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  1. Player Name: MadMarsh Level: 30 Rank: Gold 1 Preferred Roles: Top, Mid, Supp I am signing up as a free agent.
  2. Wanted to post this here for everyone to enjoy. I have recently upgraded my computer and did a custom acrylic tubing build. I will list the parts and upload some pics. Enjoy!! Components: Caselabs S5 matx case in black NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB Intel 5960x OCed to 4.0ghz ASUS X-99 matx WS Motherboard 16gb Corsair Dominator 3000mhz Custom black and white sleeved cables (I did these myself) Bitspower rigid compression fittings in white Noiseblocker 120mm snow white fans Cablemod magnetic UV led strips 30cm x4 EVGA P2 1200 PSU Hardwarelabs Nemesis GTS 360mm and 240mm radiators EK Black Acetal GPU waterblock with black backplate Bitspower black acetal x99 CPU waterblock EK res/pump combo 140 Mayhems UV clear ice blue dye Mayhems X1 Clear coolant Dell 24" 144hz 2560x1440 with G-Sync Monitor Above are the main components. I did some custom mods like a custom led bracket so all LEDs are hidden out of sight. Custom black motherboard plate to cover silver housing. I was going for a small powerhouse build, and decided to go for the UV coolant so when the PC is off it just looks like plain distilled water, but when you power this bad boy on it takes on a whole new attitude! I can add more pictures if people want more!
  3. Just updated my rig... Details: ASUS X-99 M-WS mATX motherboard Intel 5960x 4.0ghz 24/7 stability Corsair Dominator DDR4 16GB 3000mhz NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB DDR5 Bitspower White fittings Bitspower rigid tubing 10ID 12OD Noiseblocker 120mm pwm fans x 6 Bispower Black Acetal CPU waterblock Hardware labs Nemesis GTS 360 and 240 Radiators in White/Black Customer black and white sleeved cables (done myself) Custom black motherboard plate to hide ugly silver terminals EK 140mm Pump/Reservoir combo Custom black bracket to hide UV light strip behind res Mayhems X1 Clear coolant w/ Mayhems UV clear ice blue/sky blue mix EVGA P2 1200 PSU Plat rated Caselabs S5 mATX case Sorry for the quality taken on iPhone 7 Plus. Had some glare. When the PC is off the coolant is clear and looks like water, but when powered on this thing lights up beautifully and perfectly even!!! Pics:
  4. Helllo. Long time no talk to the LoL area of MadCast. I am more than happy to be more active if this community gets a new start. Life gets busy sometimes, but I can easily fit this into my schedule once the game makes a comeback!
  5. Haha thanks for all the love. I will post some more updates later on when I upgrade to a complete custom water cooling loop and new Case Labs SMA8 gunmetal grey case. Stay tuned!!! - Marsh
  6. I am here and ready to help out whenever you need it. -Marsh
  7. If you need an extra player I am always down for League. Ranked or normal's.
  8. I saved roughly 2,200 dollars building it myself. My budget for the computer was 4,000. I didn't want to go over that and I wanted something that will be sure to last for years to come. The beauty of building a computer from scratch is you can replace parts without having to worry about voiding a warranty. I did a lot of research and to get a rig with water cooling and dual 980s overclocked with the 8 core Haswell-E 5960 extreme processor was upwards of 5 grand from places like Origin PC(Alienware's founders) or Digital Storm (expensive custom computers). All in all it turned out better than I expected and I am very satisfied with the performance . Then again I better be.......
  9. Thanks everyone! Just going off of the way she looks I would say Storm Trooper? Who knows...... And yes I could run so many instances of League .
  10. My 11 year old computer decided to crap out on me about a week ago and I have been without a PC for about a week. I debated and debated on whether or not to order a pre-built one or go and save a lot of dough and build my own. Long story short I decided to build my own. Specs: - ASUS X99 Deluxe MOBO - Kraken x61 water cooled Intel i7 5960x. Overclocked to 4.0 ghz - Kraken x41 water cooled dual EVGA GTX 980s overclocked to 1291mhz with boosts to 1321ghz. - Corsair Dominator DDR4 16GB @ 2666mhz - Phanteks Full ATX Enthoo Primo Steel/Aluminum white case - Complete Custom white LEDs throughout. - Platinum rated 1200w PSU This thing is a mammoth..... I maintain 190 fps with occasional drops to 170 in the most intense fights in BF4 w/ everything maxed out. Here are a few before and after pics.... Updated to fix weird photo angles. Hope you all enjoy, Marsh
  11. God. That game was so sick haha. I know I have it around here somewhere I just don't know where.
  12. Thanks Maday, and thanks again to everyone that helped me get here
  13. Thanks for the support everyone and I am glad to be part of the MadCast family!!! I look forward to playing with all of you in the near future as a FM! I have read and I AGREE to the Terms of Full Membership! - Marsh
  14. When do most of you get on to play League? I am trying to gather some times so we can make a sticky, hopefully, of the main time frames that people are most likely to be on League. I will start - Monday - Friday typically at night after 8:30pm. Weekends depend on how busy I am and range from mornings around 9:00am - 1:00pm and nights anytime after 6:00pm. If enough people respond I can put together an overall time frame for when most of the League traffic is. I think this will be helpful for members and non members to meet new folks. - Marsh