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  1. EA Sets A New Record (Not A Good One)

    Hey lookit The hate the symptom, but love the disease.
  2. Recommend me some shows

    Mindhunter is not for the faint of heart, but it's good. Without getting into specifics, it is a raw portrayal of how grotesque serial killers are with pretty much no holds barred. If you like being disturbed by your entertainment, you'll get something out of Mindhunter.
  3. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Munsa's thoughts on next session:
  4. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    "I just have one more question.."
  5. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    What is our anticipated start time on Sunday?
  6. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    After some deep analysis I think the question is not just who did it, but how many bodies are we going to leave behind finding out. Also, we really need some big rolls on Destiny next sesh, or things might get REALLY dicey.
  7. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    We are eliminating possibilities, Lestrade. Could I get a recap of the psychometry on the murder site? Specifically any details about the assailant and the weapon. Please correct me if I am wrong about these further details: There are 23 victims currently. The local constabulary has no leads. Upon Norab's questioning, the most recent victim named her former lover, Metum, as her killer. Metum has not been seen in Caer Parth for a number of years. The most recent victim was a bit of a pariah for taking a Kran as her lover. All the murders were committed by a sword, with surgical precision.
  8. Who is the weakest hero in OW?

    I've missed out on so many patch note particulars during my sabbatical.
  9. Who is the weakest hero in OW?

    I'm about as middling an OW player as there is, but I've picked up on much the same. I have seen some good plays involving him on the more convoluted maps like Junkertown and Numbani.
  10. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    You guys would want to run right to the Tuet'ta, looking for a handout. Meanwhile here's Remn wanting to trade hard work for other valuable commodities with the Lesh and their prototype Amazon brain stems.
  11. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    If Ian is suggesting that we seek out the Tuet'ta, that aren't around destruction and hunger, Remn would be all for that. We *know* currently of The Winds of Change and Mercy, The Growth of Rampant Green, and the aforementioned Horned One and Sharp Fangs in the Leaves. We have a story of the Winds being benevolent, making land for the Kran arable. Of course, this was followed by a war between the Kran and the Caith Sidhe, which I suspect might be the "Change" that comes along with the "Mercy". The Growth of Rampant Green gave Wezen an odd restoration, but a seemingly benign one, and might have insight into WHAT took our memories if not HOW to restore them.
  12. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    What I'm looking to do is escalate. What this encounter proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, is that our personal mysteries and the conflicts in this region are intertwined. Not sure how, but I've got some in-character speculation on that front. Remn calculates several possibilities from the somewhat tenuous accusation of the Horned One Emissary. First, that we, as charged, either premeditated ourselves or knowingly assisted our companions in summoning the Cossateer. Second, it is possible that summoning the Cossateer was NOT premeditated, but was a last ditch effort to stave off death. Third, we could have been magical scapegoats, purposefully framed with a guilt we do not deserve. Fourth, we could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finally, it could all be lies and deception for an unknown purpose. He also has theories about the potential nature of this purpose, and will didact quite mightily in the next few sessions. Regardless of which is true, the victory we just won will likely engender us good feels from the Lesh for sure, The Caith Sidhe probably, at least one of the Tuet'ta, some of the Dirmud, and probably any kran or sparg in the know. So, since we have prior contact, a good guess that we just dealt their philosophical rival a big blow, and an already favorable disposition with the Lesh, I think this is our logical choice. That doesn't mean, however, that it's what we should do. I would much rather someone who hasn't held the player narrative reins take this moment to explore their character concept a bit and set our next course. If I were to outline something for Remn from what I know and we have seen, Remn would charter Wezen, Zetelbrieg, or perhaps the Mother of the Wood Nymphs to lead him to one of the Winds of Change and Mercy's loci of power. He has evidence of all these powers, powers he hasn't learnedbut remembered, and they apparently stem from her. I think if there is anything that we currently know of in the story that holds interest to one or more members of that party, it is worthy storytelling to explore. Off the top of my head, from what I've gleaned of your characters: Ian- The body augmentation of the Lesh might hold interest for Ian. Does it offend or intrigue his goal of self-improvement and power? Tai- Tai seems to me to be the most likely to suggest a trek out of the woods, or perhaps learning more about the war between the Kran and the Caith Sidhe. Who won, how, why. etc, probably with some regard to his own ambitions. Narob- I could see Narob wanting to meet more Tuet'ta, Dirmud,see the Caer of Caers, really travel anywhere we haven't been. Volan- Volan just got his Magnetism. I've yet to see what that did to his character, but a heading for any population center would give a good amount of investigative options when paired with Remn's Psychometry. Rather than find the quickest way to barrel through the story, I'd rather the characters informed the story, and if someone has an idea I'm all ears.
  13. Sunday Afternoon D&D

    Folks, I was really appreciative of our conversation at session's end. It made me feel more positive about the game. However, I'm still facing the problem that I have two nights a week that I'm not in bed early, and currently both are taken up by tabletop games. This situation is not going to work for me much longer, and I need to make a value decision. Regretfully, I am deciding to bow out of this game. I apologize for any instability this creates with the game, and fondly hope the game will continue.
  14. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Tonight, absent any further stimuli, Remn is going to argue for journeying, not Zetelbreeging, to the Central Spire. Going off the assumption that the PhyrexiTau probably don't care for a repeated cycle of holocaust, they should be more than eager to answer a few questions from those who dealt the Horned One a blow. Remn isn't in possession of a traditional psyche, but whatever his equivalent of an ego is has had enough of being three steps behind everyone else.
  15. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Remn's level of impulsiveness is going to increase exponentially until someone rises to stop me.