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  1. Welcome back! I always enjoyed playing with you back in the day and its nice to see you around again!
  2. Bobgar


    I work as a software engineer at a small video game studio that mostly focuses on mobile games these days. The last project I worked on was a game for Google Tango called Crayola Color Blaster where zombies spawn in your environment and you have to color them with a paint gun. It was nominated for an award for best AR experience on the Google Play store, but it lost
  3. Its changed so much over the years for me. Udyr was my first and greatest love. After that: Warwick, Nami, Leona probably. Would list Soraka but mostly I loved the old versions of her. Her latest iteration is by far her worst.
  4. I have four big hobbies these days. First, I've been obsessed with Magic the gathering for the last two years (Any other Magic players out there?) second, I've been making YouTube videos, mostly about Magic the Gathering but here is one about cooking: Third, I've been writing and playing music (poorly) since I was 14: And fourth, Programming, which is also what I do professionally:
  5. What? God! We're all programmers! In Sixth grade I told my teachers I wanted to build the first Virtual Reality World Wide Web, mostly inspired by having played an early VR game called Dactyle Terror and my obsession with the not-yet-really-web that existed back then. My teacher was impressed and confused. Twenty three years later, I have a masters in computer science and I'm a senior engineer at a small video game studio!
  6. Good question. Also, we still have room for two more!
  7. I signed up! Lets do this thing!
  8. I've watched it -- And I'm watching through it a second time with my girlfriend now. I found it very entertaining. It reminded me a lot of the Serial PodCast. My thoughts over all were I had enough doubts about Steven's guilt that I don't think I personally could have found him guilty. That being said, I still think he could have done it. Brendan on the other hand I think with high probability didn't do it, and I think it is sad that he's in jail right now for something he probably didn't do. I found the defense pretty compelling though. Honestly the weirdest thing to me was the dispatch call the officer made running plates a few days before they found the car. It seems really weird to me that an officer would call that in if they weren't looking at the car as they claimed. That is honestly the one thing that just doesn't make any sense to me. The rest of it -- the key and the blood and the fact that the bones might have been moved, they all seem suspicious but plausible. Given the situation the police were in, they certainly had motivation to plant evidence to get him convicted, and given their past didn't seem above that sort of thing. Over all what I got out of the series is the Criminal justice system is interesting, complex, and sometimes terrifying. Wrongful convictions can and do happen, and a lot of cases aren't cut and dry.
  9. I also have a Raspberry Pi B+. It seemed neat and I spent a week or two playing with it and coming up with projects, but I never ended up having time to work on projects with it sadly. Super neat though and surprisingly easy to set up.
  10. Sad indeed! I'm happy at least EU fared a bit better. I was really hoping one of the American groups would make it through though -- After TSM went 1-2 I figured they were unlikely but I thought C9 and CLG both had good shots and just blew it.
  11. I listen to a few Magic the Gathering pod casts -- which if you don't play magic probably wouldn't be too interesting to you. Magic the Amateuring is pretty funny, and I occasionally listen to Judge Cast to hear the inner workings of obscure magic rules. I was also really into Serial when that was going on.
  12. I play occasionally too -- mostly to do the tavern brawl once a week or so, and sometimes to burn down my dailies. Its a bit more random than I'd like but its a pretty fun game!
  13. Bobgar

    Math is hard

    The only thing I can think is that the guy who keeps getting it wrong is intentionally trolling. I find it hard to believe he is actually that dumb.
  14. my prediction is TSM to win over TIP in the finals. CLG to beat TL in the 3rd place match. Fnatic to continue being undefeated.