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  1. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Speaking of Tactics. I'm weighing two (well, three if you count proceeding down the Merchant tree for non-com stuff) options for my advancement. I can pump my spirit up to 4/6, giving me a better average heal OR I can get Empower and Power of the Gods, a single and multi target buff (2 Blue to all skill checks for rounds = successes on both).
  2. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    also @MadCast: Khaos
  3. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    It is a curious thing to ponder which of your allies may in short order be foes.
  4. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    And to really hammer home how despondent Remn is in Verona, it took me until halfway through Beer 3 this evening to think of the one question Remn didn't ask Jeffrey. "Can you tell me my make and model?"
  5. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    @MadCast: VoShay So, so many times did I think about taking the Calm spell, which removes fear, except we never encountered Fear until last night.
  6. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Just to reaffirm, the plan is 11aPST/2pEST tomorrow (12/23) Bring your chops, nerds.

    It's nice not having to deal with an insurmountable death plague upon the enemy Nazeebo hitting 20. 5's I didn't notice it much, because we could be aware of it. Has really helped the HL sitch though.
  8. New HoTS player here.

    Perfect time to pick up this game. Pay close attention to the minimap indicators for where the next objective will be. Train yourself to internalize this information so you are not caught unprepared. What heroes have you played so far, and have you particularly enjoyed any of them?
  9. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    There's a small, easily ignored part of me that has empathy for Tormor. He's a bad dude, but he's also going to face such disproportionate wrath that Mammon himself will avert his eyes. I encourage Ian and Tai to ponder just how far a joint can be hyper extended. Remn is keen on offering lessons in experimental anatomy to ease the dealmaking process. What have you made me into
  10. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Also, remember that I wanted to destroy the body of the dragon, not form a bloated caravan for easy sacking, nor did I want to proliferate these resources into a volatile world.
  11. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

  12. I've Never Played That Zelda Game...

    And it's not even Sunday. @MadCast: rife170 @MadCast: The Prince @MadCast: VoShay
  13. Anyone excited for this weeks patch?

    Just had a read of the final notes. I really like the objective indicator and timer changes. Boiling out a bit of the RNG might make for more rote 5 man team play, but a reduction in randomness makes communication a bit less important for non-5 ranked play. Over enough games, this is a step toward sorting the playerbase a bit better. The rotation is really good right now. I won't miss Volskaya for a few months, even though I really like the map. People are so reticent to get into the Mech. The stealth rework doesn't really touch me that much. I think it'll work well for player retention.
  14. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    Remn in about 3 sessions.
  15. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World