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    Hi My Name Is Kelcy but I also go by Kelica. Iv been a gamer for going on almost 10 years now starting with my first MMORPG gw1. Im a very open person, love to learn new things. I believe that variety in games keeps you sane.
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    Cooking,Reading and Gaming
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    Madcast Kelica
  1. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Thanks for everyone who showed up and sung there hearts look forward to doing it again soon.
  2. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Bump. This is tonight guys!!!
  3. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Just giving this a little bump. This is Sunday guys!
  4. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    The more the merrier. Would love to make this an on going thing. Look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday!
  5. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    I personally would love to hear Epic sing
  6. Whats your favourite book?

    There a too many to pick. Im huge fan of Anne Rice. Interview with a vampire is one of my favorites.
  7. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Maybe coming to listen to some Disney songs will turn your miserable bitter heart into a human that can love again.
  8. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    Anyone is welcome. Disney always brings out the inner child. Look forward to seeing you all there
  9. MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

    MadCast: Karaoke Theme: Disney Sunday 10th of June @ 8PM EST Hosted By: MadCast: Baal & MadCast: Kelica Rules 1. Either turn on push to talk or mute your mic while people are singing. 2. Use continuous transmission while singing. 3. Do not record anyone singing (other than yourself). 4. You do -not- have to sing to hang out! 5. Have fun!
  10. Gaming Slump

    This had been extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch guys
  11. Gaming Slump

    Lately iv been losing my interest in games. I'll sit there for what seems like hours chose a game, get bored and log out after about 5-10 mins. Just want to know if anyone has gone through this? Or is there a way to get out of this slump.
  12. "easy" heroes

    I really enjoy support hero's. Lili and Auriel are my 2 go to champs when I dont have to think about what Im doing.
  13. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta

    I dont joke about anything stardew valley related my friend. I believe it supports up to 4 people but I haven't read a lot into yet.
  14. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta

    For anyone interested the beta for the multiplayer of stardew valley just came out. Im looking for some like minded peeps, that are as hyped as me to play to play with. Hit me with a message on the forums or in discord!
  15. Deckard Cain - next HotS character

    Deckard Cain has always been a favorite of mine in the diablo games. Also being a support main its got me even more excited to try something new.