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  1. So glad I decided to start him this morning
  2. I am still interested, just couldn't make it to the draft once it was changed from Saturday
  3. I'd be down for this. Fallen: Soldier>Sniper>Spy
  4. No, no. Now everything is right with the world. Also this was the first ever game I played, so it looks like you guys will have to keep looking for a game I can't win at
  5. I am definitely interested in this
  6. And Daniel Alfredsson just went to the Red Wings. This is a crazy day for free agent signings
  7. Been my home page for the last 5 years
  8. They gave up on Seguin way too early IMO. He's so young and has so much potential to be a superstar
  9. Welcome, and as Andromeda already said it's nice to see someone else from the Mile High City!
  10. You were saying? Was really fun even though I got in late!