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    Congratulations to Epic and RedJustice for taking on an immense role and thank you for doing so many things to help the community over the years, thus earning the trust of the Founders and the support of the members. Congratulations to all the new admins, and generally, to anyone who has ever been dedicated enough to assume those duties and uphold those values. Eternal gratitude to Tort and Maday, the proud founders of the best gaming community pound-for-pound the Internet could ever ask for. No matter how well you know them, it still boggles the mind to consider how much effort and time they poured into all of this, for so many years, and they did it for the love of the gam(e)(ing). I feel "legendary" may be an overstatement in my case, but I am honored to be recognized as a LFM. Although the frequency and consistency of my community time has diminished considerably the past few years, I still care about this community and feel genuine pride for its continued existence and ongoing commitment to fun, inclusiveness, support, and non-toxic gaming, while still allowing for a sense of humor and well-reasoned differences of opinion. The ability to create and implement a clear vision, the will and the effort to build, grow, and sustain a multi-game community, and the wherewithal to keep it going all these years, combine to transcend the idea of a "clan," and to this day I still think we have something special here.
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    I grew up with a lot of encouraging from both my parents, but they also held me to a very high standard. Big victories were celebrated, with a lot more focus on academic things than anything else, and this is the thing I normally revert to if I don't pay close attention to my mental health. But academic or economic success isn't everything, especially if you have a shaky mental health situation, and celebrating small victories sometimes can be life saving, at least in the long run. So, with this in mind, I thought it would be cool to start a thread where we can share our big or small victories of any kind, with the idea of having a reminder to do it whenever we can, celebrating each other's advances, and also a place where we can come back on a rainy day and remember that one day months ago where you were proud of an accomplishment. Don't be shy, it's really important to be able to give yourself credit where it's due. I'll get the ball rolling with a couple of things I could think of today. The first one is that somehow I am passing two of my classes with over 100%, and considering I normally do worse on second semesters I'm actually very proud of this. The second one is that yesterday I managed to call both of my parents, which has been a big challenge since I moved away because it reminds me that I'm not there. It's good for me though, because I miss them and the more time I go without calling them makes me feel awfully guilty and increasingly alone, so I'm very happy that I pushed myself to do it. Now it's your turn! (I got this idea from topics like these, go check them out and be happy and healthy!) https://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/forums/topic/25135-self-care-lets-talk-about-mental-illness/ https://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/forums/topic/25184-somebody-loves-you-come-see-why/ https://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/forums/topic/25781-wholesome-empowering-memes/ https://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/forums/topic/25475-what-do-you-want-in-life/
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    I went on a date for the first time in forever today, with a beautiful man. We ended up just laying in the grass staring at the clouds in the park for hours and just talking. There wasn't any sexual connotation behind it, or aggressive behavior towards that like most men that I've interacted with lately have been. It was just serene, and so easy to open up to him, and him opening up to me. Unfortunately he had to go down to Colorado Springs for the weekend for work, but we had a wonderful time and are planning on getting together again soon, and I'm super excited. It's really hard to get second dates for me, and after how much I've been working lately, and how stressed I've been, today was exactly what I needed.
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    As some of you know, I haven't been on that much. My frustration at League boiled over and I tried different games but still could not get rid of all my built up anger and stress. ***What I'm about to share is pretty personal, I'm very self-aware about it and this post is me kind of conquering it*** I had pretty much become a grumpy, raging asshat. From League of Learning to ranked games - it was becoming intolerable. That carried over to the other games I began trying. My alcoholic behaviors that stemmed from PTSD began controlling most of my life and I had become the atypical fat, grumpy online d-bag. There are probably more than a handful of members who saw some very irritable behavior from me --- For that I apologize. So, I started with the 2 biggest problems -- alcoholism and weight. It began slowly, cooking meals instead of fast food. Wine instead of beer. Slowly cutting portions back until I was comfortable making a big push. Switched to keto. Adjusted alcohol intake until my drinking is pretty much nonexistent. I'm the happiest I've been in years with more energy than I can remember in recent memory. If you're wondering where I've been -- the gym right after work. Cooking and prepping meals. Making progress with my career and personal life that I have left on hold the last 3-4 years. In the end, I've lost 30 pounds in about 5 weeks and have completely transformed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. ** BEFORE AND AFTER PICS - No judging please** Christmas picture with family and today.
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    Members of MadCast, To begin, thank you to all the members who have been a part of 12 years of success. MadCast has lived through three American presidents, the entire MCU catalogue, and two-and-change generations of video games. Some of our members have found their spouses here. Some have formed friendships that have endured for years. We are proud to celebrate our anniversary with an event that has not occurred since our founding: the installation of two new Staff members. It is no secret that the activity level and availability of some of the current Staff have waned as careers, relationships, and other personal reasons vie for their time. While some wanted to take this step sooner, we just didn’t have potential successors available. One thing Staff have always kept of the same thought was that new Staff members should be self-evident; individuals who receive Staff invitations should not be a shock to anyone in the community. Perhaps the timing may be a surprise, but knowing what these individuals are currently doing and what they have done speaks for themselves. Today the MadCast Staff are proud to announce the promotion of MadCast: Epic and MadCast: RedJustice to our ranks. Epic joined MadCast in March of 2012, and has served as both an RFM and SFM over most of that time. In his tenure, Epic has held Head Admin roles for LoL and HotS and also led the now discontinued Mentor Program; outside of official roles, however, his passion for recruiting new members and developing long-running weekly events has had an out-sized impact on the sustainability of the community over the last seven years. Red joined MadCast in April of 2013, and has since served as both an RFM and SFM. Red has been a part of building several game branches over her tenure, including Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar. Many of her contributions are in a more private capacity, such as conversations with other admins and policy discussions on the forums; her perspective has been essential in challenging the community and its administration to refine and evolve our conventions while preserving our culture. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming MadCast: Epic and MadCast: RedJustice to the rank of MadCast Staff! Alongside this change, we would like to announce the creation of a new role in MadCast, the LFM (Legendary Full Member). We value every member who has ever served in an admin rank. However, there are certain individuals whose impact will endure for as long as MadCast exists. This new rank is intended to acknowledge their lasting contribution to the community. Please join us in honoring the inaugural LFMs: MadCast: Malacca, MadCast: Scooba, and MadCast: LTTelamon; from time to time, Staff may elect to grant this rank to other members. LFMs are exempt from losing their tags due to activity or contributions. Additionally, we would like to announce the appointment of two new SFMs to fill the vacancies left by Red and Epic. Based on the results of the last election, the Admin Team is happy to welcome back MadCast: Mike, and equally excited to welcome MadCast: KittyStark. We look forward to working with them through the end of Cycle XXXII, as everyone adjusts to these changes. Finally, we would like to extend both an invitation and a challenge to the community at large: if you have a desire to serve the community, to build leadership skills, to work alongside thoughtful and dedicated individuals, there is no better time to step forward. MadCast Administration can at times be hard or frustrating, but it is always rewarding. If you are interested in joining the Admin team, please contact Epic, Munsa, or Red.
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    MadCast: bigdommer

    I made a human.

    Just thought I'd share with those of you in that did not know, my first child was born 12/19 at 9:57 AM. I haven't slept since
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    His worn, tired eyes traveled down the road. The sky was dark. Then again, the sky had been dark for a century, maybe longer, and it would not be light again. The lanterns flickered on the wooden poles. Maybe one in every four gave off continual light. The foggy darkness of early morning would not yield to such a weak attempt to throw off the night. The morning mist was fine, and cold, and reminded him he was alive. Well, he was corporeal, at least. The poor languishing dead between this world and the spirit realm were alive, too, but not like this. Not like him. The air was calm around him, and he suppressed a shudder at the chill. The daisho on his hips rattled anyway, for the shudder could not be contained. Not many carried both anymore- what ceremony required the wakizashi in this broken world? Honor had left, taken its absence with the sun. His eyes wandered back to the Hokora and he knelt. Some felt it foolish to give prayers to those who had taken the sun. He did not brook with those. Did the kami of the mountain take the sun? Did the ancestors rise up to pollute the sky, to make crops fail in the earth? The fools who blamed all spirits were those doomed to be haunted, fail, and join them. A meaningless half-life between Nihon-that-was and the spiritual realm- forever purged and comingled such that all that remains is the honorless misery of one and the desperate hopelessness of the other. He did not intend to join those ranks today, or tomorrow. He offered his prayer to the Kami of the road shrine because to do otherwise was foolish. The Dragons, The Princes, The Oni were to blame; a proper daisho the only real weapon against such. He tapped the edge of his wide-brimmed hat to shake the mist from it, and found his feet again. His eyes traveled down the road again and he felt his breath catch in his throat. Those colors... He could not know the man from this distance, but he knew the shape- an unkempt warrior with the same eyes as his, staring his direction. Certainly, the unkempt vermin had recognized the colors worn on his opposite as well. He dropped his hands to the daisho and gripped them as if to draw both, an unorthodox style even in Edo. He cracked his mouth with some effort and called out neutrally. "Early, my friend, to be on this road. Lost, perhaps?"
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    Oh hey, I have an adorable cat, too! Her name is Suki. I recently was forced to make an instagram, because my friends and family from Chile want to see what I'm up to, but I mostly take pictures of Suki, so here's some of them!! (In the spoiler, they're kinda big and I can't be bothered to make them smaller, sorry) I think she's 8 or 9 years old now, I adopted her when she was just a couple of months old, and as you can probably tell we're pretty inseparable. She likes to sit on my books or notebooks when I'm studying, and on my arm or mouse when playing league. She also sometimes channels her inner parrot, and sits on my shoulders or back. Since she didn't grow up in California, she's convinces she's still an apex predator, like she was in Chile, where she'd just hunt whatever she wanted (Lizards, birds, horrible rats), but now there's owls and rattlesnakes and coyotes, so her prowling around the back yard is always under strict supervision, sadly. (I know bells aren't good for them, but she really blends in with the scenery and I've already had a couple of freakouts about not finding her.)
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    Everything is a sandwhich if you try hard enough. Everything is a sandwhich if you try hard enough.
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    It's been some time since I've made any recommendations, and I think it's time to make BAAL's day busier. Community Glue - I see @MadCast: Kitty Stark constantly playing with the new guys and getting them involved in games. Copious Content Creator - @MadCast: The Prince, @MadCast: Pushover, @MadCast: HyndeSyte2020, @MadCast: Sleepcoma all produced a ton of content, often very useful guides, for our games now and of yore and have not received this badge yet. Donor/Repeating Donor Commendation - @MadCast: Vyoletta, @MadCast: Support Welfare, @MadCast: Usefully Useless, @MadCast: Shattered, @MadCast: Daddy, @MadCast: Lurama, @MadCast: CoachRivers, @MadCast: Aeryx, @MadCast: Epic, @MadCast: Bainick, @MadCast: majorhoward all donated in the last month and were part of us hitting those goals in the donation drive. FM-Run Event- @MadCast: Kitty Stark, @MadCast: majorhoward , @MadCast: Al Shifra all ran an event as an FM quite recently. Year Recognition- Currently, no one has their 'insert year' recognition awards. That's a big elephant to eat, but I think it'd be awesome to get started on it. Playing Old School- @MadCast: BedderDanu, @MadCast: Vyoletta , @MadCast: Stan and @MadCast: rife170 all have deffo earned this award for running tabletop campaigns. Event Engineer - My dataset was limited to the Event forum. Tier 3 - @MadCast: rife170, @MadCast: Scooba, @MadCast: Soupcup, @MadCast: Stan, @MadCast: Angelix, @MadCast: RedJustice have all run more than 25 events yet lack this award! Tier 2 - @MadCast: Shenaniquin , @MadCast: Mastodon, @MadCast: QuantaMentat, @MadCast: Butterslit have all made it to ten or more events! Tier 1 - @MadCast: CoachRivers, @MadCast: Lurama, @MadCast: ThatAgent, @MadCast: Sanjoall hit this mark. If anyone reading this is aware of people running events, not in the event forum, see if you can reasonably guestimate how many they ran and recommend them for the appropriate award! That's all I felt I had reliable data on (or could dig up). Let's get the awards rolling out- some of these were far too long overdue.
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    In the interest of helping you out, I will be completely blunt about my thoughts about you/advice to you, apologies if I hurt your feelings. Hopefully I'm not out of place, since advice on why you failed your candidacy is usually reserved for the RFMs/SFMs. I also don't mean to come across as condescending in any way, I myself need to improve in many of these areas. You like to throw shade (especially at MajorHoward). This is fine. Giving each other crap is a time-honored MadCast tradition. We give each other crap about our misplays, mistakes, etc. It's all in good fun. Just know that when you start giving someone crap about something, you are marking yourself as a legitimate target for crap being thrown back at you. It's all in good fun. However, it seems you get defensive when people throw shade back at you. When you get defensive, it's a lot less fun for everyone (people worry that they've offended you), and in some ways you are implying 'I'm allowed to give you crap, but you aren't allowed to give me crap.' If you are being sarcastic about being defensive, you need to make it more obvious, because I for one can't tell. Learn to recognize when you are tilted, and don't play if you are tilted. After the game ends, take a short break to do something else, get a snack, play a single player game, whatever you need to do to calm down. Everyone who gets tilted plays badly, and tends to spread their negative attitude to other people. When you are super frustrated with the game, you play badly, blame others for your own mistakes, and don't learn anything. Come back with a fresh perspective. Some people either don't tilt, or are able to quickly get out of a bad mental state after the game, but I don't believe you are one of them. You say that you can't recognize when you are tilted, but it's a vital skill to learn both in game and in real life. Some obvious tells are when you know something is a bad idea, but you are doing it anyways, blaming your team or someone/something else outside your control for just about anything, greeding super hard for kills, and more. You get negative very easily, and stay very vocal when you are in a negative state of mind. If you can't stay positive, stay quiet. If you can't stay quiet, mute yourself. This is something that I know a few people will do when they get tilted, even within MadCast. As the saying goes, 'if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing.' Instead of griping about how far behind you are, talk about what you need to do to get back in the game, whether it be a successful gank or roam from another lane, just some time to free farm, etc. Add positives to your negatives, so instead of 'dammit I died to a gank', go with 'dammit i died to a gank, bot has no flash. Can we get a gank when we are back in lane?' This is something I know I need to work on, especially when I am tired. Avoid cracking jokes on touchy subjects. Using words like 'rape' can make people uncomfortable. Some people are okay with it, but within MadCast, most of us are not, and jokes about touchy subjects are seen as tasteless and immature. An innuendo on occasion is par for the course, but sometimes enough is enough, and it's on you to learn what the limits are within MadCast, and read the social cues that people are becoming uncomfortable. Think before cracking a joke. If you would not make the joke in front of your boss/professor, it's probably not a good idea to make the joke in MadCast. Don't offer advice on people's play often unless asked for it. This was something I had to learn back in my candidacy. It's frustrating to people when they are performing poorly, and someone is trying to micromanage their play. If you really have the need to offer advice to people, start with something like "I think/feel like you should have done X" or "Next time you should do X", or "Maybe it would have gone better if you did X" it comes across a lot better than saying "You should have done X." Saying "You should have done X" can come across as admonishing someone, rather than offering helpful advice. If someone gets defensive about your advice, don't argue, stop giving it to them entirely. I am breaking this rule with this post. Own your mistakes, both ingame and out, especially if you are also giving advice to people. If you don't own your mistakes, you come across as potentially one of those people who can do no wrong, but blames their team for everything. You clearly aren't like that, but you don't want to give people that impression. Owning your mistakes also gives others the chance to offer you advice in turn, which can help you improve your skills. You get excited easily. There's nothing wrong with this. You are also very vocal about your excitement. Nothing wrong with this either. The problem is that you will often dominate the voice chat. I know a lot of people complained that it can be hard to get a word in when playing with you, especially if there is someone else who is very vocal in the channel as well. When 2 people talk at once, the only people who understand anything are the 2 people who are talking. For this reason, most MadCast members will quiet down if someone else starts talking, generally assuming that whatever the other person is saying is more important than what they are saying. Talk about actions ingame takes priority over talking about stuff outside the game. If you want to just chat/complain about champions, chat between games or go to a different channel. It's clear you want to be a member of MadCast. This is a good thing, but myself and many others view you as currently too socially immature to be a person who represents MadCast. You are learning and improving, but the SFMs vote on your candidacy shows that they did not believe you were fit to wear the MadCast tag yet. I have nothing against you, and I don't think anyone in MadCast harbors ill will towards you. It's just for many people, it can be frustrating or tiring dealing with you as you are learning social skills. I for one think that if you stick around, improve your social skills, then reapply, you can successfully join MadCast.
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    Depends on your ranking in the hierarchy of the pedantry club.
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    I stayed during the entire Town Hall and actively listened as much as possible. I have intense public speaking anxiety, so I don't usually listen. I instead follow the chat. It was very, very worth it to hear everyone's voices for a change, and it challenged me to practice coping techniques for anxiety. I really look up to people like @MadCast: Kitty Stark who are able to sound so charming and confident in front of a whole group of people.
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    We went out for a lunch date and had a wonderful waitress, so we left a $7 tip on a $20 meal. I've worked in the food industry for years and I really appreciated her hard work, and it also made me very happy knowing that I am financially stable enough to at least do that for someone else. I know that any tip over $5 was rare for me when I worked as a server and it was miserable to work really hard and depend on people who usually didn't appreciate it. I'm more leaving this to remind myself in the future because yesterday as a whole was really nice. I also could have called into work last night since I was unwell Thursday night and felt very tired, but I forced myself to go and it was crazy busy at first, so I'm glad I was there to help my boss. She thanked me for working hard and let me leave an hour early anyway so it all worked out.
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    @Hitori has received the necessary votes and is now a Full Member of MadCast. Please join me in welcoming our newest FM: MadCast: Hitori Hitori, you have 10 days to reply that you have read and agree to the Terms of Full Membership. Your permissions will then be updated and your transition to full membership will be complete. Congratulations!
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    I agree that pineapple pizza is, perhaps, the pinnacle of pizza.
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    Your recognition at this rank is well deserved and well earned. Congratulations to our new Staff members. To the entire community, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you over the years. I move on knowing the community is in good hands.
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    MadCast: doublestufforeo has applied to become a RFM and successfully garnered the 75% vote required and has thus earned RFM status. Please join me in congratulating MadCast: doublestufforeo as our newest addition to the admin ranks. @MadCast: doublestufforeo, Please Grab Your Hammer and Make Your Way Here. Congratulations!
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    I vote yes. Ah shit, wrong subforum.
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    Ok, so this is probably going to be rambling and random, but it's something I've been contemplating and something very personal to me. Sorry if this is hard to follow but I'll do my best to keep my thoughts organized. I promise there is a point to it all if you can manage to read it through to the end. For those of you that don't know me on a very personal level (~98% of you), I have struggled on and off with depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and social anxiety since I was about age 10, and I'm now almost 23. Without going into unnecessary detail, these mental illnesses caused such a severe effect on my life that I struggled throughout school and dropped out a few months before high school graduation. I've been on a couple different sleeping aids and antidepressants, spent a week in a psych ward, and have seen a dozen different therapists in that time. Even now, after being in a steady relationship for 5 years with someone who wholeheartedly supports me and calms me down from panic and soothes my anxiety, I struggle on a daily basis. Lately it's taken an extreme effort to get out of bed, to force myself to eat once a day and to not just lay on the floor and cry, to just keep going. When I get on to the Discord I feel waves of panic, even as I joke along and confidently chat with everyone. The idea that everyone who listens to me secretly hates me, that I come off as annoying, or that my lack of skill in games frustrates teammates who pity me too much to say anything... cycles through my head. I know I have a few good friends here already, and in some ways that makes it worse. Instead of fearing that they dislike me, I instead tell myself I'm stupid for having social anxiety, and the depression and self-hate increase while my head still has anxiety on a back burner. All of these issues can be suffocating when they snowball like this. I'd be lying if I told you I haven't muted myself to cry for a few minutes in the middle of a game just because someone else yelled about something that wasn't even directed at me. Why am I sharing this? I guess the main reason is because I know I'm not the only one who suffers like this. I'm not the only one who sits in silence, behind a forced laugh and the distraction of video games, hiding my pain because bothering friends with it seems so much worse. I'm not looking for attention or pity, but rather to spread awareness for the people who are fortunate enough not to have these types of inner demons. I also want to extend a hand, to any of you who have your own demons to fight. I have no room to judge, and I will fiercely listen to you and give you all of my support and advice if that's what you want. It's not easy to struggle with any kind of mental illness, even with the support of loved ones around you. If they haven't had the same struggles, it can be difficult to understand how your mind works and processes emotions. I snap at my husband over nothing, only to turn around and cry and beg him to forgive me while he just sits there wondering what just happened. If you need a safe place to vent without a fear of being judged, if your soul begs to spill out what you're too scared to say, then let it be here. If this is too public or intimidating for you, my PMs are always open on Discord or even my Instagram. If I had the kind of support 6 years ago that I do now, I probably would not have dropped out. If I knew I wasn't alone and had the advice of other people who struggled with the same things, I could have saved myself and my mother a lot of grief and worry. I want to be that support for other people, because by helping others like me I will grow myself and get stronger. I also happily open the floor to anyone who has been affected, personally or by a loved one, that would like to share their stories. Anyone who would like to comment on the perception of mental illness in modern society or offer a new kind of advice or support system or even a funny video to help us get through the day. I want this thread to be about people who need help, and people who are willing to offer it.
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    They grow up so fast...
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    Striker, almost 2 years old.
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    I haven't a video camera capable of interfacing with my computer, but this is my dog, the one that youse lot are all so used to hearing on coms, name of Saoirse, just over a year old now.
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    Date: 8/9/2018 Title: Best Flash NA Tristana @MadCast: Mike This gif was created with love and and at the express consent of all involved...except Mike (who "I DO NOT CONSENT" then "idc lol"; enjoy! Tangentially related; adding the caption to .gif was the only way it would create; not sure why. https://giphy.com/gifs/9JgqoCijJ64iPKzYIB
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    Already losing that race... Thank you folks!
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    MadCast: doublestufforeo

    The Outplay!

    Wanted to share this clip from tonight, pretty proud of it, my Thresh is definitely improving. Pretty fucking hilarious moment because I was talking about being @MadCast: Epic's savior as this was happening. 😂 Feel free to share any fun clips you have. Also apologies for the potato of shame quality.
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    This is Dragon, he is a chud and a goon. This is Boudica, who used to be this fearless little runt but now is also a goon.
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    MadCast: Baal

    Who here are musicians?

    @MadCast: narucabra We were down at his family's beach house just jamming a bit, using the main riff from Cashmere as our home base and he noticed that I played it with a different pattern than he did. I stretched from the 5th fret to the 12th for the last bit instead of moving up a string to play on the 7th and he said I had "mutant hands" and should try bass, and handed me his. Learning the strumming/picking patterns was probably the trickiest part, but I have always preferred fingerstyle so I just practiced some simple pentatonic blues runs until I got more used to the stretch and spread. Slap is just fun. basically play it like you hate your instrument and just want to beat the hell out of it lol.
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    The Staff and admins of MadCast Gaming wish you a joyfilled holiday season. Each year, our admins and Staff give a large portion of their free time to provide content for MadCast and assure the community runs smoothly. However, MadCast has always held strongly to the principle that RL takes precedence and the holidays are a time to be spent with your family. Thus, MadCast Holiday begins today, December 24, and ends January 2. During this period, administrative responsibilities and obligations are likely to be delayed. No candidate votes will take place during this period, no scheduled events will be run, and you may notice a decreased admin presence. Please feel free to game as usual, if that's how you want to spend your holiday time. Please also note that elections will follow shortly after regular MadCast activity resumes in January. From all of us, please have a wonderful holiday, enjoy the time with your families, and we'll see you all in 2019.
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    Pushover’s Perfect Postgame - The forum thread where Pushover talks you through the replays and teaches you the 3 P’s of league of legends: Preperation, Power, and Flaming teammates. Coming soon.
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    I have been working little by little over the last couple months on a project to build a home made arcade cabinet for my living room. I have had the idea in the back of my mind for a few years now but finally got the push I needed to start the project. I did a ton of research online on what materials to use, how to put it together, how big I wanted it, what I'd need to do to make it sturdy enough. Eventually I took the plunge and started getting the materials together. It was a much bigger undertaking than I thought it was. One thing I realized pretty fast though is that there really isn't a "wrong" way to go about putting it together. I kept track of my build progress at the request of my Mom as she is in a different state and can't keep tabs on me. I figure I'd throw some of the photos up on here for the fun of it as I feel pretty proud of how it turned out. By no means is it pretty or eloquent but it was fun as hell to build and I learned a lot about what to do and not do if I build another one. I have had a few people at work already ask if I'd be willing to sell it or build them a smaller one. Here is the controller pad and the guts for it. The framework and it fully assembled and in my living room. I still have a few things to do to it like make a graphic for the name plate and back light it as well as put a shelf in the bottom but for now its sitting in my living room and I have already put a few hours into it.
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    MadCast: tacobellah

    BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    So as a few of you know I have recently been processing out of the Air Force and my last day was supposed to be Thursday, well long story short when I made E5 I put in my application to stay in which was initially denied by my squadron leadership. well I got a call today and the wing commander approved my application!!!!!!! that means I am staying in the military! It is super rare that the wing commander would approve it after my squadron commander didn't so I am super lucky. I cant even express how excited I am but that being I have a lot to do to prove myself. I will have a fitness test at the end of this month and leadership school next month. I will still be on and around some but not as much as I have the last couple of weeks. Wish me luck everyone and thanks for all the support I have here <3
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    I write tonight to kickoff the 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive. As you know, funding for MadCast assets comes largely from the community. This includes the website and other MadCast resources. Please note: no one has ever, in the history of the community, been required to donate or pay money to retain MadCast membership. Please do not feel the need to post if you cannot donate. I assure you, we understand. However, for those of you who are financially capable of doing so, we urge you to consider supporting the community through donations during the drive. I will sweeten the pot by offering this, at the outset: at the conclusion of the drive, I will randomly select a donor above $25. That donor will receive 3 hours of games with yours truly, and perhaps some admin friends! You pick the game! My occasions to game are less frequent than they once were, but this drive is important to the community, and I'll make time to honor this offer. We are setting the goal for this year's drive at $800. This drive will last for two weeks. Other incentives to donate may be added as time goes on. I will keep the community posted on our progress as the drive progresses by bumping this thread. If you wish to be anonymous, please indicate so in your donation, and we'll ensure your name is not posted. To donate, please hit the Donations tab above, and follow the instructions. Select September 2018 when you have a chance to select the month for which you're donating. Please also think about setting up a recurring donation to support the community. It's easy to do and makes the finances of the community much easier to manage. We greatly appreciate our recurring donors. If you have the ability to support the community, I ask you to do so. Even small donations are meaningful. Thank you in advance for your contribution to help keep MadCast a place we can all enjoy for years to come. 0---------100--------200---------300--------400--------500--------600--------700--------800!XXXXX WE DID IT! Updated September 23, 2018. Drive Ends September 26, 2018.
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    Good morning all, and welcome to another fun-filled Thursday of adulting. But worry not! I am here to take you all on a journey of Learning tonight at 9 EST! There will be hardships, victories, and losses to await you. But statistically, only @MadCast: TheMaesen and @MadCast: Icarus's teams will have to suffer the losses. Come join us early in Discord to be sorted to our respective teams. We will then play two games and tell our opponents how fantastic they are for beating us after each game, while harboring no ill will at all. I will see you all before 9 EST tonight!
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    I am hosting an event for anyone who likes social deduction games (think werewolf/mafia/assassins/The Resistance/Murder Mystery Party/etc.). On August 18th, at 2PM PST/5PM EST, we will be playing as many games of 'Two Rooms and a Boom' as we can. The rules for the game are simple- Everyone is separated into two (Discord) Voice Channels, and teams are randomly assigned, with one person being the President on the Blue team, and one person being the Bomber on the Red team. In this tense hostage situation, you can trust no one- and the elected leader of each room will send one (or more people) as a trade between rooms as people desperately try to figure out who is working for who, where the President is, and more importantly, where is the bomb?! After 3-6 rounds of typically less than 5 minutes, the final trade occurs. If the Bomber is where the President is, the Blue team loses. If the President and the bomber are in two different rooms, then the red team loses. A more thorough explanation will be provided at game time. Games typically take less than thirty minutes, and I'm looking forward to getting as many people together as possible and getting as many rounds in as we feel like. Please post below to show your interest and help me get a good idea of the size of the crowd we'll see that day. Instructions and Rules: Goal: Blue Team- At the end of the game, for the President to not share a room with the bomber. Red Team- At the end of the game, for the President to share a room with the bomber. Gambler- At the end of the game, before the team victory is announced, they must predict who will win publicly. If correct, the Gambler wins with that team. How to Play: The group will be divided into equal groups and separated into two Discord rooms. Everyone is given a character card. This is considered secret info unless shared. A 3 minute (or longer) timer is started. The following occurs: 1. A leader is selected. The first person nominated by someone other than themselves becomes the leader of that room. Leaders may be deposed/changed by the current leader giving leadership to a willing player, or by a majority vote of confidence. You can call for the replacement leader to be yourself, unlike the original nomination of a leader. Leaders choose who hostages are each round, but cannot choose themselves. Myself and any chosen volunteers will be in rooms to verify these changes. 2. During the 3+ minutes of the round, you converse with the people in the room with you. You may speak publicly in voice, you may show the entire room your card by announcing your color and role, or you may private message/query anyone IN your room in Discord to privately share cards or discuss teams. The rules at this time: You must stay in that (discord channel) room unless you move to the other room as a hostage later. If you ask to share cards, you must share cards both ways- there is no 'tricking' someone into telling you their card and not telling them back. You can ONLY share cards with someone in your room. If you are later in different rooms, please refrain from messaging that person again for the duration of that game/your time in different rooms. If there are 10 or more players, you may share only the color instead of the whole card (color and role). If you set up color and role, you must show color and role back. You are welcome to lie, bluff, mislead, organize, etc. as much as you want, but you must be completely honest when sharing cards with someone as a trade. (e.g. you can tell the entire room that you are blue, or you can try to get the room to share colors verbally, but if you and someone else are going to share cards, you must TELL THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH about your color and role (unless only sharing color in a 10+ person game). 3. When the round timer ends, Leaders pick 1 hostage (potentially more in a large game- I will instruct if different) to trade rooms. Leaders cannot pick themselves. When leaders have figured out who to trade, the trade happens, and a 2 minute (or longer) timer begins. The third round is 1 (or more) minutes long. More rounds, or longer rounds, may be instituted to facilitate better play in a voice server vs. a physical house as needed. You will be aware of any changes to the rules. 4. We determine who wins by having the President, the Bomber, and everyone else reveal who they are.
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    I'm totally with you there. At the very least they should be able to refund the difference if you were to opt to purchase it at full price. However, you could consider waiting for BFV. I have a suspicion that those of us that were playing BF1 heavily lately will be picking that up after we're sure it isn't going to be an EA flop.
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    RedJustice pointed this out to me earlier and I had to post this because its just awesome. What are the odds that that random message would pop up for that join.
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    Shattered, ParemjonCheese, Coach Rivers, Llama, and Draxx all met up in St Louis for a ball game and Drinks. This is shattered at First Pitch. Parmejon is taking the pictures, but it won't let him upload pics Right to Left Parmejon, Llama, Shattered, Draxx, and Coach Rivers
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    I am a support main because I only really play the support role in normals and ranked play. I have been playing this role since 2011 when I started playing LoL! The support role is the lowest popularity role in ranked play, along with jungle. What this means is that most people who main support are not forced to pick a secondary role because the role is unpopular. I might get filled to another lane in about 2% of all normals or ranked games that I choose support. I am always happy to take another role, however, it's important for people to realize that my skill in a non-support champion or role is substantially worse (I feel like the term doesn't even do it justice) than my skill when playing support. With enough games, I can get into low gold pretty consistently playing caster/healing support champions. It is no joke to say that if I was playing anything else, I would be scraping the bottom of Bronze 5. I'm sure with enough practice I would improve some, but the point is I don't get that practice because I am a support main and I basically always get to play support when I solo-queue. I have never been under the impression that anyone is pointing out the support main issue in a derogatory way, just in an effort to help balance teams. There is absolutely nothing negative about the term from an individual perspective, but it is problematic when doing in-houses. You could have a team of 4 support mains who are all in Gold, vs a team who all mains their roles who are also in Gold, and it will be horribly unbalanced.
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    Hey guys, sorry for taking a day or two on this, I was working camp all day yesterday and we had a small medical emergency afterwards, so I was tied up a little longer than I expected to be (everything turned out fine). I really appreciate all of the feedback and effort so far, and I want to respond in a complete way. I'm gonna start with the common themes across the posts so far, then move into some of the more specific things. I'm going to tag you all so it alerts you, because I don't want to post a full page of quotes from everyone: @MadCast: tacobellah @MadCast: TheMaesen @MadCast: Pushover @MadCast: HyndeSyte2020 @MadCast: Lurama @MadCast: Icarus The first pertaining to attendance: We do apply the attendance policy when registering. One of the registration rules that is included in the registration OP is that: By registering, you are inherently agreeing to the MadCast event Attendance Policy, and you are expected to adhere to it. Failure to abide by the Attendance Policy can result in administrative action against your participation from future season(s). To me, this means that you must be available at least some of the time. I hesitate to add a "minimum attendance" clause just because of how unpredictable real life is. I don't want to handcuff myself to a written figure or policy where I might have to make an exception. I will disclose that there will be consequences for those who were not available for at least one match this season. Attendance has been a problem we've been dealing with with increasing success for the first three seasons, and I'm happy to report that we had exclusively original roster players for each team for every match at the default time except for two, where real life circumstances forced us to use an outside sub. There were no reschedules to the secondary match time on Sunday either, which is the first instance of this in this event's short history. I also expanded the roster already to 8 or 9 players each team. Expanding any more could result in less teams, unless we are able to expand the player base of the event. Competitive balance: This is always difficult, especially when we allow teams to sign up fully pre-made. Other than dispersing some of the free agents who did sign up as substitutes, people tended to pick their squads. I will admit this the first time we dealt with this particular variance of imbalancing. I do love this idea: A captains' draft is honestly something that never really crossed my mind as an option, so I'm glad it was brought up. I also understand this facet of the issue with drafting (even though I disagree that kyro is better than me lol): It's a challenge, but if we can hit it right with who is captains, it may be our best shot. Obviously after this season we need to make some sort of change, and drafting is an early favorite in my eyes. As for scheduling/time slots: When we started this event about a year back (wow it's been that long), we did allow for the teams to schedule their games as they saw fit. Needless to say, it was a struggle trying to get everyone together on one night. I believe @MadCast: Baal referred to it as "gathering cats" or something along those lines. We ended up playing LESS games that season, and as a result, we moved things to a default, once a week match time with a secondary option. This has been more of a success. Unfortunately, I know that finding a time where everyone can attend is difficult, and I do feel for people who cannot make the default match times. Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere, and provide a couple of default days? The Bo1/Bo3 Idea: I like this. As long as people are open to possibly playing more than one game a week, I think moving to a Bo1 is worth talking about and exploring. Again, you start to tread the difficulty of finding weeknights to get 10 people together, but I feel for one game it would be easier than a Bo3. I hope some of this insight helps, please continue to post feedback and feel free to respond and disagree/come at something from a different angle, I love discussion and improvement for an event that's close to my heart
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    Definitely too many days for easy reading. Whatever. Another year of not dying is probably worth celebrating, @MadCast Maday.
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    MadCast: crippledcookie

    Thank you!

    Just saw that I had a Award for Fellowship Commendation. I would to thank who ever that was and also say that it is a huge boost to me. I love this community and all it is. I am happy to have come across this great place. Thank you all and have a great day!
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    I'm back at it again, this time with a chibi-fied Conan the Barbarian for @MadCast: CoachRivers! Making cute muscles was a challenge but I had a lot of fun coloring it
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    As we are with our friends and families today, I am thankful to have a community of whom l consider great friends. Through better or worse, MadCast Gaming has made 2018 a great year for me and I wanted to share my sentiments on a holiday where we let our sentiments be known. Merry Christmas MCG!! Enjoy your friends and family, eat , drink and be merry!
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    The holiday season is in full swing and that means it is time for this year's MadCast Angel drive. While many of us are afforded the privilege of thinking about what we want or what we want to get for our loved ones, there are many out there thinking about HOW they are going to make it through this holiday season. MadCast has a proud tradition of providing for those who cannot provide for themselves. Started by one of our founders, our very own @MadCast Tort one day simply asked our small band of brothers and sisters if we wanted to go in on a gift for a child he had picked off of a Salvation Army Angel Tree. The reception was quite positive and every year we've continued the tradition. Check out some of the awesome work from years past here: 2010 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Over the last few years the personalization that once existed started to fade away. Once we were buying an itemized list of gifts for a 6 year old boy named Chase. Later it became "Boy - Age 6". I have done some looking around trying to find something that was a bit more personal with the intent of having a more direct impact rather than our contributions being sorted and distributed. This year we are going to support a women's shelter that is hosting a Santa's Workshop. Mutual Ground supports women and children who are victims or witnesses to both physical and sexual abuse. Often times leaving a situation like that also means leaving behind your possessions. This year they will separate the children and parents into different rooms and allow them to pick from donated gifts to offer to their child/parent. They will then wrap them and open up their presents on Christmas. The window for this years donations is smaller. I need to have everything in their hands by the first Friday in December. That means we will run the donation drive through December 4th. To contribute simply donate to MadCast and in the note field type "MadCast Angel". All contributions are welcome and no contribution is too small. We understand that not everyone cannot afford to contribute a monetary value. You can still support the cause by spreading the word so as many people know about this as possible. Please do not post stating you are unable to contribute. Keep all posts on-topic and positive. If this is your first year participating in the drive you will receive a MadCast Angel badge upon completion. This thread will be updated regularly to reflect the contributions received. Donation Total: $522 Contributors bait Disma QuantaMentat Epic Scaldo LTTelamon CoachRivers Lurama Emaxxy Results Shopping is complete. We were asked specifically to contribute to the adult category and that gift cards go a long way. I still had to make sure we got the little ones some sweet gifts as well. When all is said and done this years MadCast Angel yielded: $120 raised (via Facebook fund raiser) $25 x2 Wallmart Gift Card donations $619.72 spent on gifts Total: $789.92 worth of contributions. Take a bow everyone. PHOTO ALBUM
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    MadCast: Wazap

    Spanish Words.

    In honor to @MadCast: The Öutcast. Word of the day: Pato(noun). Ducks are aquatic birds - Patos son aves acuaticas Do you want to buy a duck? - Tu quieres comprar un pato? (Informal) - Usted quisiera comprar un pato? (Formal) The duck was delicious - El pato estaba delicioso "Pato" could also be slang for "little bitch", and/or a derogatory term for "homosexual" in some Spanish-speaking countries, so be careful with the context when you use this word. Example: You are such a little bich - Tu si eres pato Stop being so gay - Deja de ser tan pato. Side note: The severity of this term changes depending on context, and/or country, but its better for non-native speakers to avoid it unless 100% comfortable with the language, and the person you are using it on.
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    MadCast: Daddy

    PC Build Contest!

    I am having a competition for who can make the best gaming PC build with a budget of $2000-2500 Canadian Dollars or $1908 USD. There will be 2 prizes, for first place you will receive 50$ and for second place it will be a 25$ prize! ***Monitors and other exterior items are NOT required *** The decision will be based upon 1) Looks ( visible interior, colorful or plain etc...) 2) Power 3) Price (stay within budget range) 4) Compatibility Lastly, you will have one week to come up with your build! The winners will be mentioned in the comments and private messaged. (Feels free to ask any questions) Good luck and happy building!
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    Now you can sit at Diamond 4!
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    @MadCast: Disma is a big Train fan.