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  1. Mephisto power players

    Johanna/Maiev/Mephisto might be a power trio. Back that up with a Leoric sidelaner bringing Entomb to teamfights. Slap on a support that can pull off some UH OH heals and contribute CC like Stukov/Malfurion/Deckard. That's a comp for any control point or king of the hill map.
  2. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    I have thankfully reached the point where I control my demons, not the other way around. Honestly, I treat it like having a debuff or a buff. Some days I'm happy and chipper and able to take on all challenges. Those are the buff days. The debuff days I know my limits and recognize that my debuff is no one else's responsibility but my own. Sometimes it's a simple as keeping a mantra of focus in my head, some days it means I need to accomplish what I can and not push myself further into the pit. I also cannot stress enough the healing power of some good old manual labor and craftsmanship. Being able to take raw materials and, via your own skill and effort, turn them into something with value to yourself and others, is as universal and critical a human experience as sex and death.
  3. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    I have regular bouts of anxiety and depression. I didn't react well to anti-depressants, and went through a bad period of self-medication in my mid 20's. I joined MadCast when I was 27, and having an additional social circle that set boundaries while still giving a damn was instrumental in making me a better person. I'm confident in stating that without the positive influence MadCast has been on me, I wouldn't be a person worthy marrying. Tied the knot just under a week ago.
  4. Koi Nami Found Sushi!

    This is really good, and I appreciate a bit of subtlety to my comedy. Best of luck!
  5. TSM, We need to talk about this...

    There is a plague spreading, and its name is youth.
  6. Team for Ranked Matches

    I don't have as many free evening as I used to, but Saturday afternoons have become a defacto HotS Team League day for me. I should have a friend request in your Blizzard Client, and I will look for you then.
  7. Gaming Slump

    My brother and I, at least once a year, will hook a rig up to the big TV and engage in an evening of classic co-op Brawlers. King of the Monsters 2, Knights of the Round, Battletoads, etc. I feel that.
  8. Gaming Slump

    I'm playing through Brave New World, an FF3/6 mod that completely revamps the math behind the game to deliver a modern turn-based experience.
  9. Gaming Slump

    Yes, the "full fridge" dilemma. You have a fridge full of options for food, but when you open it and look at it all you can do is say, "I don't have anything to eat!" I know that pain. My usual go to is the indie market. Into the Breach, Slay the Spire, and Darkest Dungeon always scratch my itch.
  10. "easy" heroes

    Muradin is a great hero with an easy kit that teaches the important lesson of when to use position changing abilities.
  11. Whats your favourite book?

    Night Watch by Terry Pratchett is the book that I read at the right time and the right frame of mind for it to deeply affect how I viewed the world.
  12. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

    That makes the Emperor sad. You should give it a go.
  13. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

    It doesn't have to be both, either. I know one @MadCast: VoShay likes the OG and it's expansions, but finds the 2 MP a bit lacking. Do not feel obliged to play a game you don't like.
  14. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

    I really like DoW and DoW2. I never had the opportunity to do much of the original Multiplayer wise, but Dow2: Retribution is actually what first put me into contact with MadCast and I was an avid Ork player for a good chunk of time. I would like to find a group of 4-6 (DoW2 is specifically structured for 3v3 or Free For All) folks that wouldn't mind getting together a couple evenings a month to put down a few hours of play. All the old titles got updated some years ago to be supported through Steam servers, so there should be little hassle in getting matches set up (no hamhachi or other such silliness). The series also regularly goes on sale on Steam for anyone who was even curious about the titles and hasn't taken the plunge. Fair warning to those who would be interested or have the games but have only dabbled, but these are various stripe of RTS games, with DoW 1 and it's sequels following a Starcraft style, and DoW2 following Relic's squad based style pioneered in Company of Heroes. These games can be a bit exhausting play against other humans, even in a friendlier environment. However, I imagine any of us with experience have so much rust on the gears we'd all be learning together all over again. If we can get enough bodies, we'll find a time for us all to sit down and play a few matches.
  15. What's your all time favorite story game?

    I really like how good Roguelikes deliver a compelling narrative through little snippets of story. Into the Breach, Binding of Isaac, and Darkest Dungeon are all personal favorites. I think Mass Effect 2 was the pinnacle of Bioware's style of storytelling. By far their most compelling roster of characters.