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  1. So after playing Queen's Pavilion loads of times I decided I would give my thoughts on the Bios of some of the Champs. Please do give your own stories for the Champs! Lets start things off with Boom - Boom Baines. Hello there, My name is Boom - Boom Baines or BB for short. I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together, ever wondered how those Charr war machines worked? Well I sure did. While most children spent their time playing hide and go seek I was found in the barn playing my own version of "doctor." Taking things apart and figuring how to put them back together. As I got older I became more interested in actually playing doctor and learned the art of healing. Now a days I pass the time by examining structures in Divinity's Reach gates, locks, and portal upkeep take most of my time. Though I did receive an invite from Queen Jennah to participate in her events at the Pavilion. Excited to try something different! Hope to see you there! Sincerely, BB
  2. Good ole Wooden Potatoes
  3. After many Mystical toilet attempts... I can say I finally got Dusk... The picture below explains my feels right now.
  4. The Lollipop Guild... We can all be Asura
  5. Will be nice... Finally some "living story" per say
  6. Where's Rapunzel?!?!?!? I NEED those gold locks!....
  7. dual wield axes and great sword... You are welcome.
  8. I would love to have a Ritualist. One of my favorites.
  9. Sooooo this has been up for while.... Though I am still not a candidate why not??? MAKE ME ONE NOW!
  10. Lawboyd


    So I have spent roughly 400G on the mystic toilet at this point.... Is there an easier way to get a precursor or is the mystic toilet the most probable way?
  11. Well I have plenty of Cat pics... but can't upload them...... as of yet