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    Hi My Name Is Kelcy but I also go by Kelica. Iv been a gamer for going on almost 10 years now starting with my first MMORPG gw1. Im a very open person, love to learn new things. I believe that variety in games keeps you sane.
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    Cooking,Reading and Gaming
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    Madcast Kelica
  1. The more the merrier I say
  2. Season 10 begins on the 31st of this month
  3. I'll be running in the new season as well, so If anyone wants to team up and roll together Im happy too
  4. I was hoping to get them done online, just looking for some direction
  5. I need a few ideas on design and the best place to go to get them done as well
  6. Hey guys, my best friend is getting married and I have been left with the task of organizing her bridal shower. I was looking for a MadCast member who has some design talent to help me with the invitations. If this is you please feel to reply on this post or pm me.
  7. Sleepcoma has always been a soild gw2 supporter. Regardless, I will be updating the game over the weekend and will be starting back early next.
  8. Hey guys, Its been a good year if not more since I've played gw2. I was planning on starting back again, but with my long absence from the game I'm afraid i'v forgotten how to play it for the most part. I was hope in the next few weeks to start playing again and was going to ask if anyone would like to join me?
  9. I've played probably about a half hour of it and it seems fun. Would like toplay some more with you guys
  10. I got email today about being in a closed being in a closed beta for revaltions. Anyone else playing this
  11. Welcome to the community, look forward to playing with you
  12. I followed your steps, fingers crossed it all works now.
  13. I have recently got my internet back up and running my only issues now is this error message I keep getting. "Fail to load dlls. Please install VGA driver" anyone have an idea on what I can do to fix it?
  14. Omg metal dinosaurs Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk