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    Hi My Name Is Kelcy but I also go by Kelica. Iv been a gamer for going on almost 10 years now starting with my first MMORPG gw1. Im a very open person, love to learn new things. I believe that variety in games keeps you sane.
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    Cooking,Reading and Gaming
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    Madcast Kelica
  1. Season 12 farming

    Always happy to power level as well
  2. Season 12 farming

    Hey guys as you all know season 12 is out. With that being said I know the grind can be painful. If you ever need company in game or need help feel free to hit me up. My battletag is Kelica#1114, or you can find me in the d3 channel
  3. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    Awesome I'll see if I can gage some interest
  4. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    Any of the MadCast guys playing together on a server?
  5. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    Never been so excited for a game to release. Would love to play with some MadCast peeps
  6. This song has always been on my playlist and will continue to be on my playlist until I die.
  7. The Necro is coming!

    Yes ready to carry you
  8. The Necro is coming!

    Hey guys is anyone else as excited as me for the necromancer update? Not long now!! Also will anyone else be playing the necro when it comes out, would love to have some madcast peeps to play with!
  9. MadCast Welcomes: Discipulus

    Congrats, welcome to MadCast!
  10. Return of Fractal Friday?

    For anyone who may be interested, I have thought about running fractals again on a Friday. Hit me up in game kelica.8406, or just post here in the forums. Look forward to hearing from you all
  11. 4th of july costume idea

    2 Very great ideas so far, thanks guys
  12. 4th of july costume idea

    One of the bars near work is doing a 4th of july theme night. I was wondering what I should wear. There doing a best dressed american style theme and I have no clue? Any MadCasters got any ideas on what I should or shouldn't do?
  13. Stardew Valley

    Stardew valley is an amazing game. I wasnt sure at the start that I was going to like it, but almost 200 hours later I love it. The characters and there stories are amazing!
  14. Weirdly {Noobie}

    I also play, quite a few hours logged into pve. If you need any help please feel free to ask away.
  15. MadCast Welcomes: Dolphin

    Congrats Dolphin! Welcome to the community