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    I like to consider myself a decent League of Legends player, but my performance really varies day by day. I play to win, but I don't like to let the games get to me. The occasional fun messing-around games aren't bad from time to time either.

    I'm usually easy to get along with, and don't often rage at people. By that, I mean it's less than 1% of the time that i rage at anyone over the internet.
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    Jogging, eating, video games
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    Doctor Paladin
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  1. I ordered my stuff. Thanks Maday for the help
  2. higher cost, beastly build: lower cost, lesser build: So far this is what I've got. I want a good lasting build that will let me play games on ultra-high type settings now, and likely for new games coming out. Budget is around $1000-2000 usd, I figure the sweet-spot would be around $1500. I'd like to stick with an asus z170 mobo such as the maximus hero vii or a sabertooth. Looking for peoples' personal input. Want to know why yes/no to pieces. Of course these are chosen from some random online persons lists and altered due to my price range, but I would like to know what anyone thinks.
  3. I will currently be unavailable for most things until I can resolve my current computer issues. I believe I have a hard drive problem, as my pc had started blue screening. I reinstalled my Windows 7 and still have issues. Also, my power supply is going bad. If anyone has a power supply or hard drive lying around, I could use a cheap/free one.
  4. If you dive deep into thaumcraft, really, really deep... There is a debuff known as "Sun Scorned." It's supposed to make you take damage in sunlight, but I didnt notice any damage myself. It makes everything ultra bright. Kind of annoying, little strenuous on my system. That's not the bad part. The horrid part of Sun Scorned is the problem it causes to the player possessing this tragic debuff. Three words. INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. After the debuff went away I stopped getting disconnected every 3-10 seconds of being connected. From the small amount of research I've done the only "fix" for it is to wait it out, or die and get rid of it. Problem with both being you generally can't stay connected long enough for either to happen. If we can disable just sun scorned that'd be great, but I dont know if you can.. the only config option i've seen is warp on/off (you wuss!). Sooooo I don't know how to contact the mod author to tell him about it. I don't know if it's a 1.7 thing or what, but it's annoying and I wasn't a happy camper for the 10 minutes of d/c r/c.
  5. So we start off at the surface, and take that elevator down. (The grey out of place block) Then we show up at this! We turn around to see where the room leads to.. So there's a cool little room we see. We decide to tread further. A shot from one of the corners of the bottom section. Another top shot. Let's go through the left hallway! Oh, a side room? Looks like some sort of.. Magical Laboratory? Spent a couple hours making this hideous monstrousity. Hope you enjoyed seeing the unfinished project as much as I did.
  6. Duckhunt Dog vs Samus -- (Duckhunt stage if you can unlock it) Norfair
  7. Step 1: Don't be DrPaladin. Step 2: Don't mess with any type of magical fire including but not limited to: Ordo Imbued Fire, Ignis Imbued Fire, Aqua Imbued Fire, Aer Imbued Fire Step 3: If chosen to ignore steps 1 and 2, construct an island that doesn't touch anything else (i.e. a sky island, as some of the fire changes water to obsidian to lava.) Step 4: If chosen to ignore steps 1 through 3, consult an admin to ensure a backup is in the file, then continue about your business hoping you don't ruin everything and single-handedly bring forth the apocalypse unto the villagers and fiends alike Step 5: Ignore this guide and test it in a single-player creative world. Remember, you and only you can prevent server fires. Don't be a DrPaladin.
  8. Was playin', and it said "Server Closed." It may not have been me, but it could've been as I was the only one online. What I was doing at the time of closing: making transfer node (Energy) from extra utilities side note: it was the 12th or so one i made when it closed.
  9. I'm sincerely sorry to everyone that my recent mishaps may have caused misfortune towards with this 3 day rollback. Mostly I wanted to directly apologize to Kareeda and WickedTed. They're the only ones i've seen on the server the same time as myself. If y'all need anything I'll do my best to help ya recover the 3 days lost.
  10. i cant find any links to the actual thaumcraft entry so id have to go in game and screenie it