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    Hi My Name Is Kelcy but I also go by Kelica. Iv been a gamer for going on almost 10 years now starting with my first MMORPG gw1. Im a very open person, love to learn new things. I believe that variety in games keeps you sane.
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    Cooking,Reading and Gaming
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    Madcast Kelica
  1. Congrats Dolphin! Welcome to the community
  2. Iv been wanting to get back into minecraft for awhile now. Would love to join you guys
  3. Thanks @MadCast: Lurama
  4. As I've only been back in the community for just over 2 months. Are these events still weekly?
  5. Unfortunately becuase of the time difference I'm not sure I can make the event. Sorry guys
  6. Revenge of the 5th is where I shine 😈
  7. Its a tattoo, so yep its permanent
  8. Today to celebrate May the 4th I did this
  9. These are some really amazing stories guys :D. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hey there Dolphin, cant wait to sing late night karaoke with you again. Good luck!
  11. Welcome to the community look forward to play with you
  12. Welcome to the community look forward to playing with you
  13. Added. Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
  14. I would be interested in doing the Overwatch part, but I need to check my work schedule closer to the date.
  15. Well now that Im older myself, I work in a bar and Im studying to train people within in the company.