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    @Nimli biggest thing with a kiddo, is just to let them be themselves. You set rules as far as acceptable behavior and whatnot, but outside of that let your little dude be himself. If he only wants to go to boy's parties, that's his call. Also, at his age, that's perfectly normal. When he gets older, if he has any questions about it, then would be the time to bring up the many many different forms sexuality takes. Until then, he's a kid, let him be one
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    Just wanted to share this here as a reference for anyone who might need it.
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    I'm sorry for not responding in here with any updates to the format or responses to your comments. I have been for the most part going over them in the League of Learning into I do at the start of the event. I appreciate your feedback and as @MadCast: Pushover stated above the format of pure inhouse will generally be better for actually learning and imporving the mechanics of a person but I feel that without being able to practice them in real situations against a group of people you are unfamiliar with the mechanics don't really get driven home as hard. With that 3 weeks of inhouse and 1 week of normal to apply what we went over that month has been mostly successful and will be a rotation that I will follow for the event going forward. I know I have also talked to @MadCast: Namflow as well as @MadCast: Dez, to name a few, about their thoughts on the format as well as many others. I appreciate everyone sticking with the event through some of the growing pains and I know there are always way to improve on things so I'd like to ask you to keep bringing your feedback to this thread or to me specifically so we can make the event better and bring more people to the community. I agree that having a person to spectate for each game would be ideal but that can't always be achieved. I will always volunteer to sit out and spectate if we have overflow as well as a bench if something happens to someone. I know there are a few others that do the same and I thank you for that. To address the games that turn into stomps, I know this is very frustrating for both sides as neither side really gets anything out of the game at that point. I'm always open to hear suggestions about ways to balance teams. If that means having permanent captains for teams (provided they can show up consistantly and are willing to lead a team of inhouse) where we can basically setup teams where there will be specific people always together / always against each other for the sake of balance then that is something we can try to figure out. Unfortunatly its rather difficult to balance well when we are rotating people in and/or have new players of varying skill levels join in for the event. Its amazing to have a solid core group of people that tend to show up on a regular basis. I'd love to find a way to use that to our advantage so games are less of a stomp and more of a fight to the bitter end.
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    Hello everyone, here I was wondering if anyone might be interested in a little bit of Secret Hitler this coming Saturday at around 20:00 EST (or two rooms and a boom if we have too many people for Secret Hitler)
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    Intro: Nimli

    Hi I'm Nimli, I was previously a full member and would love to rejoin, I do live in the UK so time zones can be a issue in terms of events but I do tend to be on a lot in league of legends or in discord when I am able. I have a physical disability so I dont play ranked or normals (Yay for TFT and Arams) I'm a single parent and I'm hoping to restart college (University) in September to study Computer Aided Design Engineering. I'm not currently playing anything else, I might play POE
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    Intro: Nimli

    Thanks, I'll get doing stuff.
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    Summer's Last Bash Info Tournament to be held Saturday July 27th To begin at 12Pm Central. Best 2 of 3. MadCast Gaming and RocketLeagueMafia.com are bringing you a Summer's Last Bash 2vs2 Tournament. This tournament will have a $50 Prize, paid for by RocketLeagueMafia.com Rules 1. No Subtitues 2. No Remakes 3. Rounds can not start 2vs1, but can be finished 2vs1. Forfeits allowed. 4. Tournament will follow a strict time Schedule each round. 5. Offensive or Vulgar language of any kind results in immediate removal. 6. All games on DFH Stadium 7. All Streams Welcome. Tournament Hosts will have a Feature Game each round. Google Form To Sign Up Here
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    It was a dope card and I believe it lived up to the hype. Jones fought an odd fight (though I still think he won), but there was fireworks all down the card from there. Nunes is the GOAT. Called her shot and won with the move Holm used to KO Rousey? Gangsta! Gamebred is probably the realest dude in the UFC. Ben Askren asked for an assbeating and I agree that he go off lucky being instagibbed. Rockhold might need to move on from AKA or something. I don't know if he's washed up, but nothing is working for him right now. I can't seem him moving up the ladder against the best of the light-heavyweight division. Sanchez needs to retire. I'm tired of watching an all time great get beat up and sound crazier and crazier. Gilbert Melendez also needs to hang em up. I don't think he's got anything else to prove. Outside of those big ones, I'm looking forward to seeing more Song Yadong. He looks like a monster in the making.
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    As dark and demented as my usual meme humor is - I have a couple of rare gems I hold onto!
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    "I don't really have any friends"