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  1. The campaign is amazing. The GM Mode is... much different than I anticipated. I had really hoped I would be able to populate a custom build map with, well, EVERYTHING. Traps, maze like dungeons, a fleshed out town, custom built NPCs and Monsters, and so on. Currently, there are about 4 dozen present maps that you can stock with items and NPCs/Monsters. Instead, the party can only be shunted between 48 or so custom maps that are all fairly small and bland. On the nice side, you get full access to their library of music and sound effects, a night/day functionality, and a nice world map viewer that allows custom file imports.
  2. Hieronymus' goals in exploring the Chasm are twofold. 1- Identify who is digging and what faction they represent. 2- Identify WHAT they are digging FOR, and retrieve if possible.
  3. I would play some Catan. I'll check this out when I get home from work this afternoon. In the meanwhile, have a link: LT, Disma, myself, and an assortment of other used to play a ton of games on this site, most notably Puerto Rico.
  4. Few things before tonight: You have the wand of Drolem control, and 20 Drolems that can be commanded to move, stay, grapple, or explode. Drolem is a portmanteau of Drone and Golem, btw, and I really like it. You also found a Scimitar +3 of Wounding, which might not be of interest for martial use, but could easily be used as a "supercharge" in The Elcrys' magical engine.
  5. omg a Merchant specialization. omg omg omg.
  6. Very ready for this evening. Been a long week at work despite the 4 day week.
  7. This game comes out in SIX days. Once I get to play around with the system a bit, I'm going to try and get a sesh up ASAP. It will be set during The Cataclysm, and feature a lot of combat so we can get familiar with the rigors of the system.
  8. I believe I have another free copy floating in my Steam inventory as well. Talisman is really fun, but you can get very RNG screwed. I imagine the game has updated quite a bit since we last played it. I am hoping on the expansion that converts the game into a cooperative game a la Arkham Horror. I could potentially be down for a game of Talisman. Where's @MadCast: Junodavidw?>
  9. MRW the Party thinks they can just leave Sigil:
  10. We will pick up the game tomorrow, allowing Voshay time to get back from his vaca.
  11. Details about the Undead came out today. Edits inc.
  12. Oh, we found a much more elegant solution than that. Enjoy your new ward, Batmom.
  13. Even with impending DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM the people of Sigil love a good story, particularly if it meets the proper requirements of bawdiness. As you prepped the ship for a hurried excursion into The Outlands, you hear snippets of an interesting tale from the various workers you rap out orders too. Apparently in the weeks since ascension to power became all the rage, noblefolk in the Lady's Ward have been reporting stories of finding husbands, wives, debutante daughters, bachelor sons, dowager aunts... etc, all found in states of compromise. Details vary from the teller, but two things remain constant: The "victims" seem to be suffering disorientation and memory loss due to- ahem- satisfaction, and what they do remember consists of speaking with either an extremely handsome man with lightning on his skin or a rather aggressive for her size halfling, or both. Various heads of households are in a state of mild uproar, which is the normal state for a noble in Sigil.