the Sphinx. Not to mention the Pyramids. MCL: Ok, that was really weird. When you started talking about Egypt, I swore I had interviewed you before. I remember getting almost that exact answer for this question. I just remembered though, it was Zanmaros. MCF: I have to go see now! MCL: If you could relive the last 10 years of your life, what would you do differently? MCF: I’m honestly trying to think of something, but I don’t think I’d do anything differently. As much as it’s tempting to say you’d like to go back and change some of the worst or more difficult things. But then I wouldn't be where I am or who I am. And it’s not an idea that I like. MCL: You’re stuck on a desert island and can bring 5 books or movies with you. What do you choose? MCF: 5. Harry Potter Box Set 4. Pulp Fiction 3. Minority Report 2. The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1. Grimms’ Fairy Tales MCL: If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCF: You know, I feel like Juno’s a really funny guy. He’s entertaining and nice. I think he would be fun to spend a layover with. MCL: Juno is hilarious. He would definitely be a good choice.
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    My friend sent me a reddit thread just moments ago. It really brought a tear to my eye. The Source Q: "What would happen if an intelligent greatsword inhabited by an ancient paladin's LawfulGood spirit was found by a mean-spirited ogre, and the sword kept making telepathic LawfulGood suggestions which the ogre dim-wittedly obeyed..." This was the story that entailed the question. Story: I am Garg. I am strong. I am strong because I am Ogre. No-one in the forest is stronger than me. When I was young, the old Ogres make the rules, hit me when I don't follow. Now I am older. I make rules. I go where I want. I eat what I want. I take what I want. One day, I find something I want. Pretty pink-skin sharpclub. Bright stones on short round end, and long sharp end shimmers like pond water. I want, so I take. Little hard-shelled pink-skins have come to my forest with sharpclubs before, long time ago. They smarter than others. They know that they can't hit stronger, so they need to hit better. I am going to use pretty sharpclub to hit stronger AND better. I am looking forward to using sharpclub to hit. I am not expecting sharpclub to hit me. Sharpclub is alive. Sharpclub is angry. It does not want what I want, and so it hits me. I have been hit before. I am strong so I can take hits. But it hits my mind, and I do not know how to hit back. For the first time in long, long time... I submit. Sharpclub is strong. Sharpclub makes rules now. Sharpclub tells me what to do. Sharpclub makes me stop fighting others in forest. Makes me give up land. I do not want to, but Sharpclub makes rules now. I am not strong now. Eventually, Sharpclub stops being angry at me and starts being curious. Sharpclub tells me her name. She is Moonslicer, made by pink-skin shamans for pink-skin warriors. I understand this. She was made to kill pink-skin enemies. But I am pink-skin enemy. She does not kill me. I do not understand this. One day, while eating dinner, I ask Moonslicer. "Why do you not kill me?" "I don't understand your question," Moonslicer replies. "You are pink-skin sharpclub," "Greatsword," Moonslicer interrupts. "and you are made to fight pink-skin enemies." "I was made to destroy evil," Moonslicer answers. She always talks in strange riddles. I have become used to this. "Yes, evil. I know this word. It means pink-skin enemy. I am pink-skin enemy. I am evil. Why do you not destroy me?" Moonslicer does not answer for long time. "You are... "pink-skin enemy", yes. And most people would say you are evil... but I am not sure. I expected you to fight me, but you didn't. I expected you to resist when I told you to stop bullying the other creatures of the forest, but you didn't." "Moonslicer is stronger than Garg, so Moonslicer makes rules." "All the same... I think there might be some good in you, somewhere." "...what is Good?" I ask. "Good is..." Moonslicer stops talking. I can feel she is confused. "Good is... how to describe it? It is..." She stops again. She is quiet for a long time. "You know, I believe the best way to explain it is to show you. Go to sleep Garg. Tomorrow, we will start doing Good." Next day, Moonslicer leads me to pink-skin home, in the middle of fields. No pink-skins there right now. She shows me broken walls. Tells me to take stones and fix walls. Then we leave. I do not understand. "Why do we fix walls?" I ask. "Those walls protect the humans from harm," Moonslicer says. "They have been torn down by raiders over the years. By repairing the walls, you have made the humans more safe. More strong." "Why do I make them safe?" I ask. "I am pink-skin enemy. I do not want them to be strong." "Patience, Garg," Moonslicer says. "Have patience and faith. You will understand eventually." I do not believe her, but I say nothing. This does not make sense. This is pink-skin strangeness. For the next two seasons, Moonslicer keeps sending me out to pink-skin lands. Fixing walls. Catching cows and taking them back to paddocks without eating them. Sometimes she makes me scare humans on roads. Sometimes she makes me hide from humans on roads. She calls the ones I scare "bandits" and the ones I hide from "merchants". I do not understand the difference. "The merchants are weaker humans," Moonslicer says. "The bandits are stronger, and want to take from the merchants. You are driving them away from the roads so that they do not take from the merchants anymore." "This makes sense" I say. "They are stronger, they take what they want. But why do you make me scare them so they cannot?" "Because it is not good for the strong to take what they want from the weak." "This Good does not make sense. I will never understand" "You will understand" Moonslicer says. "Have faith." For many more seasons, Moonslicer makes me do many things I do not understand. Eventually pink-skins... humans... start to see me. At first they are afraid. I understand this. But they slowly become less afraid. They no longer run when they see me. I do not understand this. I dig long ditches from the river to their farms. I build walls along their roads. I bring large sacks of food to their towns and leave them there. One season, there is a great storm. Moonslicer wakes me during the night, urges me to leave the cave and go to the human lands. There is a town I have been near many times before. The river that flows through the village is flooding. The humans are splashing, shouting, drowning. They are scared. Moonslicer sends me through the flood to their homes. I lift humans from the water and put them at the top of the homes. I do this again, and again. I am tired, but Moonslicer pushes me on. I save more humans, I wade through the water that is up to my chest. I save the male humans, the female humans, the young humans, the old humans. I save all of them. When the dawn comes and the water goes down, I am more tired than I have ever been. I sink to my knees. I know the humans will kill me while I am asleep but I am too tired to get away. I fall asleep. I wake up. I am not wet, cold or tired. I am warm, dry, resting on something soft and comfortable. I recognize it as a human barn - I have brought escaped horses to these before. I am covered in many skins. I am lying in dried grass - the humans call it hay. A male human comes in. He sees I am awake. He does not run or look scared. Instead he smiles. He brings a large bundle up to me. The bundle has meat in it. Good, cooked meat. Better than I've ever tasted. I watch him carefully, but I am hungry and I concentrate on eating. Once I am done, he takes the bones and the bundle away. The day goes by, and many humans come to the barn. Some hide by the door and only stare at me. Others come in. I recognize many of them as the humans I saved last night. I am still tired, so I lie in the barn. I feel... I do not know how to describe it. The humans do not threaten me, but not because I am stronger. Finally, in the evening, many humans come to the barn. They bring Moonslicer with them. "I have been negotiating with the humans on your behalf," she says. "They are going to give you this barn to live in as a new home. They will give you food, while you keep the roads safe from bandits and help them tend their flocks and fix their buildings. I will stay with you to guide you." I am quiet for a long time. "I do not understand." I say. "If I was strong, and I came to take these things, they would not give them to me. They would run, or fight." "But you didn't come to take them," Moonslicer replied. "And that is what makes the difference. You have made the humans' homes safe. You have protected their merchants. You have rescued their animals. And now you have saved their lives. And because you gave and gave and did not take, they now want to give to you, freely. And as long as you do not wish to take, you will receive. By serving them, you are now more free than you ever were in the forest. Not because you are strong. But because you are a friend. They are your strength now, and you are theirs. This is what Good is." And I understand. - Edited for spacing
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    Just to get the record clear once and for all:
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    So, how about that U.S. government?

    *Checks the forum* *Realizes it's off topic* *Goes at it* Everyone knows it'd be better under a Kit-tatorship. Teach those young'uns the value of a hard day of work in the corn field. ^.^
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    Welcome to the first interview of Behind The Tag: The Person @ the Keyboard. Periodically, I (MadCast: Lister) will sit down with one member and get to know them a little better. I'll ask them questions about their life, inside and outside of MadCast. For the first interview I decided to let people get to know me, the person behind "Behind The Tag". As a guest interviewer this month, MadCast: Jobotoo will be asking the questions. MadCast: Jobo: Thank you Lister! First, a little about the person I am sitting down with today. MadCast: Lister is an RFM within MadCast, and has been a member for almost a year. Currently her time is spent updating the MadCast Calendar, leading the Diversified Gaming Squad, and playing Diablo 3. Now on with the questions. MadCast: Jobo: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Listerfiend21: I found out about MadCast through MadCast: Sotarkadin. He had been in the community for awhile before I finally decided to join. MCJ: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCL: Listerfiend was the name of my Ret Pally in WoW. It is also from the movie Clerks 2. If you haven’t seen the movie it is amazing! Listerfiend is the name of a mouth troll. It was between Listerfiend and DRTYP1R4T3W3NCH, I figured the first would be better. MCJ: What are your favorite/least favorite things about MadCast? MCL: I love that the community is like a family. When someone is having a shitty day or even an amazing day, they come to the forums and tell us about it. There is also almost always someone who plays the same games as you and will join you in some shenanigans. One of my least favorite things would be how cliquey MadCast is. With my Diversified Gaming Squad, one of my main goals is to get different people from the community together, who normally wouldn’t play with one another. MCJ: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCL: I’ve met Sotar (duh), Jobo, VoShay, Rife, Butter, and DanKnee. SoCal meet-up WHAT WHAT! MCJ: What did you do while in San Diego? MCL: We did lots of stuff! Coronado Beach – Was amazing! The water was freezing tho, and I forgot to wear sunscreen so I turned into a lobster. Birch Aquarium – I don’t think it was really worth it for the price. The sea horses were pretty cool but that’s about it. Maritime Museum – Very interesting! We toured the HMS Surprise ship, the B-39 Russian Sub, and the Steam Yacht Medea. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook you can see all the pictures from the ships, submarine, and the rest of our trip. Natural History Museum – We went thru the Real Pirates exhibit because pirates are fucking awesome! It would have been even more amazing if I was allowed to take pictures. Fun Fact: The Whydah Pirate Ship sank on April 26, 1717. < --- April 26th is Kenzie’s birthday! MCJ: What games do you play with MadCast? And what games do you play outside of the community? MCL: Currently the main game that I play with MadCast is Diablo 3. Blizzard has a tendency to make very addicting games, and this just happens to be one of them. Other games that I play with MC (although not quite as much) would be Hearthstone, Minecraft, BF4, and League of Legends. If I’m not playing any of those games with the community, you could find me playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or LEGO Star Wars on Xbox Live. Oh, almost forgot that I play Candy Crush, Papa Pear Saga, Farm Heroes, Words With Friends, and Flappy Bird on the iPad. MCJ: How old were you when you first started gaming? MCL: I was around 4 or 5 when I first started gaming. That was back in the day of the NES. Ya know when you had to blow into the cartridge if the game wasn’t working. MCJ: Tell us the first gaming memory you can remember. MCL: When I was 5 my sister went on vacation with my stepmom and I didn’t get to go. My dad decided it was only fair to buy me a Super Nintendo and Super Mario World since I didn’t go with them. That was the most amazing game ever! Needless to say, my sister was not happy that I got a SNES out of it. Fun Fact: We still have an SNES and Super Mario World in our closet! (Not the same one from when I was 5. That one was stolen years ago.) MCJ: What are some of your pet peeves? Gaming pet peeves? MCL: Oh jeez! I have a huge list of pet peeves. I’ll just list a few though. Cocky people, flakey people, liars, people who chew with their mouth open, #hashtags, dumbasses who say YOLO/SWAG, and people who say they are going to do something but don’t follow through. As for the gaming pet peeves, I would say elitist, eating/crunching into the mic (yes I’m looking at you Jobo), and rage quitters. MCJ: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCL: I love going to concerts! I’m waiting for July to get here to be standing outside in the 120º heat, rocking out to Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe while some drunk people start bonfires on the lawn! Good times right there! I also like to go shooting, read, and occasionally go to the club with friends. MCJ: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and outside of MadCast? MCL: Inside of MadCast it would have to be obtaining RFM status. Outside of MadCast, I guess I’ll be one of those cheesy people and say the day I got married and the day I had Kenzie. MCJ: How long have you been married to Sotar? MCL: We have been married since April 6, 2008, but together since August 2004. Yes, I have put up with Sotar for almost 10 years! MCJ: What was one low-point in your life? MCL: I would say my senior year of high school would probably be one of my low points. I was living with my boyfriend at the time, not doing homework, drinking, and ditched half the school year. I came extremely close to not graduating. There is more to this story but I’ll just leave it at that! MCJ: What is your dream job? MCL: I would LOVE to work at Blizzard. I have no idea what I would do there, but just being able to say you work for Blizzard and get to go to the headquarters would be amazing. Shit, I’d even be willing to be Chris Metzen’s assistant! MCJ: Top 5 favorite bands/artists? MCL: 5. Blake Shelton 4. Theory of a Deadman 3. Mötley Crüe 2. Five Finger Death Punch 1. SHINEDOWN! Shinedown is fucking AMAZING live! Definitely one of the best bands I’ve seen live, right there along with Mötley Crüe. Fun Fact: Yes, another one! I will be attending the Farwell Tour that Mötley Crüe is having this summer. MCJ: Most embarrassing song on your iTunes? MCL: Honestly, I don’t consider any of the music I have in my iTunes library to be embarrassing. I don’t really care what other people think of the music I listen to. If I had to give an answer though, I guess I would say All Out of Love by Air Supply. I know most of the members in MadCast will have no clue who Air Supply is, BUT there are a select few older members who might. MCJ: It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? And why? MCL: MadCast: Scooba – I hear Mr. Coobz knows how to use quite a few different kinds of weapons. Scooba is like the white-collar version of Daryl. And I mean come on, who wouldn’t want Scooba on their survival team? MadCast: Spoontoof – Spoon seems like he is extremely resourceful. Have you seen his insane base in Minecraft? I think he could help us build a lot of really cool and effective shit. MadCast: CindyLouWho – We could use Cindy as zombie bait! Zombies really love her! Love ya Cindy! MCJ: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or we would find interesting. MCL: I love the history behind World War 2. I have a Navy uniform that was my great grandfathers, pictures of he and his crew, and an old rations book. It would be so cool to have a German uniform from WWII as well, but that seems like it would be really difficult to acquire. MCJ: Do you collect anything? MCL: I do! Shot glasses, movie/concert/game stubs, Yoda stuff, Pop! Action figures, to name a few. Oh and I also collect these really cool zombie dolls that my mom has been making. MCJ: I’ve noticed you have some tattoos. How many and where do you have them? MCL: I have 4 tattoos. I have a frog holding a NES controller and iPod on my shin, a skull inside a coffin with bat wings and spider legs on my stomach, a diamond with McKenzie and April 26 on my wrist, and a zombie pirate half sleeve. My half sleeve will become a full sleeve once I get enough money to finish it. My sister just started one of her tats on Saturday and sent me a pic after it was done; now I really want another one! I started a thread about tats here, for those who have not seen it yet. MCJ: If you won the lottery, what would be the first 3 things you bought? MCL: First thing I would do would be pay off any debt. Then I would build my dream house, and lastly I would buy a yellow Ferrari 458 Speciale. MCJ: If you had the money, where would you go on vacation next year and what would you do there? MCL: I would love to travel through Europe. I have always wanted to go to Germany and take a tour of an Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I would go to Italy and see the family that I have there. And I would check out all the really cool castles in Ireland and Scotland. I'd also buy a kilt while in Scotland! MCJ: If you could relive the last ten years of your life, what would you do differently? MCL: Haven’t you ever seen Butterfly Effect? Changing things from the past just fucks up the future! I guess the only thing that I would do differently would be to walk with my high school graduating class. MCJ: One last question... Team Disma or Team Father Jobo? MCL: That is an extremely easy question to answer seeing as how there is NO Team Disma. Everyone knows that Disma fails at life! I’m all for the Special Blessings!
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    The Fate of MadCast's BF4 Server

    I've donated $77.00 to cover the server for the next 2 months.
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    This is the first part of a multi-part series that will take a more in-depth look at the various ranks within MadCast Gaming. What better place to start than at the very top of the chain, the Staff position? I will cover several of the basics of who are the current Staff as well as some of their basic functions. However, I will also give some personal perspective that perhaps will shed some additional depth and understanding that is perhaps not so commonly documented. All said and done I hope you come away enlightened a bit about our Staff and what the position requires. IN THE BEGINNING… alright, perhaps a bit over the top but required information nonetheless. MadCast Gaming was founded by two people: Tort and Maday. As founding members they also became Staff by default. When MadCast was founded in 2007 Staff were pretty much the entire Administration of MadCast to start. Given its size at the time it was really all that was needed. As time progressed so to did the community as well as the ever evolving duties of the Staff position. Some of the basic and important responsibilities have remained the same throughout that evolution. The basic duties of Staff: Continuously evaluate the current state of the community. Set short and long term goals to strive for as a community. Agreement among all Staff to equally divide and fund any outstanding balances for MadCast’s continued operation. Agreement among all Staff that the majority of opinions within Staff will end up being the official position of the Staff. As the community grew so did the need for additional Administration personnel. MadCast: Scooba was the first person who initially joined as a normal Full Member to become elevated to a Staff position. While we did need some additional bodies to aid in the administration of the community, we also knew that we needed to allow and teach other individuals than just Tort and myself about what being Staff means and the associated work that goes along with it. While a great learning experience for Tort and Myself, Scooba learned plenty from the experience as well. The second person to be elevated to the Staff level who joined as a Full Member is our current Staff member: MadCast: LTTelamon. Even though Scooba and LTTelamon took up the positions within different eras during MadCast’s evolving states I am sure they both can attest that while some of the duties can be exhausting the rewards and sense of pride and friendships gained from said work is entirely worth the investment. One of the duties of Staff revolves around setting various goals we would like to see the community accomplish, both short and long term. Part of those goals range from potential game support, infrastructure development, new policy standards, and even the creation of certain standard operating procedures. There have been in times past where some members became frustrated and impatient at times with how long it took Staff to address certain issues. I can assure you that most of us that have been or are Staff simply have a smile but our thoughts conclude on “They just don’t get it”. Mostly what is not understood is the amount of care and complete thought and discussion that goes into the creation of ranks and policies. We have to ensure that whatever rank or policy is not going to undermine our fundamental principles but to also address specific issues and minimize any potential issues said policy might create down the road. Mostly we want to be certain that the work we put into said decisions doesn’t create far more work than it took to solve the issue at hand. You can ask many of our other members that have been among the Admin ranks within MadCast and they will attest to the various walls of text when it comes to various discussions. These walls of text typically get bigger as you get higher up within the Admin ranks. The Staff level is by far not an exception to this fact. As painful as some may be they are still very necessary in order to completely define various aspects of new policies and goals. Another aspect that may affect response time is the view of the proper timing in the grand scheme. Rarely will we drop new policies when Cycle elections are right around the corner. We will mostly opt to get our new cycle up and running and then introduce the new policy. A more ongoing responsibility of Staff is the continued evaluation of the state of the community. While this may seem to be pretty simple and straightforward, our methods of doing the evaluation are a bit more involved. We of course have to consider the various short and long term goals we have set for the community as a whole. From there we have to try and establish progress or non-progress to those goals based on what is currently happening in and around MadCast. Staff have managed to evolve and position themselves so that they can clearly evaluate the various inner workings of MadCast, but we are also able to take on a secondary outside the box viewpoint. This becomes crucial in making sure that in the pursuit of our community goals that we are not making ourselves an isolation community. We need to be sure that our public appearance still remains welcoming to those that are looking for a mature and friendly gaming place to call home. Being involved in most of the everyday workings of MadCast can sometimes blind you to the ability to look from the outside which is why the Staff allow the majority of everyday operations be handled by our fellow Admin brethren. The final and always ultimate goal for Staff is to put forth our best efforts to ensure that MadCast continues to move forward but also allow MadCast to survive beyond our times as serving as Staff. Staff is a by invite position only, but it is not necessarily a required permanent position upon obtaining the Staff position. Various IRL things come up in people’s lives. That fact is well known to all our members and still rings true even for Staff. From MadCast’s founding we have always been very clear that the current Staff will not always be Staff of MadCast Gaming indefinitely. This holds true even for Tort and myself. Tort and I will always be known as Founders, but our title as Staff is not indefinite. One of our main goals was that MadCast was to be built to survive well beyond an individual. This will always be the case. The time will eventually come where new Staff will be elevated and trained to carry the community forward beyond those that currently hold the Staff title. I guess you could say it’s a part of Staff’s goal or legacy to ensure that MadCast remains a place of maturity and a road less traveled by the gaming masses. A place where camaraderie, friendship, and respect reign as supreme descriptions of what MadCast Gaming is to all of its members for years and years to come. I believe I have adequately described in more detail some of the more basic duties required of Staff. While some of the quick details may have been known, I do hope I did shed light on some finer details of the upper workings of Staff. A major point to really take away is that if you have an issue or request that requires the specific attention of the Staff that you simply have some patience with us. There may be a need for discussions to ensure the Community’s best interest is in mind along with our decision to not undermine our basic membership fundamentals here at MadCast Gaming. We are not perfect but we certainly do our best to adhere to our basic principles to try and make the best decision possible. At the end of the day, the Staff position is not for just everyone. It takes a higher degree to dedication, responsibility, self control, and most of all respect. If you have any additional questions or curiosities then I do invite you to ask and we are willing to try our best to answer inquiries.
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    I remember when we used to call that the forums...
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    100% Off SWTOR!

    If you go to SWTOR.com you can download it for free. Enjoy!
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    Confirmed: That's the same look every woman gives Disma.
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    Oil Painting

    This is one of my oil paintings. I like to do landscaping's in oil. I also use acrylic sometimes, when I'm broke and cant by oil :0. This time I ran out of canvas and still had the itch to paint so I did this one on cardboard. Not real sure how many years I will get out of it. I sealed it with varnish and it's framed under glass. Most of my "good" paintings have been sold, I have sold 27 paintings in all, so far. I lost the sim card that had all my pic's of paintings, but I will try to find it and post others soon.
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    Browser Wars

    All browers are created equal in strength and weaknesses.... Except for IE. You, you sorry sack of shit - can burn in a pit of fire.
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    I love Digiorno and ate alot of it, 4 bucks for a delicious pizza? Yes, Please. Back in December of 2013 Digiorno changed its recipe for their sauce. I hated it, the pizza tasted gross and I decided I would no longer buy it. I submitted an email "complaint" as directed on the back of the box, vocalizing my displeasure for the change. A month or two later I got a later saying they were sorry I was dissatisfied and here's a coupon for a free Digiorno. Really? I just told you I hated it, why would I want a free one. Well I go and check mail today and there was a letter from Digiorno.... Now I have a coupon for Digiorno and am so excited to get my pizza back.
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    MadCast: Zumbul

    Dat Feel

    Dat feel when you have friends in high places
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    What an honor! This was like opening up a Christmas present and finding your favorite toy in the package. I'd like to thank a few people for this prestigious award. *clears throat* First off, thanks to the SFMs for voting me in to be a part of this thriving community! Secondly, thanks to Madcast: Danny for being my first mentor and introducing me to Madcast; then to Madcast: Kelica for stepping in as my 2nd mentor during his leave. Finally (and one of the most important), thanks to all the full members for taking the time to comment and make me feel included in the family. ALSO, to everyone [including current associates/candidates] for your kindness and patience with a newbie GW2 player like me. I look forward to having more fun with the Madcast community and getting to know everyone better! I have read and agree to the terms of full membership.
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    MadCast: Sotarkadin

    Keep it going

    Did we ever figure out who let the fucking dogs out?
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    After 15 grueling hours, my wife brought our little girl into the world at 11:23am today. Her name is Isla Harper Rickett and she is such a character already. While I was there for the labor/birth, I am now home with Silas (who is now ~14 months) and will be back to the hospital when they get discharged. Today starts 4 weeks of leave I am taking, very exciting stuff!
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    Sims Logic

    I. Love. You. There is a whole site of pictures that I go to for laughs, but let me share my favorites! When you don't know where to park your car... Park it in the living room. Sims Logic If Jesus can do it, I can do it too. WITH CAKE! Sims Logic If I can't bring the spoon to my face... I'll bring the face to my spoon! Sims Logic ((Why the long face?)) When you can't get your significant other's attention... Stand in the middle of their bath. Sims Logic Robbing a house only to find out... that the woman is attractive so he tries to woo her. Sims Logic I'm dead but I'll call you to haunt you again later! Sims Logic Congratulations on your marriage! Here's a gun! Sims Logic The house is on fire... But this is the season finale of The Walking Dead! Sims Logic I have tons of dirty plates at my table. I think I'll sit on the toilet instead. Sims Logic ((... I could go -all- day doing this. >.> ))
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    Heyo! I wanted to compose a quick guide of some resources you can utilize should you decide on playing in the Wildstar Open Beta. I’ll be posting a lot of links below, because other people are better at explaining this stuff than me. If you have more questions, please feel free to hop into the Wildstar TS channel. Here we go! What: Wildstar is a Sci-Fi MMORPG with something for everyone. MadCast will be playing on the Olyssia server. - A challenging and new “telegraphing” battle system - PvE raiding, dungeon, adventure, and challenge content - PvP Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Warplots - Customizable Player Housing - Robust Crafting System Check out this the game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnXjw4whVwI When: Open Beta! Thursday, May 8 to Sunday, May 18. For detailed instructions go here: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/open-beta-is-coming-may-8/ Classes: Every playable class in Wildstar can fulfill either a DPS or Support role. Choose your class, and get goin! The best starter guide I have seen so far is from TenTonHammer.com. This gives you a great start for explaining classes, paths, attributes, and gameplay. http://www.tentonhammer.com/wildstar-burst/beginners-guide-and-resources Additionally, a fun video about the classes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_Rxxh9Hs38 Want to see some gameplay and more insight? I give you YouTuber, Fevir, who has been making how-to videos since the betas began. This playlist has a lot of great gameplay captures, and additional insight on their particular subject matter. If you want a taste before you download, I HIGHLY recommend the first few videos on the playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwqmJc2W13VSuH09CArPhX_N88t1BYxZ1 Lastly, an AWESOME map of level area progression: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35224-exiles-dominion-full-levelling-guide-1-to-50/ I hope these resources are a help to anyone thinking of playing, or already set to hit the open beta. Again, if you have ANY questions, please feel free to find us in the Wildstar TS channel, or reply to this thread. Thanks! Feisort
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    Thanks for all the words. I looked at them and just as the man previously posted said "fuck it, yolo. What do I have to lose". (I actually really like the yolo post. Probably should have out this in off-topic and let people go wild) but I asked her. Straight just said "what would your answer be to me asking you out on a date" she said yes but she's not ready for a relationship... But wants to go on the date none the less. So fuck yeah victory is mine. Thanks guys! <('-'<)
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    Tech Support

    Hello! I am new to the community, but figured I would introduce my self here and try to help out! I run my own tech support company ( http://www.tech919.com ) and have worked in tech support for many years. I have my CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, Linux+, CCNA, and Casper CCA/CMA certificates. I am an Apple Certified Technician as well as a Lenovo Certified Technician. I am currently working on my CEH and LPT! I am also a Trusted Tech on Reddit's tech support subreddit at http://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport. So if you have any computer woes, don't hesistate to send me a private message and I will do everything I can to resolve it! I can handle all OSes, Mac, Win XP-8, and various flavors of Linux (Cent Os, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, RHEL, etc) Thanks for reading and I hope to be able to help .
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    Congrats! We’ve reviewed your tournament submission, and I’m pleased to report that we’ve decided to support you with some prizes. Thanks for taking the time to submit, and for supporting community LoL competitions. Now, before we get to the details, there’s a bit of legalese we have to get out of the way. This approval doesn’t mean we’ve sponsored your event, so please don’t represent it that way or include the Riot Games logo on your promo materials. The League of Legends logo is still fine to use. Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but the lawyers start sweating if we don’t include that disclaimer in the approval text. So let’s get to the fun part. Here’s what we can offer for your event: 1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player 2nd place: 2400 RP per player 3rd place: 1600 RP per player 4th place: 800 RP per player Please bear in mind that only the starting five are eligible for prizing if you’re allowing subs. If you list six or more participants per team, only the first five will receive prizes. When your tournament’s over please use this unique tournament URL to tell us the winners’ summoner names. There are two things I would like to say with this. Firstly: - Our prizes have been increased by about 20 percent. Second: - We have been approved for prize support.