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  1. For my own selfish, craven wants, I like increased representation in both in-fiction characters and RL creators because it makes for good stories. It won't last forever, but I think if you are savvy you can consume so much fascinating media from a plethora of creators of all races, orientations, levels of education, etc. It'll change in time, but it's so easy to access stuff from a variety of content creators right now and it's a shame it's not even more prolific.
  2. But I am excellent Baal. The culture I was brought up in reinforces my moral lifestyle. That lifestyle is threatened by a growing tide of aberrant behavior that threatens how I think the world should be sorted. This retreat into general platitudes, or the nebulous shifting of the discussion away from the purpose of Pride to "why can't we all just get along" is obfuscation at best, silencing at worst. Straight people don't face any increased risk of violence for being straight. You aren't going to lose a job for being straight. You won't be denied a housing application because you are straight. Straight Pride is another extension of reactionary politics that seeks to take away the impact of Pride.
  3. I have a smartass question. Why would the orientation required for the continuation of the species want or need a Pride Parade?
  4. This is tonight, post Town Hall. Please have Minion Masters installed and the intro (~15-20 minutes) played through so you can be invited to the MadCast Guild and immediately engage in the event. We will begin with a small discussion about the game, and a match or three using either the in-game spectate or Discord streaming to give examples of play. After that we will move into open play, with the option of a impromptu tournament, Winner stays style matches, or whatever our population allows. See you all tonight!
  5. Just a friendly little bump to remind people of this and to say that I've had quite a fun time playing with the new cards and mechanics. Looking forward to chatting strategy and talking trash as we sort out the pecking order around these parts.
  6. There's plenty of game for all. Also, there's no better time to get into the game as a new update has just dropped. Even if you aren't interested in dropping dollars on the Fortnite-like Battle Pass, the new update gives you the maximum amount of time to work your way up the free rewards if the game ends up being for you.
  7. I am announcing a Minion Masters Intro Night on 9/9, to immediately follow the Townhall. Minion Masters is, at it's core, a PC/Console evolution of Clash Royale with the polish that better hardware provides. It offers 1v1, 2v2, and 2v2 premade matches, which last about 3-5 minutes. It also has a guild functionality, and a certain number of matches per a 3 day time period count toward reward for every member of the guild. It is free to play and available on Steam. The developer's website can be found here. If you are interested in attending, please make sure to have the game installed and play through the introduction. The intro takes about 20-30 minutes, and is quite streamlined. The event itself will consist of a brief discussion of community-evolved terms, a basic outline of strategy, and some initial games played at a slower pace, easily viewable with in-game spectator functionality. After that, we will devolve into inhouse 2v2's, 1v1's, pubstomping, and if attendance is high enough an impromptu tournament. I plan on the event being a solid 1.5-2 hours Any questions about the event or Minion Masters itself can be directed to me either in this thread or on Discord. Feel free to simply show up, but indicating your intent to attend here will be a great boon in making the event run smoother and get to the fun quicker. Thank you all, and looking forward to introducing some new people to this fun little game.
  8. My Fellow Members, As of this posting, the position of League of Legends Head Admin will be passed from MadCast: Epic to MadCast: Mike. Per our internal policies, Staff reached out to current LoL administration, and volunteers were brought into an interview with Staff. Mike stepped forward and outlined a vision for the branch that Staff agrees with, and we wish him well in his endeavors. The position of Head Admin is singular in MadCast. A head admin can be of any rank, from RFM to Staff. Head Admins take upon themselves the responsibility for the sustainability of the branch, and they are answerable to both the community and administration. Head admins have a responsibility to both the work that has come before and the needs of the future. Please wish MadCast: Mike the best in his undertakings.
  9. I think the real question is if sandwiches are just raw, gravyless meat pies.
  10. I missed this thread, somehow, but I have bitter truths to share. Death Grips Mashups are fookin' HAWT.
  11. Outstanding! I'll make sure to be on hand. I am eager to help motivated FMs achieve their goals. I want to make sure that everyone's thought and effort in this regard are given every chance of fruition.
  12. *Days Later* Mansu sat in his modest room running a finger over the still-raw wound. Batosu's wealth had done nothing to dull his skill, and the indignity of the man to not press the kill stung much more than the filthy stitches. The Anger wrapped around his consciousness, demanding suffering. Mansu brushed a knot of greasy hair out of his eyes and ran a preening hand through his bedraggled beard. Sacrifice. Scales must be balanced, both in the merchant's shop and within the windswept wills of the Kami. Loss must be acknowledged with tribute, and victory needs must bring reward. I am enacting what is known as GM Fiat. To spice things up, Mansu is demanding that one of his disciples (either of their own choosing, or Mansu's decision if a volunteer does not present) disavow their adherence to the Toten and plead with Batosu (Khaos) to join Clan Nanten. Any Victory Points said player has accrued will be deducted from Clan Toten and rewarded to Clan Nanten. This might be an event that figures into a backstory or motivation for a character in Phase 2. Not honor, Mansu thought to himself. Not honor. Necessity demanded this, lest the Anger wrest more control of his mind.
  13. I think we should talk more about this idea, and I would like to be on hand to do whatever forum management/creation is necessary to bring this idea to fruition.
  14. If you pay taxes and do not vote, do you have a right to complain about public action?
  15. Tension: 7 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet, 1 Future Wound (Mansu) Move: Improve Roll: 6 Mansu changes the wind (Breezy to Gusty), Batosu deals two setbacks. "Yes. Yes. YES." The wicked edge of his blade scored the wet cobbles. Lightning briefly illuminated the area a putrescent purple, and the rain began to fall. "Our blood shall spill and seep into the bricks. The rats below will grow strong, even if we both fall. Will you abandon our duty to them?" Wind changes from Breezy to Gusty
  16. Reveal: +1Gusty/-1Calm Tension: 5 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Improve Roll: 11 Improvements: Batosu must reveal, Tension to 6, give one setback. Mansu takes a ponderous step to the side. "The Hokuten I can at least understand. Adhering is helpful to the sheltered mind. Wealth, however, is a poor faith. POOR FO-" Mansu rolled with the anger. The spasms were uncontrollable, and as maliciously random as balanced dice. An impulse to strike had to be turned to a frenzy of motion. His feet worked to cover the wild flailing of his arms, and in Batosu's face he saw the truth of his foe.
  17. Tension: 3 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Stare Roll: 4 Mansu revelas -1 Obscured/+1 Rocky and increases the tension by 1 Tension to 4
  18. I feel like this episode is what they have been rushing/forcing towards, so I too am oddly excited. Any fight scenes left should hopefully be squad based or personal, so I'm hoping for some better character beats.
  19. OOC: I am incredibly busy at work this weekend, sorry if this climactic showdown takes a few days.
  20. Tension: 0 Move: All Along the Path Roll: 8 Mansu selects Starting Tension 3 and Location: Town. Mansu began clanging the flat of his cleaver-like blade against a sparklight pole. "Let us summon an audience, that all might see your fecklessness on display." Tension: 3 @ Town
  21. Mansu gestures to the front door. "Drink deeply. If you follow me out that door, only black brine awaits." Idly, he tipped the empty wine glass with a calloused finger before stretching and rising. The gloom outside poured in for a moment as the door opened and shut.
  22. "If Takeno sat here, that would be pretense for a challenge. The murmurs say you tasted his steel." A slasher's smile crossed his lips. "Your people have been doing good, at the least. That must be some sort of balm."