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  1. I think the real question is if sandwiches are just raw, gravyless meat pies.
  2. I missed this thread, somehow, but I have bitter truths to share. Death Grips Mashups are fookin' HAWT.
  3. Outstanding! I'll make sure to be on hand. I am eager to help motivated FMs achieve their goals. I want to make sure that everyone's thought and effort in this regard are given every chance of fruition.
  4. *Days Later* Mansu sat in his modest room running a finger over the still-raw wound. Batosu's wealth had done nothing to dull his skill, and the indignity of the man to not press the kill stung much more than the filthy stitches. The Anger wrapped around his consciousness, demanding suffering. Mansu brushed a knot of greasy hair out of his eyes and ran a preening hand through his bedraggled beard. Sacrifice. Scales must be balanced, both in the merchant's shop and within the windswept wills of the Kami. Loss must be acknowledged with tribute, and victory needs must bring reward. I am enacting what is known as GM Fiat. To spice things up, Mansu is demanding that one of his disciples (either of their own choosing, or Mansu's decision if a volunteer does not present) disavow their adherence to the Toten and plead with Batosu (Khaos) to join Clan Nanten. Any Victory Points said player has accrued will be deducted from Clan Toten and rewarded to Clan Nanten. This might be an event that figures into a backstory or motivation for a character in Phase 2. Not honor, Mansu thought to himself. Not honor. Necessity demanded this, lest the Anger wrest more control of his mind.
  5. I think we should talk more about this idea, and I would like to be on hand to do whatever forum management/creation is necessary to bring this idea to fruition.
  6. If you pay taxes and do not vote, do you have a right to complain about public action?
  7. Tension: 7 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet, 1 Future Wound (Mansu) Move: Improve Roll: 6 Mansu changes the wind (Breezy to Gusty), Batosu deals two setbacks. "Yes. Yes. YES." The wicked edge of his blade scored the wet cobbles. Lightning briefly illuminated the area a putrescent purple, and the rain began to fall. "Our blood shall spill and seep into the bricks. The rats below will grow strong, even if we both fall. Will you abandon our duty to them?" Wind changes from Breezy to Gusty
  8. Reveal: +1Gusty/-1Calm Tension: 5 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Improve Roll: 11 Improvements: Batosu must reveal, Tension to 6, give one setback. Mansu takes a ponderous step to the side. "The Hokuten I can at least understand. Adhering is helpful to the sheltered mind. Wealth, however, is a poor faith. POOR FO-" Mansu rolled with the anger. The spasms were uncontrollable, and as maliciously random as balanced dice. An impulse to strike had to be turned to a frenzy of motion. His feet worked to cover the wild flailing of his arms, and in Batosu's face he saw the truth of his foe.
  9. Tension: 3 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Stare Roll: 4 Mansu revelas -1 Obscured/+1 Rocky and increases the tension by 1 Tension to 4
  10. I feel like this episode is what they have been rushing/forcing towards, so I too am oddly excited. Any fight scenes left should hopefully be squad based or personal, so I'm hoping for some better character beats.
  11. OOC: I am incredibly busy at work this weekend, sorry if this climactic showdown takes a few days.
  12. Tension: 0 Move: All Along the Path Roll: 8 Mansu selects Starting Tension 3 and Location: Town. Mansu began clanging the flat of his cleaver-like blade against a sparklight pole. "Let us summon an audience, that all might see your fecklessness on display." Tension: 3 @ Town
  13. Mansu gestures to the front door. "Drink deeply. If you follow me out that door, only black brine awaits." Idly, he tipped the empty wine glass with a calloused finger before stretching and rising. The gloom outside poured in for a moment as the door opened and shut.
  14. "If Takeno sat here, that would be pretense for a challenge. The murmurs say you tasted his steel." A slasher's smile crossed his lips. "Your people have been doing good, at the least. That must be some sort of balm."
  15. A madman on the fringe of the world claims that life ever changes, and in each generation those most adaptable to change survive to create the next generation. His words fall on societies too entrenched in survival to take note of it, but every bastion of civilization on the globe provides daily evidence that this unknown scholar was correct. Consider the glowrats. Sewers, the intestines of civilization, now run thick with the afterbirth of a devil's exchange: leviathan blood for electricity. The foul plasma coats tunnels and pipes that common rats traversed, and some did not die instantly. Those few strong, Proud, VIRTUOUS!!!!! individuals mastered their new environment . Much as humans now find a basement garden of fungi commonplace, the rats soon found their bile-slicked fur a fertile paradise for a luminescent fungus. They shine.... Shine.... SHINE.... The man clutched his wrist, the errant hand stabbing at air, furious to commit more madness to parchment. Once you started to develop the anger the Masters-at-arms quickly saw to it you were put ashore and blackballed. The city gave you an insulting monthly stipend of rotrice and dried lungfish, and a farcical promise of future dormitories for retired leviathan hunting crews. Lies and pity. Mansu needed none. He closed his shuffle of writings, and made to leave his private quarters. The anger was useful at times. It demanded violence, and Mansu was happy to direct it. Humans who had never sailed the blackest waters would often mistake the anger for bravery, courage, or zeal; those who had hunted the demon whales knew the truth of what they saw. Currently, the anger and Mansu had a mutual target, the Nanten. Batosu, though a canny fighter, could not be allowed to sup long on his clan's victories. "Out the door, down the stairs, straight to him," Mansu promised the cacophony in his head. It helped, sometimes, to give the anger a promise. The common room was less helpful in directing the anger. Leering eyes, every patron both at their ease and immeasurably tense, and enough cutlery and gunpowder to massacre everyone twice over did nothing to quell fractious thoughts. The pulse of the place, the flow of information, coin, and promise from person to person was a smith's hammer on the metal of his mind. He spared a glance to Takeno, giving him the honor of breaking the stare first with a curt half-nod. The man fought like a tiger, and Mansu did not need his challenge today. Instead, he roughly and loudly scraped a stool to Batosu's table, seizing the rice wine abandoned by Kyoko and gulping it down with elongated snorts. "Bought your way into Heaven yet, Batosu?"
  16. Clan Info Nanten (MadCast: Khaos) - The Nanten are a clan of warrior/merchants, adapting to the new world by dealing in luxury goods and information to the power brokers of Edo. In addition to Samurai, they number administrators, lawyers, and artisans. The wealthiest individuals command the power in the Clan, often but not always organized by families. The Nanten generally have a piece of all legitimate trade in Edo. Choose Nanten if glory, fame, and wealth are your duelist's goals. Members Vyoletta - Kyoko Himura Support Welfare - Zonqrow Hokuten (MadCast: Voshay) - The Hokuten have never forgotten how far they've fallen, nor how they have climbed back up the rungs. Masquerading as simple priests by day and shadowy assassins as night, the Hokuten seek to acquire the power and wealth needed to restructure society- with Samurai back at the top, and the Hokuten Shogunate reigning supreme. Choose Hokuten if you wish authority, honor, and status. Members Quanta - Ryoshi Hageshi Hitori- Akemi Hanada Prince - Yasuke Wassa Rife170 - Negumi Raifu Touten (MadCast: Munsa) - The Touten, specifically those counted as Ronin act as enforcers for contraband traders and lead gangs of thugs. They comprise many lower class laborers and craftsmen, and often serve fringe communities that do not benefit from the Imperial Rule. They view Bushido as a useful farce to further their own means of power, and are fiercely anti-authoritarian. They act as more of a loose confederacy than a traditional clan, with individuals gaining loyalty through deeds and strength. Choose Touten if you value power, conquest, and rebellion. Members Mike - Slicu Dicu Wazap - Kireina Zubon Kitty Stark - Kagano Flapjack - Zan Minazuki Majorhoward - Jomyo Benkei
  18. Tension: 7 Conditions: Road, Flat, Breezy Action: Strike Roll: 11 - You deal 3 +(1 Future Wound) damage. The duel ends. Mansu snarled. His free hand reached for a stout earthen jug on his belt with a thick stopper. A foul, sulfurous order tainted the area as Mansu gulped greedily at the mixture. "GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Wordless fury echoed as he flew threw the air, gnarled blade knocking both swords aside, the razor edge finding soft flesh. A band of blood, black in the dirty light, dashed itself on the worn cobbles. Staggering, Mansu walked several circles around the wounded man, his barbarous braying relenting with each revolution. Chest heaving, he dropped to one knee before the wounded but alive Taneko, bloodshot eyes slowly returned to their tired calm. "Wh-... Wh-... When I see you -huff- see you -huff- again, I'll -mmfh- kill you. I'll leave your corpse for the rats and lungfish to fight over, or sell you to a bodymonger so your wretched existence will have some worth." Mansu levered himself up, looked derisively at the wounded form, and continued his way on in the gloom of the sparklights. MUNSA WINS
  19. Tension: 6 Conditions: Road, Rocky, Breezy Setback: Raise Tension Action: Prepare Roll: 10 - Your opponent reveals something about themselves. You may Strike! or Forfeit as your next move. Mansu slowly eased his blade of his shoulder, letting its point dip to the ground. Languidly he stretched, the wind whipping his tangled hair. "I've kept my feet a hundred miles offshore, fop. I've been on the blackest waters and survived the colorless storms. You are as transparent to me as glass." Tension: 7 Opponent must reveal.
  20. Tension: 5 Conditions: Road, Rocky, Breezy Setback: Deal one Future Wound Action: Stare Roll: 5 Mansu barely flinched as the Hokuten began the slow circling. "Ware the rocky ground, oh pampered one. Here in the grottoes, we are used to broken paths" Revealed: +1 Proficiency on Rocky Terrain. Tension: 6
  21. Tension: 4 Conditions: Road, Rocky, Calm Action: Stare Roll: 6 - Reveal information and increase tension. A grimy index finger pointed, the lone light of a sparklantern overhead casting a jagged shadow. "Taneko. You roughed up some of my dustboys down Butcher's Way." The wicked blade, the edge raw and oft sharpened, found it's way into a comfortable grasp. "I would accept the loss as payment for the pleasure of carving my name across your carcass." Mansu was resolved to not brook the impudence of respectful dialogue on his own territory.
  22. The looming shape turned slowly. Tired eyes peered from beneath unkempt hair. The man's posture tensed, and he slowly inclined his head. "Late, as well, to be heading home." An odd blade hung at the man's waist, more a stockyard's jointing ax than a sword, his strong, calloused fingers lovingly rested on the well-worn handle. The man turned as he spoke, facing the stranger across the rocky path.
  23. How long would you keep the poll open each month to get a consensus?